[Transcribed from diary in possession of Dennis Milroy, gggrandson by Bill Bender ggrandson, June 18, 2008.]

[Written in the vicinities of Ottawa, La Salle County and Wallingford, Will county, Illinois.]

Jan. 1 - Protracted Meeting Begins - Held Prayer meeting at School house. A good time was had. Sister H. Peterson was voted a letter. The Weather was cloudy with a little snow.. The Trustees of Parsonage met at Geo. Keiths but didn't effect much. Preached at School house at evening. Father Wood exhorted after which I went home. Text Ps 139. 22. 23.

Jan. 2 - Held service at Buck Creek at 10 ½ AM. A small congregation was there. Weather was very cold. At 3 p. m. I started for Dicks and preached at evening. Over night at Phillip Coles. 1st Text 1 Cor. 2.12; 2nd Text 1 Cor. 2.12.

Jan. 3 - Dick S. H. Protracted Meeting - Went from Mr. P. Coles to J. Bagleys. Took dinner then went - Mr. Mufflers. Supped at Father Cliffords. Preached at School house. After which went home. Some very discouraging features are seen especially in the absence of so many of the Members. May the Lord bring peace. Text Josh. 24. 15v., "Choose ye this day whom you will serve." Weather cold.

Jan. 4 - At home all day. Helped to take care of Baby which is quite sick [Charles, 8 m0s. old]. At 4 PM went back to our Meeting. Things look still more dark than before. Congregation small. Weather fair. Over night at I. Dolphs. Exhorted this evening.

Jan. 5 - All day at I. Dolphs. Fixed a little arm chair for our Baby. At evening we had service again at S. House. Two Misses Fergisons rose for prayers. The Brethren were somewhat encouraged. Went home. Text 2n Cor. 4. 4, "…The Light of the Glorious Gospel of Christ…."

Jan. 6 - At home all day. Helped to take care of Baby who is getting some better. At 4 PM went to Dick S. House. Preached at evening. Text on Literal and Spiritual education. Weather cold. Over night at A. Wheelers. Text St. John 7. 15 @ 16, 17v.

Jan. 7 - Protracted Meeting at Big Indian Creek class - Went from A. Wheelers to Mr. Ellerdings. Dined there and visited. Weather snowed in the AM but in PM the wind changed and blew from NW, a small hurricane which made it very cold. At evening held prayer meeting in School House. Over night at Peter Dicks.

Jan. 8 -Went home Down Indian Creek. A road which is not desirable to travel. Weather was very cold and blustering. Helped to take care of baby while Sister Mary Brown and Wife finished my Over Coat. Intelligence came of the death of Mr. Deckers child.

Jan. 9 - Officiated at the funereal of M. B. Deckers child at 11 AM. Then started to Beardsleys where I dined. Preached at the School house at 3 PM. Then went to Dick School house and held service at evening. Two came forward, one professed Christ. Weather was very windy in AM. Over night at A. Wheelers. First ext 139 Ps 22. 23; 2nd St. Luke 18. 15-17.

Jan. 10 - Opened School at Dicks by prayer for Mr. Young. Then in Co. with A. Wheeler went to Harding, attended a Masonic Funeral of Mr. Kinney. Rev. Bachelder preached. The Masons were out in full regalia. Making quite a display. Supped at Geo. Keiths. Preached at S. H. Went home. Weather fair. Text Eph. 5. 30.

Jan. 11 - In the morning went to get my horse shod but there were no nails. Weather began to rain at 9 AM and continued nearly all day. Wrote letter to Wm Bender [brother?]and I. Brown. Recd letters from J. W. Spangler & J. M. Riche. Over night at home.

Jan. 12 - Fetched milk from Jno. Curyeas. AM Sawed wood in the timber.. Weather raining all day. My Protracted meeting stopped on account of weather.

Jan. 13 - At home all day. Studied and Split wood. The weather had snowed some and was somewhat clear during the day. Our health was somewhat good at this time.

Jan. 14 - Took Mrs. Keiths Loom home from Miss Browns and fetched a load of corn from Ellwells, 29 bask. Full. Dined at same place. Weather began to Sleet & rain and Snow at 2 PM. Didn't amount to much.

Jan. 15 - Protracted Meeting at Dick S. House - All day at home and Studied. Weather was tolerably fair. There had been some Sleet during the night which melted during the day.

Jan. 16 - Preached at Buck Creek at AM. Then went to Dicks and preached at 3 PM. Dined at A. Wheelers. At evening hitched up and went to I. Dolphs and Stayed over night. Weather rainy all day and Squally. First Text 1 Thes. 5. 9&10. 2nd Same Text.

Jan. 17 - All day at I. H. Dolphs. At evening we had service in S. H. but no preaching on account of the few in. Weather had been during the night tremendous windy. It upset the Suspension Bridge at Curyeas Mills. It was very cold this day. Over night at Dicks.

Jan. 18 - Visited Lewis Warren, Huron Warren, Mr. Fergison. To L. Cliffords who was not at home. Supped at A. Wheelers. Preached at S. House. Overnight at I. H. Dolphs. Weather cold but growing milder. Text St. John 3. 16

Jan. 19 - Protracted meeting at Dick S. House - In morning went to Earl to get my watch fixed. Dined at D. L. Barnard. Examined the Universal Church with E. Swinson. Went back. Supped at I. H. Dolphs. Preached at S. H. Went home. Could not cross Crook Leg on account of ice. Went back by Rugars place. Weather fair & melting. Text Is 55. 6&7 verses

Jan. 20 - Got horse shod at Lena & Dined at Jno. Curgia. Then Wife and I went to Dicks. Stayed over night there. Weather fair. Text St. Jno. 3. 14.

Jan. 21 - Went to Mother Bagleys on a visit. Dined there. Then went to S. Ellwells. Stayed over night. At evening preached at S. House. Weather very warm and fair. Rained a little during the night. Text St. Luke 9.23

Jan. 22 - Went to Father Cliffords. Stayed there all night. At evening went and held service in S. House. Father Wood officiating. Weather rained and was so dark that we got lost or bewildered in front of S. House.

Jan. 23 - Protracted Meeting at Dick School House - Preached at Hupps S. H. at 11 AM. Dined at V. Hupps. At 3 preached at Beardsleys. Held service at Dicks S. H. at evening. Father Wood Preached. A large congregation was there. Over night at P. Dicks. Weather fair. Roads tolerably rough.

Jan. 24 - Went to Father Thompsons on a visit with Wife. Went back at evening. Put up horse at Dicks. Over night at A. Wheelers. Preached at S. House. Weather fair. Text Ruth 2. 11, 12.

Jan. 25 - In the morning went to I. H. Dolphs. Dined there. At 4 PM went to Geo. Keith and stayed over night. Went to meeting with I. H. Dolphs. My health not being very good did not preach much. Weather very fair and warm. Roads muddy. Text Amos 4. 12, "Prepare to meet … God".

Jan. 26 - Stopped a little at Mr. .Furgisons and visited L. Cliffords. Dined and Supped there. Over night at P. Coles. Closed Protracted Meeting at Dicks S. House. Weather Snowed in AM. Text Ezekiel 37. 1-10.

Jan. 27 - In the morning went to Mr. Cliffords and to A. Wheelers. Wife visited Mr. Furgisons. Then we went home. Called at L. Goodrich. Weather fair. "Only the righteous shall be saved"

Jan. 28 - At home all day. Chopped wood in the woods and read my newspapers. Weather fair. "God love his people".

Jan. 29 - Helped Father Yeager to shell corn in 4 noon. In P. M. hauled wood and went to H. Cureaus for butter but got none. Weather very fair. "Wisdoms ways are pleasant".

Jan. 30 - In the morning held service at Buck Creek. Dined at home. Then went to Dick S. H. Held service at 3 o'clock. Took into church Mary Jane Ferguson. Over night at J. H. Dolphs. Weather snowy in AM but fair in PM. B. C. Text St. Jno. 14. 22; Dick Text St. James 5. 20.

Jan. 31 - In Co. with I. H. Dolph visited Miss E. Ellwells School. Then in Co. with A. Wheeler visited Mr. Youngs School at Dicks. Here the scholars behaved very badly. Some of the directors don't like praying in School. Such folly is equal to Popery. Dined at A. Wheelers. Weather blustering. Went home. Rec'd letter from Rev. S. E. Rogers. Held service at Buck Creek.

Feb. 1 - Wrote letters to Jno. Curts, M. St. Mary, Pharos Kleckner, C. Noe, W. J. Shun for Papers for J. H. Dolph & Noe Wood, Josiah Riche, J. W. Spangler. Weather fair. Health not good.

Feb. 2 - Took a walk to Jno. Bakers. Mother Baker is quite sick with sore neck. Visited the Bach Belruses. Then stopped at Jno. Curyeas. Visited Geo. Stovers. Weather pretty fair. Health not good.

Feb. 3 - At home all day. Health poor. Weather fair.

Feb. 4 - Went to Ottawa. Got Medicine for my system from Dr. Dizmek. Roads are pretty good only muddy in PM. My health some better. Weather very fair.

Feb. 5 - Went to Jn. Beckers. Presented him with coat and pants. Stopped at Jno. Curyeas who presented Wife with a little basket. Weather was tolerably fair. Health getting some better.

Feb. 6 - Preached at Hupps at 11 AM. Dined at V. Hupps. Preached at Beardsleys at 3 PM. Then went home via Dicks app. Weather fair. Health not good but getting better. First Text St. Math. 12. 20. Second Text Amos 6. 1.

Feb. 7 - Took a walk to D. Hites. Studied all day - nearly. Weather very fair - Spring like. Religious enjoyment tolerably good. "The Lord is my Shepherd".

Feb. 8 - In Co. with Jas. Yeager went to Ottawa. Bot rubber shoes - Tea - small buttons - candy - Prunes - Rice etc., etc. Dined at Mitchels on Yeagers account. Went home. Roads muddy in PM. Weather fair.

Feb. 9 - "He that being often reproved hardeneth his neck shall suddenly be destroyed and that without remedy." [Prov. 29:1]

Feb. 10 - At home until 3 PM then went to School house and visited Mr McKinlys School. Talked to the Scholars some. Went also to the Athertons. Weather fair.

Feb. 11 - At 1 PM went to Dick neighborhood. Stopped at Mr. Furgusons, Mr. Warrens, and stayed over night at J. H. Dolphs. The Presiding Elder Rev. Jno. Curts preached to us at School house. Weather fair. Text Heb. 10. 23

Feb. 12 - Went to P. Dicks. Helped to hold a Trustees meeting at A. Wheelers in AM. Then held Q M [Quarterly Meeting] but the Elder preached at 2 PM [?] Conference. A good QM was held. My health was very poor. Weather was fair. Over night at A. Wheelers. Text - Heb. 11 1st part of 16. Text 2 Tim 2. 3.

Feb. 13 - Love Feast by Rev. U. D. Woir at 9 AM. Preaching by Elder at 11. Then a collection was taken amount $17.70. Then the Sacrament was administered. We dined at R. Cliffords. The Elder preached again at evening. Over night at P. Dicks. Weather fair. Text 2 Cor. 8. 9. Text Eccl. 8. 11.

Feb. 14 - Went to Earl. Visited Mr. Sunsons,. Got medicine from Dr. Vosburgh for my system. Stayed over night at Rev. Woods. Weather tolerably fair. Very Spring like. "The Lord is my Shepherd I shall not want."

Feb. 15 - Stayed until 1 PM then went home via Harding and Geo. Keiths. Weather very warm. Spring like. My health not good. "The Lord strengtheneth my soul."

Feb. 16 - At home all day. Studied and sewed carpet rags. Rec'd book from Dayton, Ohio. Weather very fair and warm. "Thy goodness and love follow me all of the days of my life." Praise the Lord.

