La Salle County IL
Deaths from the 1896 Chicago Directory


 Directory of the city of Chicago, Illinois for 1843"
Chicago: Fergus Print. Co., 1896"

Transcribed by FOFG KT

Bennett, Miss Mary Brownell, teacher public school 2, district 1, bds S. C. Bennett [died, LaSalle, Ill., August 26, 1889]

Bennett, Samuel Curtis, teacher, res and school, 132 State [died, LaSalle, Ill., 1857]

Hardy, Isaac, died, LaSalle, Ill., September 14, 1864, aged 61.

Collins, James H., attorney (Butterfield & C), res 15 Lake [died, Ottawa, Ill., July 14, 1854, aged 56]

Dolese, Peter [in Peru, Ill., died February 14. 1802, aged 62-1-14]

Johnson, John B., laborer, Gurdon S. Hubbard [died, Leland, Ill., October 18, 1887, aged 69-7 7.

Sanger, Lucian P., contractor, [died, Ottawa, Ill.]

Shover, Cyrus, died, Ottawa, Ill., February 21, 1883, aged 70.

Storrs, Emery Alex., lawyer, d., Ottawa, Ill., Sept. 12, 1885. a. 50.

Warren, Hooper, printer, died, Mendota, Ill., Aug. 22, 1864, a. 74. (lasalle)


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