History of Farm RidgeTownship, LaSalle County, Illinois

Farm Ridge Township

Farm Ridge embraces all of Township 32, Range 3, except Sections 31 and 32, which lie on the southwest side of the Vermillion, and are attached to and form part of the town of Vermillion. It is all prairie except the extreme southwestern portion,

which borders the Vermillion. The most striking topographical feature is a high ridge or swell extending northwest and southeast, parallel with the general course of the river, from which the town derived its name.

The ridge is from two and a half to four miles from the Vermillion, and forms the divide which separates the waters which flow into that river from those that run to Covell creek and the Illinois. The substratum of the ridge, to a considerable depth, and coming within six to eight feet of the surface, in the western part of the town, is composed of pure washed sand, from which issue several large, never-failing springs of water. The descent from the summit or divide to the Vermillion river is quite abrupt, while to the northeast it is more gradual. A similar ridge, though not as high, runs nearly east and west across the north part of the town, while the central part is more level, but, as a whole, has a most excellent and well-drained soil.

The first settlement here, as elsewhere, was confined to the vicinity of the timber, and consequently to the southwestern part of the town.

William McCormick, Samuel Mackey, and Rees Morgan, came from Fayette County, Pa., and were the first settlers in the town of Farm Ridge.

Elmer Baldwin, Beebe Clark, James B. Beardsley, and Noble W. Merwin, came from New Milford, Connecticut, in the spring of 1830. Bought the claim, improvements and crops of William McCormick, and the claim of Alfred McCormick-purchased the land at public sale, at Galena, in June, and settled on Secs. 18 and 19, T. 32, R. 3. Noble W. Merwiu sold his land to Solomon Brown and Kirjeth A. Hunt, in the spring of 1836, and moved to Ohio.

[Source: History of LaSalle County, Illinois by Elmer Baldwin, Chicago, Rand, McNally & Co., Printers, 1877, SKETCH OF THE PIONEER SETTLERS OF EACH TOWN IN THE COUNTY, Farm Ridge, Page 381-382 - Transcribed by Nancy Piper]