Feb. 17 - At home all day. Studied and sewed carpet rags. Weather fair. Rec'd letter from Jos. Riche. Telling of their conversion which gave us unutterable joy. To God be the Glory.

Feb. 18 - Chopped my fire wood and set it up, Which took me nearly all day. I also fixed my buggy cushion. Wife helped. Weather very fair. My health getting better. "The Lord is my strength."

Feb. 19 - Sent $2.00 to Bishop Markwood. Was sick during the day. Weather began to be blustering and snowy, got very cold. "Our light affliction which is but for a moment worketh for us a far more and exceedingly weight of joy", [with slight variations from the text - 2 Cor. 4:18]

Feb. 20 - Weather being very cold I went on foot to my appointments. At Serena we went to the School house but the cold weather seemed to give the people an excuse so they stayed at home. Dined at Chas. Woods. Preached at Beardsley S. H. at 3 PM. Over night at Mr. Beardsleys. Weather still cold.

Feb. 21 - Went to Jno. Debolt and dined. Then went home. Stopped at Jno. Bakers of the way. Weather pretty cold. Warm up my heart O Lord.

Feb. 22 - All day at home. Weather milder. Helped to put a pump into the house well. My health not good. O Lord ever more give us of the water of the well of Salvation.

Feb. 23 - Went to Ottawa to see about the Church. Dined at C. S. Curyeas. Bot some things. Weather very fair. May the Lord help us to build him a house. Amen.

Feb. 24 -At home all day and studied. Weather fair. Health bad. "God is the health of my countenance. God was with me to bless at prayer."

Feb. 25 - Got ½ bu. corn ground at Jno. Curyeas. First grinding I had ever done for myself. Visited Bro. Baker. Went home. Weather very fair. Roads good. My health not good. Was called by Rev. Wisher to come to the Bend S. H. to preach. Health would not permit. "Many are the afflictions of the nations. God delivers them."

Feb. 26 - Helped to fix the pump in the house well. Weather rained considerably. My health not good. "Trust the Lord and he will do valiantly for thee."

Feb. 27 - Bro Israel Brown was chosen to see to my apps this day on account of my poor health. But owing to the weather which was snowy & rainy no service was had at any of my apps.

Feb. 28 - At home all day. My health getting a little better. Weather snowy. "The Lord sendeth his rain on the just and unjust."

Mar. 1 - At home all day. Health still improving. Worked at my buggy shed. Weather fair. Roads bad. "The Lord leadeth me by the side of still waters."

Mar. 2 - At home all day. Weather rough. Finished my buggy shed. Richard Clifford & wife were here on visit.

Mar. 3 - At home but went visiting to Henry Curyeas. Arrived at home again at 2 PM. Weather cool.

Mar. 4 - Went to Jos. Galoway, Rev. Wishers, Geo. Debolts & M. Curyeas. Went home at night. Weather fair. "Go ye into all the world & preach my Gospel to every creature. Behold I am with you."

Mar. 5 - At home all day, studied. Weather fair. "Heaven is the home of the blessed."

Mar. 6 - My buggy spring being broke I went on foot to my work. Preached at Hupps S. House at 11 AM. Dined at Sedwick Huffs. Preached at Beardsley S. House at 3 pm. Supped at Jno. Debolts. Then went to Prices and Stayed over night. Weather snowy. 1sr Text 1 E'p John 3. 28; 2nd Text Romans 5. 1.

Mar. 7 - In Co. with S. Price went to Jno. Moores to see Rev. Mr. Briden. Found him all right, had a good visit. Stopped at Bro. Planks. Supped at Mr. Hupps. Over night at Sed. Hupps. Weather fair. Roads muddy. Stopped a little at

Mar. 8 - In the morning went home. Stopped at Rich Hupps & at Jno. Bakers. Got home at noon. Weather fair very. "Pure Religion - visit the Widows & Fatherless in their affliction and keep yourselves unspotted from the world."

Mar. 9 - Went to Ottawa. Bot Coat - Pants & Hat, an awl - 1 pt. oil - 50 lbs White flour - Foolscap paper - candy. Weather fair. Roads very muddy.

Mar. 10 - At home all [day], Studied. Weather fair.

Mar. 11 -At home all day. Weather misty.

Mar. 12 - At home but went to Jno. Curyeas for butter & milk. Weather sleety. The heaviest Ice that was ever known on limbs of trees. Some of the groves were badly hurt by the weight of the ice. Ice 1 inch & ½ thick. Wind from north east. "The Lord ruleth on high. The clouds are his chariots."

Mar. 13 - No preaching at Buck Creek on account of the few of the congregation. Held prayer meeting. Dined at A. Wheelers. Preached at Dicks. Weather fair. Roads bad. Attended service at Hupps S. H. Rev. Briden preached. Over night at H. Hupps. My Text at Dicks 1 Cor. 15. 58. Bridens 1 Cor. 16.

Mar. 14 - In Co. with Rev. Geo. Briden visited Chas. Morel & Supped at Father Murals. Had a good time. At evening Rev. Briden preached for me at School house. Mrs. Hoxie rose for prayers. Over night at H. Hupps. Weather stormy. Sleet does not melt off much. Bridens Text Is. 55. 6

Mar. 15 - We were all day at H. Hupps. Weather very blustering with snow. At evening we had a small meeting at S. House. Over night at H. Hupps.

Mar. 16 - Phenomenon on the Sun W day. Visited Mr. Jones. Dined there. Then went to Chas. Morel. Supped there. Held service at S. H., Rev. Bridens Preached. Mrs. Hoxie came forward for prayers. Over night at H. Hupps. Weather cold.

Mar. 17 - In the morning went home & returned. Rev. Briden Preached at S. H. Over night at Sedwick Hupps. Weather fair, Snow melting, road getting muddy.

Mar. 18 - In the morning I went to Rich Hupp and to Mr. Chas. Hogg where I dined. Did not have a good time here at this place. Went to H. Hupps where I supped. Rev. Briden preached. Then I went with Jno. Hoxie and stayed over night. Weather fair, snow melting.

Mar. 19 - In Co. with Sol Pitcher after dinner went to Sed Hupps. Supped at H. Hupps. Preached at evening at S. House. Weather rainy. Roads getting muddy. Larks singing. Over night at H. Hupps. Text - Ps. 139 last verse.

Mar. 20 - In the morning preached at S. House. Took up a collection for Rev. Geo. Briden. Amt. $14.00. Dined at H. Hupps. Then went to Beardsley, but owing to bad roads no body came. Stopped a little at Beardsley then went. Owing to Indian Creek being high I left horse & buggy at Jno. Curyeas. Weather looked rainy. Text Ruth 2 - 11&12.

Mar. 21 - At home all day. Weather cool. Snowed during the night. "The Lord is the health of my countenance." A letter from Wm. Bender, my brother.

Mar. 22 - In the morning went to Jno. Curyeas, fetched a jug of milk. Helped to draw two horses across Indian Creek. Weather cloudy. "The waters saw thee! The waters saw O Lord."

Mar. 23 - At home all day. Weather bad.

Mar. 24 - At home. Fetched butter from H. Curyea. Wrote letters. Sent for Mrs. H. Curyeas Telescope. To M. Penrod. To Rev. T. P. Brown. Weather fair.

Mar. 25 - At home all day. Weather bad.

Mar. 26 - Weather rained all day. Walked to Jno. Curyeas after milk.

Mar. 27 - Held service at Buck Creek. Roads being so bad we didn't go the Dicks in PM. Weather fair. Text St. Jno. 1. 48 on secret prayer.

Mar. 28 - Helped Father Yeager to take out grubs in the AM. In PM read. Weather fair.

Mar. 29 - At home, Studied. Weather fair.

Mar. 30 - Fetched butter & milk from Jno. Curyeas. Weather rainy.

Mar. 31 - Weather some fewer. At home.

Apr. 1 - Went to Mr. Browns. Found him moved to Ottawa. Then went to Old Father Hites. Then went home. Weather fair but cloudy.

Apr. 2 - Fetched my horse & buggy from Jno. Curyeas where they had been for nearly two weeks on account of high water. Started to go to Rev. Wisher but roads were so muddy that I did not get there. Weather fair.

Apr. 3 - Went to Hupp App. On foot. Preached. Dined at H. Hupps. Went home. Didn't fill the Beardsley App. On account of the mud. Weather very fair. Text Math 18. 20.

Apr. 4 - At home. Studied some. Weather very fair. Helped Father Yeager to Grub.

Apr. 5 - Went fishing in Buck Creek. Had no luck. In PM went to Rhodes S. House to election with Jno. Curyea. Weather very fair.

Apr. 6 - Helped to grub until noon. In the PM went fishing in Co. with Father Yeager. We had no luck. Mended my horses bridle. Weather very fair.

Apr. 7 - Went to mill & got corn meal. In PM went to Henry Curyeas and at 3 PM joined in marriage Mr. Edward Bilrose & Miss Clara H. Curyea. Stayed for supper then went home. Weather very beautiful. "Those that God joins together let no man put asunder."

Apr. 8 - Went to Ottawa to trade. Roads very rough but dry. Weather very fair.

Apr. 9 - Helped Frank Yeager plow all day. Weather very fair.

Apr. 10 - Preached at Buck Creek at 10 ½ AM. Dined at A. Wheelers. Preached at Dick S. H. at 3 PM. Over night at I. H. Dolphs. Weather very fair. Texts - 1st Sermon, St. James 5. 20; 2nd Sermon 1 Epis. John 5. 3.

Apr. 11 - Visited Geo. Keiths. Took dinner then went to Mr. Ellerdings, then to Father Thompsons where we stayed over night. Weather very fair and warm. "The Time of the Singing Birds has come."

Apr. 12 - In the morning went to Mr. Fergusons. Charles is very sick with consumption. We dined here. Visited Mr. Hiron Warner & Took supper. Over night at Mr. Peter Dicks. Weather very fair. "Go ye from house to house."

Apr. 13 - In the AM took Wife to Mr. B. E. Parkers. Then went and had horse shod at Harding. Dined at Josiah Bagley. Touchent[?] at Mr. Ellwilss & Mr. Cliffords and at Lewis Goodrich.. Then went home. Weather began to rain at about 4 PM. "Saints shall go home to rest."

Apr. 14 - At home until [?[. Hauled a load of wood from C. Athertons, And at two PM went to Dayton to fish and fetch father Yeager. Caught 7 fish, Redhose. Weather fair with a few squalls of rain. "I will make you fishers of men."

Apr. 15 - Visited at Jno. Curyeas. Weather began to rain at about noon and continued until evening. Mixed with snow & hail, considerable frost during the night. "Keep yourselves unspotted from the world." [James 1:27b]

Apr. 16 - In the PM Started to go across Fox River but back[ed] out. Visited Wm. Belrose. At evening held a meeting in Buck Creek S. H. in reference to Sunday School & Church. Weather cool.

Apr. 17 - At 4 PM held meeting at Hupps S. H. Dined at Chas. Morels. Preached at Beardsley S. H. at 3 PM. Over night at Mrs. Rimbers. Weather fair. Text - First Doctrine of Resurrection; Second Nature of Resurrection.

Apr. 18 - Called at Mrs. McAtees, Mr. Beardsleys, Mr. Moores, Mr. Jos. Bagley, Mr. Ellwell. Dined at P. Dicks. In PM Whitewashed part of Mr. Dicks house. Over night at Father Cliffords. "Work while the day lasts."

Apr. 19 - In morning went to Father Woods. Dined then went to Earlville. Over night at M. H. Langley. Weather fair.

