History of LaSalle Township, LaSalle County, Illinois

LaSalle Township

La Salle embraces the E. 1/2 of T. 33, R. 1, except a small point between the Illinois and Vermillion rivers which belongs to Deer Park. It is crossed from north to south by the Illinois Central Railroads and from east to west by the Chicago, Rock Island & Pacific Railroad, and the Illinois and Michigan Canal terminates in an artificial basin within its limits.

In this basin the river steamboats from St. Louis meet the canal boats from Chicago, and the locality seems destined and fitted both by nature and art to be one of the most important commercial points in the West. The progress and development of the town and its business has not equaled the anticipations of its early settlers, but its growth has been constant and healthful.

A manufacturing industry can never flourish until agriculture is developed, the population becomes dense, and capital has accumulated sufficient for its prosecution. The coal production, and the zinc and glass manufacture, have assumed large proportions. and with the produce and shipping interest, aggregates an amount of business that must be quite gratifying to the citizens of La Salle, and of which older places might be proud. The future of the locality can have but one result, that of a great success.

[Source: History of LaSalle County, Illinois by Elmer Baldwin, Chicago, Rand, McNally & Co., Printers, 1877, SKETCH OF THE PIONEER SETTLERS OF EACH TOWN IN THE COUNTY, LaSalle, Page 372-373 - Transcribed by Nancy Piper]