The History of Wedron, LaSalle County, IL

Transcribed by Nancy Piper


Wedron Village is situated up the Fox River, about four miles from Dayton. It was founded soon after the Fox River branch of the Chicago, Burlington & Quincy Railroad was built in 1871. I. N. Stearns was the first Postmaster. Since then Ed. Belrose, Rensselaer Wright and Charles II. Belrose have served in that capacity. B. J. Panton owns and operates a flouring mill situated about three-fourths of a mile northwest of the village of Wedron. Wedron has three small stores owned by Ed. Belrose, I.N. Stearns and Charles H. Belrose. It has one blacksmith shop, owned by Joseph Eiberger; one grain elevator owned by H. S. Gilbert & Co., of Ottawa. The population of Wedron in 1880 was forty; perhaps it is nearly fifty at present writing (1885). Near Wedron the Fox River is spanned by an iron bridge at a cost of about $11,000.

[Source: History of La Salle County, Illinois : together with sketches of its cities, villages and towns, educational, religious, civil, military, and political history, portraits of prominent persons, and biographies of representative citizens : also a condensed History of Illinois, embodying accounts of prehistoric races, aborigines, Winnebago and Black Hawk wars, and a brief review of its civil and political history.. Chicago: Inter-State Pub. Co., 1886. Page 85]

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