Apr. 20 - Visited E. H. Simison. Dined there. Went home via J. B. Wishers. In Mem-[?] Rev. Swartz & wife were here on a visit. Over night. Weather very fair.

Apr. 21 - Went to Ottawa. Left Buggy at Mr. Jones to have top put on. Dined at C. Curyeas. Rode home with Chas. Belrose. Stopped at H. Curyeas. Weather very fair.

Apr. 22 - At home all day. At 5 PM Fished in Buck Creek, caught 8 small fish. Weather very warm. Sunshine. Wrote letter to J. Ricker.

Apr. 23 - Took a walk with Charly to Mr. Lewis. Stayed a little while. Studied at evening. Went to School house to have a Meeting for Meeting house …. …. But only a few came. Weather very fair.

Apr. 24 - Preached at Buck Creek at 10 ½ AM. At Dicks at 3 PM. Over night at A. Wheelers. Elected S. S. Superintendent at Dicks and collected S. S. Money. Weather hot. Until evening a very Sudden change to cold. Text: First - Romans 12. 12; Sec. - Ditto.

Apr. 25 - Visited Mr. Fergusons, L. Clifford. Dined at Lewis Goodrichs. Visited Peter Jacobs. Then went home. Weather very cool but fair.

Apr. 26 - Worked in garden in AM. In PM at 2,45 Performed Marriage …. To Mr. B. G. Babcock & Miss Fidelia A. Hite. Supped at D. Hites., Went on errand for Father Brown to Mr. Greenleafs

Apr. 27 - Went to Ottawa on horse back. Then went to Dayton and fished some, caught 6. Went home, got wet through in the rain. Weather began to rain at 5 PM. Rev. Wendle & Swisher were here fishing. "Lord, Make us truly fishers of men."

Apr. 28 - At home but went to Jno. Curyeas and fetched Eggs & Cabbages. Made a little garden. Weather warm.

Apr. 29 - Mended & Oiled my buggy harness. Helped some on the clearing. Health very poor. Weather very fair but a heavy frost visited us in the morning.

Apr. 30 - Did sundry things about the house. Weather fair.

May 1 - Walked to my Apps. Preached at Hupps S. H. at 11 AM. Dined at Mr. Beardsleys. Preached at Beardsley at 3 PM. Over night at Dicks. Weather very warm. First Text: Solomon Song 2. 11@12; 2nd Rev. 3. 20.

May 2 - Held funeral services for Chas. Ferguson, Aged 19 6 [Died at his father' home in the Town of Serena, La Salle Co., Ill, April 30, 1870]. Dined at L. Goodrich. Weather very fair. At 4 PM went to Ottawa on business. Text Ps. 39. 4

May 3 - Helped A. Lawrence Plant corn all day. Weather very fair.

May 4 - Planted corn for A. Lawrence until 9 AM. Then went and white washed for Jno. Curyea. Weather rained some in the morning.

May 5 - Finished white washing for Jno. Curyeas. In PM tinkered about the house. Weather cloudy.

May 6 - Planted corn all day for Is. Brown. Weather very cool and cloudy with squalls of rain.

May 7 - Extra Fishing at Dayton, La Salle Co., Ill. Walked to Hupps S. H. Dined at Mr. Jno. Hoxies. Then went to School house. The Elder came at 2 PM. 5 were there for preaching, 3 for Q M [Quarterly Meeting]. Supped at H. Hupps. Preaching at evening by Elder. Over night at H. Hupps. Weather cool & squally. First Text: Micah 2. 10; 2nd Text: Jno. 6. 24.

May 8 - QM - I opened Love feast at 9 ½ AM [?] a member spoke. Preaching by Elder at 10 ½ AM. Dined at H. Hupps. Preaching by Rev. Bridens at 4 PM. Rode home with Jno. Curyeas. Weather very fair. Elders Text: Lev. 25 Jubilee; Bridens: Is. 53. 11.

May 9 - Went to Ottawa and fetched home my buggy. Mr. H. W. Jones repaired and put a top on it. Weather very fair. Mrs. Caloway was here on a visit.

May 10 - Wife & I took a ride to H. Curyeas, Jno. Bakers, Mother Belroses, Jno Curyeas and Mr. Geo. Stovers. Weather squally. "Go ye into all the world and preach my Gospel."

May 11 - Snow. At home all day. Weather rained in PM and snowed near Ottawa to the depth of 2 inches.

May 12 - Helped Frank Yeager finish planting corn until 9 AM. Then started. At evening at 7 ½ went to Miss Browns and United in the bands of Matrimony Mr. Joseph Yeager & Miss Mary Brown. Took supper there. Weather very fair. The rowdies Serenaded and kept us awake ½ night.

May 13 - All day at home. Studied hard on Theology. Weather very warm.

May 14 - Went to Ottawa then to Dayton and fished a while. Caught 6 Bulheads, 1 Bass. Weather very fair.

May 15 - Preached at Hupps to a very few at 11 AM. Dined at Jno. Debolts. Preaching at Beardsley at 3 PM. Then went to S. Prices & stayed over night. Weather very nice. First Text: Heb. 12. 14; Second Text: 1 Thes. 4. 7.

May 16 - In the morning visited Rev. Briden. Took dinner at Mr. Beardsley. Stopped at Chas. Morels. Weather very fair. My throat is very hoarse

May 17 - All day at home except in morning I went to Elies & fetched butter & eggs from Curyeas. Weather very fair.

May 18 - At home until 4 PM. Then Wife & I went to Jos. Yeagers & stayed over night. Weather very warm. Roads dusty.

May 19 - Went home via B. Babcocks. Dined at Jno. Wislers. Weather very fair.

May 20 - At home all day. Weather very fair.

May 21 - At home all day Weather warm.

May 22 - Preached at B. Creek at 10 ½. Dined at home. Preached at Dicks at 2 PM. Went to Father Eckerts, Bro. Dolphs going with me. Over night at Father Eckerts. Weather fair.

May 23 - Started at 8.45 AM. Passed through Mendota, Amboy, Sterling & Rock Falls. Gault. Stayed over night at Bro. Dickey at Como. Weather rained at 5 to 8 ½ also during the day.

May 24 - Ministerial Association - In the morning went to Coleta. Stopped a while at Rev. Grims. Dined at Martin Overholsers. Association opened at 2 PM by Hollawell. An address was given by J. K. Statton. At evening Byrd preached. Over night at Jno. Overholsers. Weather fair.

May 25 - Considerable business was done through the day by way of adopting the Constitution of the Association and reading Essays. Dined at Mr. Deeds. Over night at Jno. Overholsers. Weather cloudy but fair rather and Dickson preached at evening.

May 26 - The whole Association assumed the right to criticize and a jolly time was had, rather interesting. Dined at Jno. Overholsers & Supped. The Association adjourned at 4 PM. Then we went on our way home as far as Como. Over night at Dickeys. Weather cool. Roads dusty.

May 27 - Still planting corn west of Amboy. Passed through Gault and Sterling. Got lunch at Amboy. Passed through Sublette and Mendota. Over night at Jonas Eckerts. Weather cool all day. "He shall see of the travail of his Soul and be satisfied."

May 28 - Went home via Harding. Weather quite fair.

May 29 - Rev. Walker being in the neighborhood I took him with me. He preached at Hupps. (We dined at H, Hupps.) and Beardsley and at Buck Creek. First Text: "Save that which was lost." Sec: Jno. "Way, Life & Truth". 3rd: Luke 10. 37 "a clause".

May 30 - At home all day except a few hours to Mr. Elies. Weather very fair. Rain needed badly.

May 31 - Drouth - Went to Ottawa via the Deer Park, Wife being with me. We dined at C. H. Curyeas. Traded some then went home. Weather fair.

June 1 - At home until 5 PM then went to Dick School house to prayer Meeting. Over night at A. Wheelers. Weather fair.

June 2 - Visited at Dicks. Dined & Supped at I. H. Dolphs. Stopped at Keiths & at Halls, went home. Weather fair.

June 3 - At home all day. Studied Lee on Immortality of the Soul. Weather fair.

June 4 - Went to Ottawa. Father Brown went with me. Weather rained. Some about 10 ½ AM.

June 5 - Preached at Buck Creek at 10 ½ and held S. S. for I. Brown. Preached at Dicks at 3 PM. Held Prayer Meeting at the Dolphs S. S. at evening. Over night at P. Dicks. Text First: Acts 16. 25 to 34. Second: Song Sol. 2. 11@12.

June 6 - Went to E. Thomsons. Took dinner then went and Stayed over night at A. Wheelers. Washed his buggy preparatory to traveling. Weather fair very. "Visit ye my people."

June 7 - Cleaned & painted at A. Wheelers buggy & wagon. Weather rained a little in PM.

June 8 - Painted at A. Wheelers until noon then went home. Was very sick with Bowel ache in the morning. Weather fair.

June 9 - All day at home. Read Lee on immortality of the Soul. Weather rained a little. "Lord send us the early and latter rain."

June 10 - To Ottawa and Dayton. Had no luck in fishing. Weather squally with rain.

June 11 - Took a walk to Ehlys. Studied. Weather cool.

June 12 - Drouth - Went to Hupps to preach but fizzled out on account of only 3 to preach to. May the Lord have mercy on them and Save them finally. Dined at Chas. Morals. Preached at Beardsley at 3 PM. Over night at E. Beardsleys. Weather fair but cool very.

June 13 - Varnished A. Wheelers Buggy. Dined at Knights. Went to Earl. Supped at Simisons. Over night at N. D. Woods. Weather cool.

June 14 - Went home via Harding. Weather fair.

June 15 - Studied in the morning, in PM went to Ottawa to trade & C. Weather fair.

June 16 - Drouth - Stayed ¾ of the day at Ehlys to make "What Not" Berands and watched the place while Ehly went to Ottawa to fetch more lumber for My Book Case. In the evening went to Wilkinsons to see his wife who is sick. Weather quite warm.

June 17 - Went to Ehlys in the morning; in the PM Wife & I went to Jno. Curyeas, Mr. Wilkinsons, Jno. Bakers. Weather fair.

June 18 - In Co. with Rev. J. Wisher attended the Methodist QM at Gool Town. Elder Harrington preached. A good time was had. Weather very warm.

June 19 - Preached at Buck Creek at 10 ½ AM & held Class. Preached at Dicks at 3 PM. Held Class After evening prayer Meeting at Dolphs. Over night at Geo. Keiths. First Text: St. Mathew 18. 15, 17; 2nd: Lev. 18. 17 [?].

June 20 - Drouth - Visited I. Dolphs. Took diner. Stopped at Mr. Fergusons. Supped at

N. Halls. Went home. Weather Sprinkled little, Some places.

June 21 - Went to Ehlys. White washed his house partly. In PM Studied. Weather very warm.

June 22 - Mr. Hinku is Around here - At home until noon then went to Jno. Bakers & W. Ehlys. Finished white washing his house. Weather very warm. Spots on the Sun are visible with the naked eye.

June 23 - Fetched my book case from Mr. Ehlys. Stained it and varnished. In PM studied. Weather was very warm. The Drouth has assumed an awful form. Corn does pretty well but Oats and small grain are drying up.

June 24 - Heat 105 - In the morning went to Ehlys & with him crossed Fox River to Resin Debolts. Saw Jno. Truax. Saw Sulphur Springs. Went to Jno. Bakers & Mrs. Belrose. Weather very warm.

June 25 - At home All day Studying. Weather was very warm. Frank Yeager bot us a Sachel For $2.50.

June 26 - At Hupp S. House A Few were out as usual. Dined at Beardsleys. Preached there. Weather was extremely warm. We stopped at Geo. Keiths and Stayed over night at Rev. Father Morels. First Text: Hebrews 2.8. Sec.: Acts 26.

