Culver Cemetery, LaSalle County, Illinois

Cemetery read and written by Deanna Heneghan, IL Trails Marion County Host

This Cemetery's name is not visible, but it has been identified as Culver Cemetery, aka Bernard Cemetery

Culver Cemetery is located in the NW quarter of the NE quarter of section 3, Northville Township, LaSalle County, Illinois. It is approximately two miles southwest of Sandwich, Illinois. It's located  on  RT 2750 and County Line Rd., across from Lake Holiday


At the entrance there's a 2 ft cement stone w/ R.O.W.  engraved on it

It's very well taken care of and  a couple of the old stones were replaced with new ones.

Cemetery Listing
Elizabeth  Sherman  his wife died Oct 23, 1916, 99 yrs, 10mo, 7days
William, son of  M.& N. Sweet? Oct 12, 1860, 18 yrs, 6 mo
George Philpott Sept 1, 1878, 57 yrs, 1mo, 17days
Suzanna Sherman July 31, 1885, 63 yrs, 8mo, 28days
Henry Sherman Jan 11, 1875, 70 yrs, 3mo, 10days
Joanna Philpott 1842-1920
Freeman Burham Oct 28, 1841
Polly Mitchell his wife Aug 8, 1822-April 26,1904
Willis  and Willet infant sons Sept 18,1861
James Whithore  Co 57th IL infantry  + see below
Martha Aug 1,1856- Sept 30,1856
Emily Dec 26,1851- Sept 20,1857
James Whithore + Jan 31,18--,   Sept 9,1886
Anna, his wife Feb 16,1826-Oct 19,1901
John Mitchell Sept 27 1860, Age 70 yrs, 10 mos, 13 days
Jane,  his wife Feb 13,1878, Age 62, 10 mos, 11 days
Amanda,  daughter of J & J Mitchell Oct 16,1846, 3yrs, 4 mos, 26days
 Esther, daughter of J & J Mitchell Feb 25,1866, 16 yrs, 11mos, 22 days
Edward Varner Nov 26,1826-Mar 20,1901
J. Brigham Nov5,1886, Age 52 yrs
Baby died May 10,1880
Brigham  (on stone)  Our Brother  [*was all that could be read] June 13,1888, Age 48, 8 mos, 5 days
Julianna G Scheidecker May 16,1841-May 6,1896
Caroline C Wife of JC Scheidecker     * Oct 1,1852-
Lillian R, daughter  of J.C. and C. C. Scheidecker* written on same stone as above April 5,1875-June 4,1881
Thaddeus S , son of A & E Gage Sept 26,1851, 18 yrs 15 mos
Alvarus  Gage Jan 22,1887, age 82 yrs, 7mos, 22days
Eugla. wife of Alvarus Gage Jan28,1898, Age 82yrs, 19days
John S Burgham Nov 6,1881 Age 77, 8 mos --
John Nixon ----1870
Thaddeus, son of Alvarus and Eugla   Sept 21,18-- 11 yrs
Levi Wright       *****  Veteran of 1812***** Oct 28,1794-Nov 3,1865
Esther Whitmore Sept 13,1809-Feb 28,1896
Martha J July9,1837-Aug 28,1851
John Henry          Co E 18th Il Volunteer Inf  156th Oct 16,1843-Jan 18,1893
Jacob, son of V & P Gletty,   Co H 10th IL Inf Jan 29,1862 - Age 20yrs
Jacob Gletty May 30,1891, Age 89 yrs
S D Dreischmire 1802-1878
Wilemina. his wife 1827-1909
Catharina Dietrich Nov 11,1801-1828??
Mary Kay. wife of Josta Thomas?? Nov 1858
Josth Thomas Sept 1888
Matilda. wife of William Chamberlin* written on a Spangler stone (maiden name?) Jan 1873
John Spangler Jan 12, 1889, Age 40
Frasey Whitmore July 31,1818-Oct 14, 1862
Wells T. son of  W J & S Gardner March 20,1858, Age 2 yrs ,6 mos

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