History of Deer Park Township, LaSalle County, Illinois


Deer Park, called after the romantic grotto of that name, which lies within its borders, is composed of that part of T. 33, R. 2, lying south of the Illinois river, and that portion of T. 32, R. 2, lying north of the Vermillion. It occupies the point between the two rivers, and is nearly in the shape of a triangle. A considerable portion of its territory is covered by the bottom and bluff timber along the streams and much mineral wealth will be extracted from those bluffs; coal, fire clay, and stone, for lime and for building purposes, exist in large quantities. The high ridge of prairie extending through Farm Ridge, extends through this town, but is broader; giving the whole town a high rolling face, with excellent drainage; and a more beautiful section of land can hardly be found in the State.

[Source: History of LaSalle County, Illinois by Elmer Baldwin, Chicago, Rand, McNally & Co., Printers, 1877, SKETCH OF THE PIONEER SETTLERS OF EACH TOWN IN THE COUNTY, Page 323-324 - Transcribed by Nancy Piper]