June 27 - Started on our Journey to Durand. Stopped at Earl. Got horse shod at West Paw Paw. Dined at Sam Taylors. Then drove to Rochelle. Over night at A. Simpson home. Weather as warm as 105. Some beautiful Showers passed over us in PM.

June 28 - Paid $3.00 for Staying over night at Rochelle. Took dinner at Kilbrook. Passed through Rockford. Arrived at Mother Riches at 10 PM. Weather rained very much while we were in Rockford. The weather being very warm the horse nearly gave out.

June 29 - All day at Mother Riche's. We rested well. Weather was very warm.

June 30 - All of us went to Jno. Wallaces Sugar River. Had a good time fishing. Weather was very warm until 6 PM. Then we had a storm of wind & rain.

July 1 - Went to Durand in the morning. In the PM to Jno. Riches. Weather was extremely cool.

July 2 - In the morning went to the C. T. Kleckners. Stopped at Isaac Zimmermans. Dined at C. T. Kleckners. Visited D. F. Weimur, A. Shinfelters, Mother Murricks. Saw Prestons. Supped at Jerome Goodrichs. Over night at C. T. Kleckners. Weather very fair.

July 3 - Visited Walnut Grove S. S. and made address. Then Kleckner took us to Rocken chapel where we heard M. Roe preach. I closed meeting. Dined at Kleckners. At 3 PM preached at Walnut Grove for Rev. Cook. Went home to Mother Riche's. Weather very fair. Text St. Luke 10. 42.

July 4 - Celebration at Mother Riche's. We as relatives had a very good time. Dinner & Supper was served in the grove near the spring north of the old stone house.

July 5 - Bot Hitchcocks, Analysis of the Bible from Mr. H. Goodrich. Price $6.00. In the PM went to Durand. Had my wife's & Charley's picture taken, very good & natural. Supped at Mrs. Morris. Over night at Mother Riches. Weather very fair.

July 6 - Heavy rain in Winnebago Co. - At noon J. M. Riche & I went to Davis and viewed Mr. Baldwins town C. 15. Visited Jno. Kleckner. Weather rained in AM very briskly. Goodrichs & Blakes were here on visit.

July 7 - At home at Mother Riches until 1 PM, then started for Ottawa. Over night at S. S. Richards. Weather squally with rain.

July 8 - On our way home we passed through Rockford, Milford, Kilbok here we dined. Rochelle. Over night at C. Noes. Weather very fair & beautiful. "The Lord has dealt graciously with us on our Journey. Praise his name."

July 9 - From Father Noes we went to R. Halls, dined, went to Jos. Gecres. Then to S. Taylors where I preached in the School house and stayed over night. Weather was tolerably fair.

July 10 - Visit at Twin Grove. - In the morning we visited old Mr. Groves. Mother Groves is sick with Dropsy. Is somewhat religiously inclined. After prayer we went to Chapel and preached. Dined at K. Halls. After dinner Hall accompanied me to Bennerville Chapel where I preached. Over night at Jno. Rhodes. Weather blustering with rain. First Text: Exodus 3. 2. 2nd: Rev. 3. 20.

July 11 - Went home. Arrived at 1 PM. Weather very fair. In Mem. - We had a very good visit, the people were all glad to see us. We hope this visit may redound to the honor & glory of God, Amen.

July 12 - Sore eye. At home all day Weather very fair. Hoed my potatoes.

July 13 - Picked cherries. Studied. Weather fair.

July 14 -Hauled up my fire wood from the pasture. Saw Mrs. Geo. Stover in regard to my eye. She supposed it bitten by a spider. Weather rained during the day & night. "Help me to watch & pray."

July 15 - At home all day. Weather very warm.

July 16 - All day at home. Studied. Weather was terribly warm. "O Lord give grace unto the Humble and no good thing with hold them from hope that walk uprightly. Selah."

July 17 - Preached at Bend S. House in Rev Jno. Wishins place who filled the pulpit at B. Creek for me. Dined at Mr. Ceoles. Preached at Dick S. House. Over night at P. Dicks. Weather rainy and very stormy in PM, also very hot in the AM. First Text: 1 Thess. 4. 7. 2nd: Is. 55. 1verse.

July 18 - visited Rev. C. W. Swarts at Harding. Dined, then went to Rev. U. D. Woods and Stayed over night. Weather extremely warm. "There is a Heaven to gain and a Hell to shun."

July 19 - Visited Mr. Bardonas. Then came back to Harding where Wife had 4 teeth filled with gold foil. Took supper at Rev. Swarts then went home. Weather as hot as day previous.

July 20 - Studied until noon then went to Ottawa, had my buggy fixed by M. Jones. No charge. Weather very fair. Somewhat warm yet.

July 21 - All day at home. Put some ashes on my potatoes which are infested by Bugs. Weather very fair but warm.

July 22 -Weather very warm. Studied, helped to pile up hay some. Our Charley was quite sick.

July 23 - At home until noon, then Wife & I went to S. Prices. Stayed over night. Visited Bro. Planks. Weather was very warm.

July 24 - Preached at Beardsleys S. H. at 10 ½ AM. Dined at Beardsleys. At 3 PM held service at Buck Creek. Weather very warm. Text used 2 Co. 6. 16. middle part.

July 25 - Went to Ottawa. Stopped at Mr. Kerseys. Weather very hot.

July 26 - Went to Athertons. Saw him in reference to his allowing his grain to be cut on Sunday. He was not sorry he did it. He thought it was necessary because being dead ripe. He promises to do better. Weather very warm. "The way of the transgressor is hard."

July 27 - In PM went to L. Goodrichs. Supped, then went to prayer meeting. Over night at A. Wheelers. Weather rained in PM & evening.

July 28 - In the morning we viewed to grove proposed for holding a bush meeting. Found it deficient in shade. Dined at Beardsleys. Stopped at S. Prices. Went to Northville. Over night at E. Thomsons. Weather rained in the Morning.

July 29 - At home all day. Studied. Weather fair.

July 30 - At home until evening then we took a ride to Rev. John Wishers. Weather warm.

July 31 - This was a Missionary day. Our success at one point was tolerably good but at the Dick S. House it was a fizzle. The brethren are extremely cold and have but little zeal for their church. The Lord pity them. Weather fair but very warm in PM.

Aug. 1 - Helped Yeager's all day at threshing. They thrashed nearly all in one day. Weather very fair.

Aug. 2 - At home until noon then went to Ottawa. Weather very fair.

Aug. 3 - In Co. with Herman Scott went to J. H. Dolphs. At evening attended the prayer Meeting at Dick school house. Weather very fair. Over night at J. H. Dolphs.

Aug. 4 - In the morning went home. At 6 PM went to Beardsleys S. House where we held service at evening. Prayer & Speaking was the order of the evening. Over night at Jno. Debolts. Weather warm.

Aug. 5 - End of present drouth - Stayed here until noon then went in Co. with Jno. Debolts went to the Grove near Dick S. H. & fixed place for holding Sunday Meeting. Over night at Jno. Debolts. We had no Meeting at evening as we had anticipated on account of a Thunder Shower of rain at evening. During the day we visited Miss Ellwells School.

Aug. 6 - Q. M. [Quarterly Meeting] - Attended the Annual District School Picnic At Smiths Ford on Indian Creek. A good gathering and plenty to eat. At 3 PM we had preaching by Elder Curts in School house. Q. M. at 4 PM. Preaching at evening. Weather cloudy. Over night at R. M. Cliffords.

Aug. 7 - Weather rained until 10 AM. It began again at 12 M[idday] but at 1 ½ it stopped. We went to School house. Held prayer meeting, after which the Elder preached a very stirring Sermon. Text: "There is a friend that Sticketh closer than a brother." At evening also he preached. His claim was met. Father Scott was with us. Rec'd $1.80. Over night at P. Dicks.

Aug. 8 - Went home in the morning. Weather had rained during the night. Weather fair during the day.

Aug. 9 - In Co. with H. Scott went to invite the people to a meeting at Buck Creek S. House. A Small turnout was had. A Collection was taken which resulted in $2.30 cts. Weather very fair.

Aug. 10 - Took Rather Scott to Ottawa where he took the train for Joliet. Weather very fair. "The Lord grant unto us living faith & strength and an abundance of grace."

Aug. 11 - At home until noon. Then we went to C. Athertons on visit. While there I washed my buggy in the Fox River. Weather very fair all day, Cloudy. "Let your Moderation be known unto all men."

Aug. 12 - At home all day. Studied. Weather fair but cloudy. "Let brotherly love continue. Amen."

Aug. 13 - At home all day. Weather rained until noon.

Aug. 14 - Preached at Buck Creek at 10 ½ AM. Dined at home. Went to Dick S. H. Preached at 3 PM. Weather very fair & cool. Subject the Blessing of our house hold. Texts on both occasions: 2 Sam. 6. 20 first part.

Aug. 15 - Went home via Jno. Wishers. They were not at home. Weather very fair.

Aug. 16 - Went to Ottawa Wife & I. Stopped at C. Bells who were thrashing, so we didn't stay. Stopped at Mr. Kerseys who were not at home. Then went home. Weather very fair. "One days march nearer home."

Aug. 17 - In the morning went on errand to C. Athertons. Weather very fair and warm. "The Lord is with me and that in blessings."

Aug. 18 - Father Yeager & I attended the old settlers meeting in Deer Park on the Bluff north of town. Exercises began at 12 M[idday]. First prayer then singing "The old folks song". An address by President. Then dinner - We dined with Richard Cliffords - At 2 ½ we convened again at the Stand where a String Band discoursed some good music & Speeches were made. Weather very fair.

Aug. 19 - At home all day and studied. Weather very fair.

Aug. 20 - At home until 6 PM. Then Wife & I went to S. Prices. Stayed there over night. During the day we had the trustees of Parsonage here. Who concluded to Build or rent a house for their next preacher. Weather very fair.

Aug. 21 - Held service at Beardsley. The congregation had principally deserted us and gone to an Advent Meeting at Northville. Tenets of these Adventists - Christ is not God; Soul is not immortal. The final residence of Sts [saints?] will be on the earth. The 2nd coming of Christ will be made known to the righteous etc., etc.. Held Sabbath School at Dicks S. H. at 2 PM. At evening preached. Weather very fair. Over night at Dicks. Text: Is 35. 8, 9&10 verses.

Aug. 22 - We visited Fergusons at 9 then Stopped at Luther Cliffords. Then visited Mrs. McKinly. Then went to Mr. Greenleafs to get Wife's shawl which we lost a week ago. Then went home. Weather very fair.

Aug. 23 - In Co. with J. Brown went to Ottawa and then with a S. S. Excursion of M. E. Church on the O.O. & T. V. RR went to Streator. Started at Ottawa at 10 AM, arrived at Streator 10.55. Took dinner at Dolls Restaurant. The Entertainment in the grove didn't amount to much. We examined some of the curiosities of Streator. The Coal Slope is 350 feet on the incline and from the top 1/2 mile to where the miners work. We returned at 4 PM. Weather very fair.

Aug. 24 - At home all day. Weather fair.

Aug. 25 - Father Yeager & I went to Ottawa to see about renting or buying Mr. Shulses house. Weather very fair.

Aug. 26 - Went to Jno. Wishers. Wife helped her to color carpet rags. Weather fair.

Aug. 27 - At home until noon. Then went to Dick S. House and met with trustees of Parsonage. They rent out a house at $20.00 a year. Over night at Geo. Keith. Weather very fair.

Aug. 28 - Preached at Harding in Rev. Swartzes place at 10.45. The house was about full, Good attendance. Dined at Rev. Swartzes. Preached at Good Town at 3 PM. Then went to Mr. Websters. Stayed over night. Weather rained some during the day. First Text: Prov. 4. 18. Sec.: Is 35. 7,8.

