Peru Illinois Photos

Contributed by Tracy McIntosh

(Comments by Tracy)

Attached is a picture of some children ice skating. I imagine it is on the Illinois River.
I also think some of the Nadler boys (Herbert, Walter, and/or Curt) are in the picture.

This is the fourth grade in 1894.

Names below Photo

Mamie Denny, Milly Wolf, Carrie Uloth, Olga Franks, Felix Halligan, lily Kohr, John Bauer, Virginia Morrow, Hattie Brenneman

Miss Nellie Hart

Millie Hasse, Frank Halligan Edna Tressel, Ruth Moore, Geo Lapatka, Emily Bleck, Libby Neureuther, Margaret Leimbach, Lizzie Hoffman

Levi Kohr, Fred Blindt, Wm Bonhorst, Irving Batton, Paul Hoffmeister, Cliffor Tressel, Henry Radtke, james Felker, Geo. Herrmann, Sylvester Chapman, B. B. Nadler, Willie Braves, Otto Kuehn, John Hoffmeister, Lester Ladd, John Mackrodt

1922 Class of Ruth Nadler

2nd Row:  Betty L., John Lent, ?, George Becker, Otto Bechter, Ruth Mildred Nadler

Ruth is my paternal grandmother, Ruth Mildred Nadler (married Arthur F. Schultz). She was the daughter of Mildred Roth Nadler and Herbert Brunner Nadler (both of Peru). Herbert died suddenly while in Nebraska visiting family before Ruth was born. Mildred later married John Dewitt Lent. Mildred’s father was Ernst Roth, who (along with Mr. Mathiesson, a relative by marriage) founded Westclox.

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