Lawrence County, Illinois
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Schools in Lawrence County, IL

This school *may* have been in Christy or Sumner, IL
Some of these kids are listed in the 1920 Lawrence Co. census:
Corene Balding 1920 census - Christy, Lawrence, Illinois age 11
Garnet Peters 1920 census - Christy, Lawrence, Illinois age 11 (female)
Mildred Wright 1920 census - Christy, Lawrence, Illinois age 11
Glen Blood 1920 census - Christy, Lawrence, Illinois age 13

[Thanks to Patricia Hardenstine for looking them up for us!]

Unknown Lawrence county school

Contributed by Brenda Duckworth
(passed away in 2013)

My father was Harry V Moore, born 1908 in Lawrence County Illinois.
This school is not identified, but the people in the picture are:

Top Row: ? Heath ?, Buck Lydle, Dick Staniger, Charlie Curran, Bob Coffin, Red Carroll, Orvil Cochran, Hubert Martin, and JB bill

2nd from top: Teacher Nora Vanitta, Corene Balding, Leona Bolding, Lelia Harbaugh, ? Spitler, Hazel Bridwell, Garnet Peters, ?????, Emmerson Gearhart, Howard Peal

3rd row from top: Jane Dole, Bulis Corrie, Agnes Culter, Mildred Wright, Mamie Mattoon, Lucille Fiscus, Nettie Shaw, Leona Wright, Marion Piper, Claude Fyffer, Levit Price.

Bottom Row: Harry Moore, George Robert Freese, John Harvey Brian, Paul Smith, Arthur Gray, ? Heath ?,
Glen Blood, Harry Wieley, Alonzo Zollers, and Olen Peters.



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