Aug. 29 - On our Journey to Henry County. Dined at Rev. Dodson. Over night at Bro. Sidney Barbers near New Bedford. Weather had rained during Sunday night which made the roads very muddy in places. Weather very fair, good traveling.

Aug. 30 - Passed through New Bedford to Sodtown. Called at Aldry Booths. Dined at Dan Meyeres. Supped at Geo. Beers. Over night at Geo. Bayes. Got here about 8 o'clock. Weather very fair.

Aug. 31 - In PM we went to Geneseo with Geo. Bayes. Visited grave yard. [?] Visited Mr. Lenharts who are much Bereaved on account of the death of their daughter. Visited Father Jones who is very sick, not expected to live. Weather very fair.

Sep. 1 - In the morning Wife & I went to Pink Prairie & turning around in Wm Painter's yard broke the upper circle & head block of our buggy. Dined at A. Leuberknicht. Fixed up Josie's grave. Took Buggy to Geneseo. Walked back to Green River S. H. where I preached. Weather fair. Over night at Geo. Bayes. Text Js. 35. 7&9 verses.

Sep. 2 - In the morning Geo. Baye & I went to Geneseo. Fetched my Buggy mended by L. Pope. We dined at Hibberts on Pink Prairie. Called on Jos. Henneys. Over night at W. T. Crosiers. Weather very fair.

Sep. 3 - At Crosiers until noon. Then went to Erie. Called at Anderson Crosiers. Attended Rev. Browns Q. M. Over night at Geo. Steels. Rev. Mr. Geo. Colman preached at evening. Weather very fair.

Sep. 4 - Love feast offered by Rev. E. Rogers. It went off very nicely. Preaching by Rev. Hallowell at 10 ½ AM. Sacrament afterwards. We dined on the ground with Bro. Nears. At 3 PM Father Scott discoursed to us. Supped at Geo. Steels. Rev. Rogers preached at evening in my place. I was sick of hoarseness. Over night at Geo. Nears. Weather very fair.

Sep. 5 - In Co. with Bro. Brown we went to Como where we stayed until next day. Preached at evening in village. Rev. Goodenow exhorted after me. Weather rained in PM. Text Is. 35. 8&9.

Sep. 6 - Crossed River on ferry Boat at Como and passed through Rock Falls arrive at Bro. Virgils at 1 PM. Took dinner and offered prayers. Then passing through Amboy and Sublette & Mendota. Stopped over night at Father Eckerts. Roads muddy. Weather fair.

Sep. 7 - Visited Rev. Wendle. Took dinner. Then went home via Triumph and Gould Town. Arrived home at night. Weather fair.

Sep. 8 - Went to La Salle Co. Fair at Ottawa. The Show was tolerably good. Quite a display of Gambling concessions were present which in the name of Christianity aught to be prohibited. Weather very warm.

Sep. 9 - [no entry]

Sep. 10 - [no entry]

Sep. 11 - First Text: Is. 35. 8@9. Second: Prov. 4. 13. Preached at Buck Creek at 10 ½ AM. At Dicks at 3 PM. Went to Beardsley at evening but no body came out to hear, save a few from Dicks S. H. The 7th day Adventists have a tent at Northville which took the Shine of the people. Weather fair. Over night at Beardsley.

Sep. 12 - Visited Rev. Mr. Briden. Also the Advent preachers at their tent in Northvill

e. Had quite a long talk with them. Told one that he didn't keep the 1st Commandment and that he was in the gall of bitterness & bonds of iniquity. Dined at Prices then went home. Weather very fair.

Sep. 13 - At home all day. Weather fair.

Sep. 14 - Rain and bad weather. At home.

Sep. 15 - All day at home packing up our goods. Had intended to go to J. W. Yeagers but didn't for good reasons. Weather fair.

Sep. 16 - Went to Earlville. Dined at Wm Langleys. Took Elder Curts, went home. Weather fair. Elder preached at evening at S. H.

Sep. 17 - Held Service at the grove in PM., the Elder preached. Then we held Q. M. At evening, service was held in S. House. The Elder preached. Weather very fair.

Sep. 18 - I opened Love feast at 9 ½ AM, preaching at 11 AM. Collection for Elder at 12 ½. Sacrament at 1 PM. A Great many communed. A good many dined in the grove. At 3 a children's Meeting was held. Israel Brown gave good music with his class. Then 3 were baptized by emersion. Our Charley was sprinkled - 1 year old. "God was with us."

Sep. 19 - The Elder, father Yeager and myself went to Dayton fishing. We caught 5 small fish. Weather fair.

Sep. 20 - In PM we went to Rev. Jno. Wishers with Elder on a visit. Weather very fair.

Sep. 21 - Took Elder to Ottawa where he took train to Joliet. Got my horse shod in front feet. Weather very fair.

Sep. 22 - Wm Cummings & family were here on a visit. In PM we visited the new O. O. & T. V. R.R. which is completed to Buck Creek.

Sep. 23 - Visited at Mr. Hites in PM. At evening Called at Jos. Caloways. Weather fair.

Sep. 24 - At home all day. Studied. Weather very fair until 3 PM then Set in raining until 6 PM.

Sep. 25 - Preached at Buck Creek at 10 ½. At Dicks 3 PM. Over night at J. H. Dolphs. Weather fair and warm. First Text: Pro. 4. 18. 2nd: Luke 23. 42, 43.

Sep. 26 - Went to Mr. Fergusons. They were not at home. Dined and visited Mr. R. Warrens. Visited and Supped at Mr. Ellerdings. Over night at Father Thomsons. Weather very fair.

Sep. 27 - Called on Mr. Varel. Then visited Rev. N. D. Wood. Stayed over night at Geo. Keiths. Weather very fair.

Sep. 28 - Went [as far as] P. Dicks. Then it began to rain. Wife washed some of her clothes. Over night at R. M. Cliffords. "The Lord preserveth the righteous.

Sep. 29 - Dined at L. Goodrichs. Then went home. Weather fair. Some little rain.

Sep. 30 - At home all day. Weather squally with rain.

Oct. 1 - At home all day. Weather fair. Gave Temperance Lecture at Buck Creek at evening. Small attendance.

Oct. 2 - Held Church Meeting at Buck Creek. Held Sunday School at Dicks, Subject - Divinity of Christ. Held prayer Meeting and Church Meeting at Dicks. At evening lectured on Temperance to a house full. Weather very fair.

Oct. 3 - Went to Earl with my watch. Paid Mr. Grant for 2 prs. Boots, 13 dols. Dined at Ellwells. Then went home. Weather windy.

Oct. 4 - Began to clean house and worked about home. Weather fair.

Oct. 5 - Cleaned house. Weather fair. Boxed some of our goods.

Oct. 6 - Dug our potatoes. Weather fair. Went to Atherton.

Oct. 7 - Sold 7 chairs and Bedstead for $10.00. Went to C. Bells on a visit, then to Ottawa. Stopped at Jas. Rhodes. Over night at H. Curyeas. Weather fair.

Oct. 8 - Went home in the morning, finished packing our things. Then went to Jno. Curyeas. Stayed over night. Weather fair.

Oct. 9 - Farewell service at Buck Creek at 10 ½ AM. Dined at Father Yeagers. Farewell sermon at Dicks. Congregations were large and attentive. Over night at Rev. Nal Woods. Weather very fair and warm. Texts on both occasions: 2 Cor. 13.17.

Oct. 10 - Stopped a while in Earl at H. Simisons, Bernards & W. H. Langleys. Then went to Twin Groves. Dined at S. Taylors. Over night C. Noes. Weather Began to rain hard at evening.

Oct. 11 - Started at 6 AM for Winnebago Co., Ill. Dined on road 9 miles north of Rochelle. Over night at Rev. S. S. Richards. Weather squally and roads muddy all day. "Lead us to the rock that is higher than I."

Oct. 12 - Dined at Wm Bodine. Arrived at Mother in laws at 3 ½ PM. Mrs. Susan Snyder was here to see us, went away 1 hour ere we arrived. Weather squally. "May we arrive safely at our home in heaven."

Oct. 13 - Went to Davis to see Mrs. Susan Snyder. Found her at Jno. Kleckners. Had a pleasant visit with her. She went to Freeport on train at 12 M. We went to Chas. Kleckners and Stayed over night. Weather very fair.

Oct. 14 - Came home again this morning. Then went to Davis and got harness mended. Weather fair.

Oct. 15 - All day at Mother in laws, but went to Durand in PM. Weather fair.

Oct. 16 - Heard Rev. Mr. Campbell at Durand in the morning. He is the M. E. preacher on Durand circuit. In PM the weather rained.

Oct. 17 - Had intended to go to association but did not on account of rain and a few other things. All day at home. Weather rained all day.

Oct. 18 - On train went to Freeport. Dined at J. F. Kleckners. Then went to association held at Harlem Center, arrived there at 31/2 PM. Supped at Bro. Harts, also stayed over night. Weather tolerably fair.

Oct. 19 - Closed up our ministerial association business at 12 ½ PM. Took dinner at Thos. Mets, then walked to Eleroy. Preaching at evening by S. Sutton. Weather fair. Over night at Metses.

Oct. 20 - Session opened by Bishop Dickson at 9 AM. At 1 PM Rev. J. P. Brown & I were examined in 8nd [3rd?] course of reading and approved. Took dinner at E. H. Woodbridges and over night at Rev. J. J. Vaughn preached at evening. Weather fair. D. C. Talbot is with me.

Oct. 21 - Sat in Committee on Members. Dined and over night at E. H. Woodbridges. Weather cold and blustering. Conference passed off pleasantly. Preaching by Lanherrn.

Oct. 22 - Was examined on Elders orders and passed. A pleasant sitting was had. A goodly number were present. Preaching at evening by Dodson. Weather was windy but other wise pleasant at this place. Over night at . H. Woodbridges.

Oct. 23 - Meeting of Love feast was opened by A. B. Fraser. Preaching at 10 ½ by J. Dickson. $85 were raised for Bishop. Then J. Dodson & P. Brown & Myself were ordained Elders by J. Dickson, T. H. Hollwell & P. Hurless. Sunday School anniversary at 3. At even. Stratton preached F. J. Healies funeral. T. Mets over night at.

Oct. 24 - On foot to Freeport. Heard the examination of Rev. Mr. Long. Dined at Mr. J. F. Kleckners. Took train to Davis, at home all night. Weather very fair.

Oct. 25 - Weather rained all day and Misted, so I Stayed in the house all the time. Studied some. "Lord help us do right, live right so the we may die right. Amen."

Oct. 26 - Went to Durand. Got Fanny shod. Jno. Riche and family were here on a visit. Weather rained.

Oct. 27 - We went to Mr. Reuben Benders [cousin]. Took dinner at M. Gifts. Went through Shayville. Had a good visit with Uncle Joe and Reuben Benders. Weather very fair.

Oct. 28 - Went to C. Benders[father] but found them away to work. So we went to W. Bears. Took dinner then went home. Weather very nice. Our visit was pleasant. Uncle Joe is looking toward the close of life. Although hardened by Sin his heart is easily un prepared[?].

Oct. 29 - Visited J. W. Spanglers at evening. Weather fair.

Oct. 30 -Had an appointment at Frankenbergers Chapel but failed to reach it on account of rain. Weather rained all Sat. night, Sunday nearly all day. We stayed at home.

[Moved to Will County]

Oct. 31 - At 2 PM we started of our journey to Will Co. Circuit. Over night at E. Burbanks. Weather fair.

Nov. 1 - We dined at Killkuck. Over night at C. Noes where we arrived at 8.45 PM. Weather very fair. Nice Moonlight.

