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 The Dixon Telegraph (Dixon, Illinois) April 10, 1948

Firms Sue To Oust new Town’s Officers

Ottawa, Ill., April 10 (AP)

Five corporations have sued to oust officials of the newly incorporated village of Naplate west of Ottawa.

In a suit filed yesterday, the firms contended the 1,100 acre community of 800 persons was founded illegally. The corporation said that although they owned 86 per cent of its land and 95 per cent of the property assessed on its books, they were not consulted in its establishment last February.

The complaintants are Libbey-Owens-Ford glass manufacturers: the Ottawa Silica company, the Standard Silica company; the Rock Island railroad and the Burlington railroad.

Eight officials named in the ouster proceedings are JamesVittone, mayor, Enza J. Castelli, village clerk and Stanley Krascky, Erio D. Bernadoni, James Rudnicky, Earl Olson, Mike Ursinis and Stephen M. Bychini, trustees. No date has been set for a hearing.

The Dixon Telegraph (Dixon, Illinois) February 5, 1949

Naplate, Near Ottawa, Illegal Village, Ruling

Ottawa, Ill., Feb. 5 (AP) Circuit Judge Louis A. Zearing yesterday ruled that Naplate, a new village adjoining Ottawa’s west side was illegally incorporated.

The judge ruled that holding the village legally incorporated would be taking property (taxes) without due process of law.

Three firms and two railroads – Libby – Owens-Ford Glass company, Standard Silica corporation, the Burlington and Rock Island railroads – brought suits against the village. They objected to paying taxes on their properties there and claimed the village was incorporated without their consent.

The village was incorporated late in 1947, principally to enable residents to get a new water supply and other improvements. Mayor James Vittone headed the village of 1,000, most of them Libbey-Owens-Ford workers. Judge Zearing’s ruling ousted the mayor and other elected officials. The village plans to appeal the decision to the state supreme court.


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