History of Miller Township, LaSalle County, Illinois

Miller Township

The town of Miller embraces Township 34, Range 5 ; it is nearly all prairie, and is settled mostly by emigrants from Norway. The settlements commenced in 1834. It has no railroad, but the town is populous and wealthy. The first colony of Norwegians, who came in 1834, settled mostly in what is now the northwest part of Miller, and the southwest part of Mission, and was for a long time known as the Norwegian settlement. All who came from Norway in 1825, were passengers in the famous sloop.

[Source: History of LaSalle County, Illinois by Elmer Baldwin, Chicago, Rand, McNally & Co., Printers, 1877, SKETCH OF THE PIONEER SETTLERS OF EACH TOWN IN THE COUNTY, Miller, Page 458-459 - Transcribed by Nancy Piper]