Nov. 2 -Stopped at R. Halls a few minutes. Dined at WM. Langleys in Earl. Stopped at I. H. Dolphs & Wheelers. Over night at Jos. Yeagers. Weather very fair.

Nov. 3 - Moved our goods preparatory to shipping to Joliet. Visited Mr. Eleh & Athertons. The latter twice. Over night at H. Curyeas. Weather very fair.

Nov. 4 - Started at 8 AM on our journey. Dined within 8 miles of Morrison, merely fed our horse. Over night at Minooka in Grundy Co. This tavern has a billiard Table and Beer, also rowdies. DC Bill $3.50. Weather began to rain at 12 ½ M.

Nov. 5 - Took the south road to Joliet. From thence we went to Calvin Sewards. Stayed over night there. Weather very fair over head but roads very muddy. In Memoria - We found no special encouragement when we entered Will Co. Circuit. Things look very dark.

Nov. 6 - Preached at Union Class at 10 ½ AM. Dined at C. Savards. WE went to Providence Ridge where the people waited for us. Preached there at 2 ½ PM. Over night at Robert Sewards. Weather fair. First Text: Luke 10. 4v. 2nd: 1 Thess 5. 9.

Nov. 7 - W. Bowers & Bro. Reeves went along with us to Wallingford to see about the Parsonage. Stopped at S. Resins. Visited Thom. White who said that I should live among them but I must keep my mouth shut. "God save us from an unbridled Tongue oer."

Nov. 8 - In Co. with Rev. Rutherford and Mr. Thayes went to Milton Center to election of officers. Became acquainted with Rev. [?] Gordon of the M. E. Church. Weather rained tremendously in PM. Over night at Rev. Rutherfords.

Nov. 9 - In Co. with Rev. Rutherford went to Union Class to collect money for parsonage. Succeeded tolerably well. Dined at Calvin Sewards. Weather raw and cold.

Nov. 10 - Wrote letters to Wm. Bender, Wm. Kleckner, Geo. Baye, Frank Radner, T. F. Hallowell - Telescope Offer. In PM in Co. with Rev. Rutherford went to Manhattan to collect money for parsonage. We did not succeed very well. "The Lord be with us, Amen." Weather fair. Over night at Rev. Mr. Rutherford.

Nov. 11 - Went to Joliet to buy furniture and get our goods from depot. We found them all right. Bot bedstead at $4.50 a piece. Chairs at $5.00 per ½ doz. Small high chair $1.00. Weather very fair. Over night at Jno. Greenwoods.

Nov. 12 - Went to see bro. McCauley and Sister, found them not at home. Visited Addisons family, had a good religious time. Dined at Jno. Greenwoods. Then went to Wallingford. Over night at Rev. Rutherfords. Weather vary fair.

Nov. 13 - In Co. with Rev. Rutherford went to Manhattan. Preached at 10 ½ to a full house. Dined at J. Reeves. Preached at Wallingford at 3 PM. Weather began to rain at 4 PM. It was very stormy.

Nov. 14 - In Co. with Rev. Rutherford went to Providence Ridge to collect money for Parsonage. Did not succeed very well. Dined at P. Reeves. Weather clear. Roads very muddy and heavy. We were in the Center School house.

Nov. 15 - Our first Snow Storm 15. 1870 - In Co. with P. Reeves and Rev. Rutherford again went into the Center School house neighborhood to collect money for parsonage, succeeded only partially. Dined at Jno. Humphill. Weather squally with snow and hail. Over night at R. L. Sewards. "The Lord is present - Praise his name."

No.v 16 - On our collecting business. Dined at D. Causebaum, Jun. At Rev. Rutherfords over night. The weather was tolerably fair. Roads heavy. Our first snow.

Nov, 17 - Called at Geo. Evens. In PM went to Thos Whites and at evening moved to Parsonage and began once more to keep house. So far it was a sore trial to us to be dragging around without a home, but the Lord helped us through. "O my soul praise ye the Lord." Weather fair.

Nov. 18 - Fixed up around the house. Banked up with manure. Fixed gate and steps & [?]. Weather fair.

Nov. 19 - Worked around the house. Wife was very sick with Cholera Morbus [acute gastroenteritis]. Weather fair.

Nov. 20 - Started real early to My Work Preaching at Union at 11 AM. Dined at C. Seward. Preached at Mt. Providence Church. Supped at P. Reeves. Preached at Center School house. Over night at.

Nov. 21 - In Co. with W. L. Doroers went to Ellwood and bot things Then went home. Weather very fair.

Nov. 22 - Whitewashed the house & did other things. Weather fair.

Nov. 23 - Papered the large room of the Parsonage. It took W. L. Boron and me all day. Preaching at evening by Rev. Chandler. Weather fair.

Nov. 24 - Worked at the Parsonage all day. Weather fair. Preaching at evening by Elder on Thanksgiving.

Nov. 25 - Worked at Parsonage all day. Weather fair. Rev. Chandler preached at evening.

Nov. 26 - Rev. T. F. Hallawell preached at 2 PM in School house at Wallingford. Then we had held Q. M. Finished up after preaching at evening. Rev. filled the pulpit. Weather very nice.

Nov 27 - I opened the love feast at 11 AM. A goodly number spoke for Jesus. It was good for us to be there. At 11 AM the Elder preached a stirring sermon on the Divinity of Christ. St. Jno. 1 Chap. 1 verse. Collection for Elder $17.50. Communion. Rev. Mr. Morse was present. S. S. Meeting t 3 PM. Preaching at evening by Elder. Weather very beautiful. A good time was had.

Nov. 28 - Took Elder to Joliet. Got a good many things. Went via Jn. Greenwoods home. Weather very fair.

Nov. 29 - At home all day. Weather very fair. Resumed our Meeting at Wallingford School house. I preached. 1 Thess. 5. 9

Nov. 30 - Visited Rev. A. Garvey. Rev. Garvey preached at School house at evening.

Dec. 1 - At home all day. Weather fair. I preached at evening. Rev. Mr. Graves got my horse and buggy. Text: Rev. 22, "The Spirit and the Bride say, 'Come'".

Dec. 2 - At home. Weather fair. Rev. Bro. Chandler preached

Dec. 3 - Visited Sister Smith and Bro. Waters. Called at Thos. Whites. Weather cloudy. Preached at School house to very large congregation. Some experienced religion. "To God be the praise." Text: Ruth 2. 11, 12.

Dec. 4 - Started from home to Union. Preached at School house, 10. Dined at Jno. Greenwood. At Mt. P. Ridge, 2. Supped at Bro. Kirks. Preached at Center School house at evening to a full house. Weather warm. Over night at Jas. H. Brodes. Texts for Sunday: Union - Prov. 4. 18. Mt. RP. R. - Is. 35, 8-10. Center - Ruth 2. 11,12.

Dec. 5 - In Co. with W. Bower went to Elwood then home. Weather rained and stormed. At evening we had a small congregation at School house.

Dec. 6 - Went to Elwood with Rev. Rutherford. Chopped wood nearly all day. Rev. Chandler Preached at evening.

Dec. 7 - Went to Shannon Rutherfords. Ground our axes. Weather rainy. Preached at School house. Text Parable of Barren fig tree. Ministerial Association of Wis. Conference District. Spring Grove

Dec. 8 - Helped Rev. Rutherford chop wood all day. Rev. W. H. Chandler also helped. At evening Rev. Chandler preached at School house. Weather very pleasant.

Dec. 9 - Had a Wood Bee. There was a good turn out. 7 cords of wood were chopped and split & hauled to the house. We are very grateful for this liberal donation of work. "To God be the Praise." Weather was very nice. Preached at S. House. Text: St. Jno. 3. 16.

Dec. 10 - Fixed things around the house. At evening we had another meeting at School house. Rev. Chandler preached. Weather fair.

Dec. 11 - Did not go to my App't on account of rain and snow which kept on all day. At evening we had a c… meeting in S. House.

Dec. 12 - Fixed around home. Put up two hitching posts before the door. Visited Father Hall and his son who are sick. Weather squally. Bro. W. L. Bowers preached at S. H. at evening.

Dec. 13 - Around home. Visited Thos. White. Weather snowy. Roads very bad. Held a prayer meeting at evening, one was reclaimed. A good meeting was had.

Dec. 14 - Visited Mr. Brown and the Halls who are still sick, also Brother Clinton. Rev. Chandler preached at evening to a full house. Not much stir. Weather fair.

Dec. 15 - At home until 2 PM. Then held prayer meeting at Bro. Waters. Weather fair. At evening preached at S. House. Mr. Jake Lairs shod my horse. Text: St Luke 10. 4v.

Dec. 16 - Visited Jos. Reason and Samuel and Bro. Holmes. Held Prayer Meeting at Bro. Slaytons. At evening Rev. Chandler preached. Weather fair.

Dec. 17 - Went to Mr. Thayers for apples. Held prayer Meeting at A. Clintons at 2 ½ PM. At evening preached at school house. Weather snowy. Text: Prodigal Son.

Dec. 18 - Attended Mormon meeting by Mr. Briggs at 10 ½ AM. He is a latter day saint of perhaps the stricted [strictest?]kind. In PM opened Sunday School and attended Evangelical German meeting. At evening Preached at School house. Weather cloudy.

Dec. 19 - Visited Bro. Cole in AM. Also the sick of Wallingford. Prayer Meeting at Geo. Evans at 2 PM. At evening we had a good Meeting at School house but the No. was small. Weather began to snow at 9 and continued all day

Dec. 20 - Visited the sick at Wallingford. Held prayer Meeting at Our place at 2 ½. At evening Rev. Chandler preached at School house. Weather very cold. The night was the coldest of this fall yet experienced.

Dec. 21 - At home until 2 PM then went to Mr. Smiths and held prayer meeting. At evening I preached again. Weather very cold. Text: Prodigal Son.

Dec. 22 - At home. At 2 ½ Held prayer Meeting at Mother Grahams. Weather very cold. Rev. Chandler preached at evening.

Dec. 23 - At home. Called at see Mr. Nelson and others. Held prayer Meeting at A. B. Clintons. Rev. Rutherfords preached at evening. Weather very cold.

Dec. 24 - Attended prayer Meeting at School house at 11 AM. At 2 attended S. S. festival in Wallingford S. House. Made a speech. At evening Wife and I attended the Allbright S. S. festival at Bro. Shearriers. Weather very cold.

Dec. 25 - Preached at Manhattan at 11 AM. Dined at home. At Wallingford at 3 PM. Weather very cold. Attended Meeting in School house at evening. Rev. Rutherford preached. First Text: Gal. 4. 4, 5 verses.

Dec. 26 - In Co. with Jno. Rutherfords & Mathew Graham went to Joliet. Bot Flour, 1.40; Gralt, 1.50; Diary, .90; Envelopes, 15; Baby Stockings, 40; 3 yds Calico; 1 spool Silk Thread fine, amt. $1.50; Sugar 50 cts; coffee; 6 sauce dishes, 45. Weather cool but fair.

Dec. 27 - Visited the sick and fixed things around home. Weather a little more moderate. "My religious enjoyment are but trials heavy. The Lord is still with me to comfort and to cheer me. Praise his name."

Dec. 28 - In Co. with W. Bower and Geo. Evans went to Rock Creek to Rev. Chandlers

Meeting. Preached for him at evening. Supped at Mother Robinsons. Over night at Thos. McGruders. Weather fair. Text: Prodigal Son, 1st part.

Dec. 29 - In Co. with Rev. Chandler went to Manteno. Fetched Rev. Geo. Coleman. Dined at Thos. McGruder. Then held prayer meeting at School house. Went home. Supped at Geo. Evens. Attended prayer meeting at home. Weather fair but rained during the night.

Dec. 30 - Visited Halls who are still Sick but getting better. Weather soft snow melting. Sledding about spoiled. Sledding was tolerably good for this country. We have had colds in the family.

Dec. 31 - Visited Mr. Chas. Young who gave evidence of still trying to become a Christian. "May God help him to give up all for Christ's sake." At evening attended Mormon Meeting by Mr. Briggs. He made out that Christ was necessitated to be baptized on order to receive the Holy Ghost. This if it is really his belief is truly absurd. Mormonism is evidently against the Bible. "May the Truth triumph in Wallingford." My health this day is very poor. Disease, a bad cold through the whole system. I close up the year with a full determination to press on in the great work of the Ministry. I feel that God is with me. May he give me success in winning Souls to Christ. C. Bender.

End Notes -


C. Bender - Vicinity of Ottawa Illinois

Wallingford, Will Co., Illinois

Lord - "The Kings of the earth set themselves. The rulers take the council together against the Lord & against his anointed Saying let us break their bands asunder, Let us cast [away] their cords from us. He that Sitteth in the heavens Shall laugh. The Lord Shall have them in derision." [Psalm 2:2-4]

C. Bender, $1.00 / H. Getting, $1.00

Mrs. Gregg Millinery, corner of La Salle S. H., north west from Court house. call


  1. U. D. Wood, Earl, LaSalle
  2. I. H. Dolph, Freedom
  3. Mrs. Lydia Curyea, Ottawa, Ill.
  4. Didrick Huff
  5. Richard Clifford
  6. Mrs. Henry Curyea, Ralph Kimber, ??
  7. Mrs. Rachel Kimber, Northville, LaSalle Co., Ill.
  8. S. Price, Northville
  9. A. H. Wheeler, Ottawa
  10. E. Thomson, Freedom
  11. Joseph Yeager, Ottawa
  12. C. Bender Ottawa
  13. W. H. Langley, E…

The Lord my Shepherd is, I shall be well supplied

Wanted soon - Lamp oil, Cloves, Cinnamon, Lemonon, Shoe strings, Foolscap paper, Lemon, P. J., Oil, Awl. / Paper Collars, Shoes

Superintendents - Wheeler, Keith, Dolph, Gilbert Cole, Sec., J. H. Dolph, Treas.

[hard to figure out]

Is LXV 20 24


W. R. Coursey Liscomb, Marshall Co., Iowa.

J. M. Stearns, Wallingfrod, Will Co., Illinois.

M. Morell wants songster; Mrs. Rember Hybod. Both are supplied.

A. J. Hoar, Broughton, Livingston Co., Ill. 10 miles east of Oden

Rev. J. Markwood, Columbia, Pa.

J. Kurts, Abilene, Dickenson Co., Kan.

Jas H. Bridge, Elwood, Will Co., Ill.

3 Months

J. Greenwood - vinegar 1 gal.

Thos White - Minly, 2.00 / Pork 7 lbs. Butter 4 ¼, Flour 22, Butter 2 ¾.

Cash Account Recd/Paid]

Jan. 1 - Dick Class $12.00

- Kerosene, Tea, S. Syrup $1.95

Jan. 11 - For Making Coat $2.00; Cotton balling, s. silk .40.

Jan. 14 - 15 Bu. Corn $9.00.

- Balance for corn $9.00.

Jan. 18 - P. Dick $2.00.

Jan. 19 - At Earl Sugar, $1.00, Peaches, Matches .75, Flannel, Calico 1.00, At Harding Collars & Candy .35.

Jan. 21 - Of Mr. P. Dick $1.00

- For Coal 2.00.

Totals for January - Rec'd $24.00; Paid $18.45

Feb. 4 - Bot at Ottawa 18 yds Calico, Sugar, Salt, Salaratus, Soap $1.40.

A. P. Journal, Paper .80, Sleeve buttons .30.

Feb. 6 - At Huffs App. $2.50.

Feb. 7 - Dick App. $5.00, A load of wood.

Feb. 8 - Bot at Ottawa $4.20.

Feb. 8 - At Dick App. $2.00, Beardsley 2.00, Buck Creek .65.

Feb.13 - Bu Certs $1.00

Feb. 14 - Bot Medicine $.50

Feb. 16 - Paid Express $.65, Bot Christian Minstrel 1.15

Feb. 19 - J. Markwood $2.00.

Feb. 20 - Chas, Morel $.30, Mrs. Kimber .35.

Feb. 21 - Mr. Beardsley $5.00.

Feb. 23 - At Ottawa Dye Stuff $.55, Sugar & Molasses 1.30, Envelopes & Oranges .97, Fire shovel & Hominy .55.

Feb.25 - Lumber for Buggy Shed $2.00.

Mar. 9 - At Ottawa 1 Coat ready made $17.75, Pants & Vest Stuff 8.75, Awl. Oil, candy, flour 2.15, Shoe Strings .05

Feb. 26 - Bot Tea $.45.

Apr. 7 - Marriage fee $5.00.

Apr. 8 - Bot at Ottawa Sugar & Tea $1.75, Small Shoes, Strings .50, Crust Sugar .15, H, Kerchefs 2 .60, Beef, Drafting paper .40, A. P. Journal .30, Silk Thread .25, Lemon Essence .25, Paper Collars .25.

Apr. 11 - Of Father Thomson $5.00.

Sub totals - Rec'd $10.00; Paid $4.45

Apr. 13 - Harding - Horse Shod 2 Shoes $.50, Didoes, Bolts, Measure .26.

Apr. 18 - Of Mrs. Kimber $3.00.

Apr. 19 - Bot at Earl - Worm Lozenges $.25, Shoes Mended .50, [?] .10

Apr. 20 - Of Dupre, Eastwell, Gods & groceries $6.85.

Apr. 21 - Ottawa, paper $.10.

Apr. 24 - At Dicks $2.70.

Apr. 25 - Of Peter Dicks $2.00.

Apr. 26 - Marriage Fee $3.00.

Apr. 27 - Ottawa $1.55.

Apr. 28 - Dr. Cender $1.00.

Apr. 30 - Sent Money to Shuy for Tel. 4 Marriage note $1.50.

May 1 - Bot at Ottawa Sugar $.50, Flannel [etc, etc] 1.45.

May 1 - Mis. Money $34.50

May 5 - For weaving Carpet to Mrs. Brown $4.30.

May 5 - From Jno Curyea, 2 Brooms $.80.

May 7 - Dick Class $16.83.

May 8 - Paid Elder $.25.

May 8 - Of Mrs. Belrose $5.00.

May 9 - H. W. Jones Buggy $32.50; Shoes, Beef, Gloves 8.55.

May 10 - Jno. Guryen Polther $.50.

May 12 - Marriage fee $5.00.

May 14 - At Ottawa $4.18; Kerchief .45.

May 16 - Northill Horse Med. Etc. $.35; Books, Mar white 1.20.

May 23 - Amboy dinner $.25; Sterling ferry .15.

May 24 - Gault Pul brush $.35.

May 25 - Coleta Book & Sundry $.67.

May 29 - Frank Yeager $5.00.

May 31 - Bot at Ottawa 2 Lawn Dress 22=8(16) yd $3.5?; Sugar,Readus [?], Shoes, Muslin, etc., etc. 2.05. Total for all $12.47.

June 4 - Sold Lawn dress $1.76; 17 lbs. bacon 2.15; the above to J. Yeager 2.55.

June 4 - At Ottawa coat $3.00, hat 2.75; Cambric Bonnet 2.80; Ink .20, needles .15.

June 10 - Ottawa Raisins, Coffee, Cheese Salt $1.05.

June 10 - Bonnet flower $.35.

June 13 - Rec'd from A. W. Wheeler $5.00.

June 13 - At Earl Some things $.20

June 15 - At Ottawa Sold flour $1.50.

June 15 - Bot Sugar & Somethings $1.80; Bot Clothing for Wife.

June 25 - Sold 4 bu. corn $3.70.

June 25 - Bot Sachel Collars $2.75.

June 26 - Got from Morel $1.00.

June 27 - At Paw Paw horse shod $.70; Bot Sundown & ribbon 1.18.

June 28 - Rochelle [overnight stay] $3.00; Other things .40.

June 30 - At Laona $.35.

July 1 - At Durand $.62.

July 5 - Hitchcocks Analysis $6.00; Pictures, Durand 2.50.

July 6 - Davis, Sundrys $.50.

July 8 - Rockford $1.20; Rockville .14.

July 8 - Rec'd of Mother Riche $2.00.

July 11 - Beef at Earl $.35.

July 19 - Filling Truth by Cranford $2.00.

July 20 - At Ottawa $2.35.

July 24 - At Beardsley $5.50.

July 25 - At Ottawa, Castor $1.00; Sundry 1.45.

July 28 - Northville, S. Syrup $.45.

July 31 - Dick App. $10.25.

July 31 - Our Home Physician $.50.

Aug. 2- Ottawa, Book $1.25; Buttons .25.

Aug. 3 - Dick app. $5.50.

Aug. 6 - Dick app. $9.00.

Aug. 7 - Buck Creek $2.50; in Oats Lawrence 3.50.

Aug. 8 - Sold Book to A. Wheeler $1.50.

Aug 9 - Bot Beef $.25

Aug. 10 - Paid to Scott $.25; Ottawa- Sugar, Tea, Coffee, Cheese, Vinegar, Molasses, Map Book 4.31; Watch guard & harness .50.

Aug. 14 - Sold Corn $3.60.

Aug. 16 - Bot Ottawa- amt. $11.60.

Aug. 17 - Rec'd Buck Creek $4.50; Some Eatables .60.

Aug. 18 - Ottawa- Kerchiefs, Rice & needles $1.30.

Aug. 28 - Ottawa & Streeter[etc etc] $1.15; Sugar & Mutton 1.25.

Aug. 29 - At Walnut Candies $.15.

Aug. 31 - At Geneseo 1 box peaches $1.25.

Sep. 1 - 1 News paper $.05.

Sep. 2 - Paid to L. Pope, Geneseo $1.50 [to fix buggy].

Sep. 3 - Crossing Rock River $.10.

Sep. 3 - Of W. T. Crosur $1.00.

Sep. 4 - Paid H. Scott $.25 [preacher of day].

Sep. 5 - Como Soap $.10.

Sep. 6 - Ferry @ Amboy $.35.

Sep. 8 - Ottawa $1.56.

Sep. 9 - Of J. Brown $1.00.

Sep. 17 - Of Clifford $10.00.

Sep. 21 - Wisher $2.30; Butter of Curyeas .50.

Sep. 21 - Ottawa $7.00.

Sep. 27 - Liniment $.50.

Sep. 29 - Jno. Hoxie $1.00.

(R. Bender, Clarno, Green Co., Wis.)

Oct. 3 - 2 Pr. Boots Grant $13.00.

Oct. 7 - Sold Clairs Bedstead $10.00.

Oct. 7 - Ottawa- 1 pr. Shoes $2.75; pencil points .10; Drygoods 1.00.

Oct. 8 - Rec'd of Mrs. H. Cury $.50.

Oct. 9 - Buck Creek $21.75.

Oct. 10 - Paid for Watch at Earlville $3.00; 1 Small chair .75.

Oct. 11 - Rochelle cheese $.10; Rockford Wh[?] .75.

Oct. 13 - Davis, Socks & Collars $.50.

Oct. 14 - Davis, Mending Harness $.45.

Oct. 14 - Of S. Price $2.00.

Oct. 15 - Durand, Pr. Shoes $.50; Pills & Borax .30.

Oct. 18 - Davis to Freeport $.55; Tobacco for Aunt M. .10.

Oct. 23 - Bishop Dickson $2.00.

Oct. 24 - On Train to Davis $.55.

Oct. 25 - Durand for Things $2.50.

Nov. 2 - Earlville, Sundry things $.35.

Nov. 5 - Over night Minooka $3.50.

Nov. 8 - At Miller Center$.38

Nov. 10 - R. Telescope $1.00.

Nov. 11 - At Joliet- Furniture $15.00; Ottawa Freight to Joliet 4.97; Boiler nails [etc] 2.85; T… groceries 5.60; Other things .50.

Nov. 18 - Milton, Kerosene $.50.

Nov. 21 - Elwood, Wall paper $1.25; Lamp .75; Pail & Coffee Pot 1.00; Other things 1.10.

Nov. 26 - Rec'd at Wallingport $40.00

Nov. 28 - Joliet $17.00; Eyra Cook, [?] 1.00; Almanac Dayton 1.00; Wm. Kleckner 5.00.

Dec. 1 - Mr. Jos. Delancy for fixing clock $1.00.

Dec. 4 - Rec'd of R. Steward $10.00; 4.00.

Dec. 5 - Elwood Goblet Toweling $2.00; Frau Making, W. Rutherford $.25

Dec. 9 - Mr. Harry, Wood $10.00.

Dec. 10 - Milton Center$1.95.

Dec. 15 - Laver, Horse Shod $.50.

Dec. 24 - German festival $1.00.

Dec. 26 - Joliet Goods $8.18.

Dec, 30 - P. O. Stamps $.30.

(D. F. Mann[?], Rock City, Ills.)

Water Proofs: In a Bucket soft water put ½ lb Sugar Lead and ½ lb powdered Allum. Stir at intervals until it becomes clear. Then pour off into another bucket and put the garment in. Let it remain 24 hours. Then hang up to dry without wringing. Use Scottist tweed.

Wanted: 8 ozs. Blue Vitriol; Woods Mills; Hankerchiefs, Sugar, Tea, Muslin, Soap, Dress Goods, Corset - J. I. Shoes, Hat.

Cleaning Collars: Soap - Tree bark. Size 2 inches square into small bits. Soak 3 hours in ½ Pt boiling water.

Rec. for Presiding Elder: 1. 2 - $15.00; 2. 2 - $17.70; 3. - $15.45; 4. - $11.85; 5. - $20.00.

Rec'. as Quarterage: May 22 - Jno. Curyes $1.00, Henry Curyea $2.00; May 29 - Frank Yeager $5.00. Settled with Steward.

Rec'd as Quarterage: Peter Dick $2.00, A. Wheeler $5.00, Chas. Morel & brother $1.50, Mrs. Jno. Curyla $1.00; Beardsley App. $5.50.

Free Methodists Camp Meeting Sep. 7 South of New Oregan C M.

Ellwood: Joseph Rodnick, C S; Joseph Mullegan P L; Martha Mullegan, Elisb Reid, Chary Russel (died), Harriet Bridge, Israel Bridge, Lewis Bridge.

Wallingford: A. Graves, Hannah Rutherford, J. K. Rutherford, C. Seader, S. Pearson, C. L. Steward wife, Geo. Evans wife, Kate White, E. Rodens, Sally Pepper, Chas Graham, J. H. Burklay, S. Robins, Thomas White, Jenny Brown, Eveline Evans.

Sponge the coat well with the liquor. Then sponge in clean water hot enough for washing flannel.

Molasses Candy: For 4 persons - 1 Tea cup Molasses, ½ of Sugar, any kind, 1 Tea spoonful Vinegar, Butter the size of nutmeg. Boil exactly 10 Min. Union: Jno. Greenwood C L, Calvin Seward C S, Mary A. Greenwood, Matilda Greenwood, Luke Barret, Wesley Bowers, Nancy Seward, (Single), Sarah Hull, Amy Aderer (Single), Wm. H. Rowels (Single), Mellisa Addison.

Manhattan: Jerome Reeves, Daniel Crain, Joseph Reasin C S, P. Ridge, R. L. Stewart & Wife, H. Kausaburn. H. Kausaburn Jun. C L, Mary Kausaburn, L. McFarland, Luthana McFarland, Hannah Brown, Amy Brown, S. Groves, Callarne, Austin McCalm, Zenith McCalm, M. JH. Story, S. A. Story, H. McAlester, Amy McAlester, Eliza Filson, Jno. Sletor, Mrs. Sletor. Patiel Reeves, Mrs. Reeves. (Sundemure)

Ottawa Mission -

Apps - 2

Classes - 2

Members reported - 54

Rec'd - 8

Died - 2

Dropped - 5

Removed - 6



Present No. - 49

Decrease - 5

Salary - 330.00

P. E. Salary - 80.00

Conference Col. - 7

Benevolent - 7

For Missions - 28

Telescopes - 13

Childrens Friend - 21


Sabbath Schools - 2

Teachers - 8

Scholars - 78

Money for SS Presents - 87

Markwood [bishop] - 2

Total for all 330.00

87.00 [Presents - House rent 50. Stable 12, Other things 25]







Son of Jacob Bower - Lewis Bower, 12 years, was crushed under a roller in June 1870.

Calvin Seward, Southeast, Union Class.

"Woe be unto him that giveth his neighbors drink."

At Dick Class Missionary Money Paid - 1.10.

5 spools, 1 shelf 15.

Bacon 16 cts

Mr. E. Sunborn

Resolution for keeping this a Mission.

Huff School house Quarterly Meeting, May 7, 1870 (32nd Quarterly)

Dick Class Quarterage - 26.53

Buck Creek - No report

Beardsley Apps - 11.35 (Aug. 6&7 Q.M.)

(Population of Rockford 11,563)

Chorus -

"Where the pearly gates will never, never close,

And the tree of live its dewy shadow throws,

Where the ransomed ones in love repose,

Our glorious home shall be."

How to best preach revivals.

Sencuring Rock River for not going preaching in Cipris [cities?].

Do faith and hope continue with Sts after death.

Collected for Elder Curts: $82.70

Babtism by Slices 4.55; Hibbard on Babtism 1.75; Babtism, Obligation, Subjects & Mode by H. M. Shaffer 55.

Died at his fathers home in the Town of Serena, La Salle Co., Ill, April 30, 1870, Son of Ferguson. [see May 2, funeral service for Chas. Ferguson]

Subs U. B. C. History / J. M. Yeager / Jno. Cremson / Lock, Butts, Screws / Tacks / Baby Shoes / Kerosene / Kerchief / Rice / Dried Fruit / One stick of white silk braid / String beans / Package of White Onion Sets / Red flannel 2 yds / Brown Ribbon ¼ wide, 5 yds / Green braid , stick / Burke Henan.


1870 began with a protracted meeting at the Dick School House near Ottawa, Illinois. The meeting lasted until January 29th. The Appointments he was serving included Dicks Schoolhouse, Hupps Schoolhouse, Beardsley and Buck Creek. Conrad was sick much of February. On February they received the news that Jos. Riche had been converted, "Giving them unutterable joy." Jos. Riche may have been Clarissa's brother, Joshua. In March Conrad built a shed for his buggy, paid $2.00 for lumber. Later on he had a top put on the buggy for $32.50. A terrible ice storm on March 12th left the land and the trees covered with 1 ½ inches of ice. Fishing was enjoyed on at least 8 occasions, the best catch was on May 14th when they caught 6 bullheads and 1 bass.

On May 2 he conducted the funeral of Charles Ferguson, 19 years, 6 months - he had visited the home several times before as Charles had consumption, and several times after the funeral. Conrad took his pastoral responsibilities seriously. On May 12th he married Mr. Joseph Yeager and Miss Mary Brown, the fee was $5.00, they stayed overnight and the "rowdies serenaded and kept us up ½ the night." The area suffered a "drouth" from May 30th to August 5th; on June 24th he remarked that "the oats and small grains are drying up"; on June 24th the "heat" was 105. On June 23rd he stained and varnished his new bookcase made by Mr. Ehly. Conrad apparently whitewashed Mr. Ehly' s house in exchange for the bookcase.

A trip was made to a Ministerial Association Meeting at Coleta, May 24-26. A "journey" to Durand began June 27th, arriving at Mother Riches at 10 PM on the 28th, "the horse nearly gave out". They visited family - Jno. Riches, C. T. Kleckners (cousins on Bender side). Celebrated the 4th of July in the grove at Mother Riches; had Wife's and Charlie's picture taken for $2.50. It was "good & natural". Arrived home at 1 PM on July 11th after doing some preaching on the way home. Conrad commented that, "We had a very good visit, the people were all glad to see us. We hope this visit may redound to the honor and glory of God." On July 19th Wife had 4 teeth filled with gold foil.

On July 26th he "Saw [Atherton] in reference to his allowing his grain to be cut on Sunday. He was not sorry that he did it. He thought it was necessary because bring dead ripe. He promises to do better."

During August he attended a Quarterly Meeting; the Annual District School Picnic at Smith Ford on Indian Creek; the old settlers meeting at Ottawa with Father Yeager; a Sunday School excursion with the M. E. group to Streator on the railroad to see the sights including the coal slope, 350 feet on an incline located ½ mile from where the miners work. [History of La Salle County, "The coal deposits at Streator are inexhaustible, and the yield is pronounced superior…."] "The entertainment in the grove didn't amount to much."

Journeyed to Henry County August 29. Stayed with Geo. Baye on the 30th; fixed up Josie's grave on September 1.

Attended the La Salle County Fair in Ottawa September 8. "The Show was tolerably good. Quite a display of Gambling concessions were present which in the name of Christianity aught to be prohibited." On Sunday, September 11 the attendance at the Beardsley service was very poor due to the people attending a Seventh Day Adventist tent meeting in Northville. On Monday Conrad visited the Adventist preachers and, "Told one that he didn't keep the 1st Commandment and that he was in the gall of bitterness & bonds of iniquity."

Quarterly Meeting for the Ottawa Mission was held in the grove, September 17 and 18. Charlie was "sprinkled" [baptized as an infant].

Began to get ready to move to new appointment on October 4 - cleaned the house, sold furniture, packed goods, dug potatoes. Finished packing on the 8th.

They started for Winnebago County at 6 AM, October 11, for the Annual Conference of the Ministerial Association to be held at Freeport. Arrived at Mother-in-laws at 3 ½ PM October 12. Annual Meeting opened October 18, Conrad was examined for his reading course and passed on the 20th,, and was examined for Elders orders and passed on the 22nd. He was ordained Elder on the 23rd.

Visited Reuben Benders and Uncle Joe Bender in Clarno, Green county, Wisconsin. Had a good visit with Uncle Joe and Reuben Benders. "Uncle Joe is looking toward the close of life. Although hardened by Sin, his heart is easily un prepared" [?]. Tried to see C. Benders [father], but they were away at work.

Moved to the Will County Circuit at 2 PM on October 31. On the way they stopped overnight at a tavern in Minooka that "has a billiard table, beer, also rowdies", bill $3.50. The appointments included: Union Class, Providence Ridge, Center Schoolhouse, Manhattan, and Wallingford. Conrad's comment on arrival in Will County was, "We found no special encouragement when we entered Will Co. Circuit. Things look very dark." This was borne out when he had to spend ten days going from place to place trying to raise enough money to rent a parsonage. They finally moved in November 17th, but worked on the house until November 24th, whitewashed, papered the large room, etc.

A "Wood Bee" was held on December 9th and 7 cords of wood were chopped, split and hauled to the house. [a cord measures 4 feet x 4 feet x 8 feet] "We are very grateful for this liberal donation of work. 'To God be the Praise.'"

Attended a Sunday School festival in the Wallingford Schoolhouse on Christmas Eve afternoon and the Albright Sunday School festival in the evening.

"I feel that God is with me. May he give me success in winning Souls to Christ. C. Bender."

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