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Livingston County, Illinois
Genealogy and History

Center Cemetery
Nebraska Twp, Flanagan, Ill


E 1800 N Road, Nebraska Township
(Approximately 1 mile West of Flanagan)
Livingston County, Illinois

Source for Military Burials is the government's 1956 Roll of Honor, a publication which has many errors.
Please double check all data with an original source.

Non-military burials were added by Teri Colglazier from her own research





Other Information





BENNETT, Harry Vernon   May 30, 1919 Navy WW1 S 2/c USNRF  
CULLEN, Leo Berdell   Feb 16, 1941 Army WW1 2/Lt Co I 103 Inf  
DANIELS, Thomas   1915 Army Civil War Mus Co C 33 Mo Vol Inf  
DURRE, William F 1902 1955         Husband of Katherine H Durre
DURRE, Katherine H 1904 1988         Wife of William F Durre
EDEN, Katherine 1891 1969         Wife of Wessel B Eden
EDEN, Wessel B 1890 1968         Husband of Katherine Eden
GRONEWOLD, Ehme 1869 1946         Husband of Hattie Bouman Gronewold
GRONEWOLD, Hattie 1876 1936         Wife of Ehme Gronewold
HOPWOOD, B. J.     Army Civil War Pvt Co A 129 Ill Vol Inf  
HUDDLESTON, Edward   Feb 23, 1954 Army WW1 PFC Co B 325 Inf 84 Div  
HUXTABLE, Wm. W.     Army Civil War Pvt Co I 47 Ill Vol Inf  
JOLLY, Daniel     Army Civil War Musc Co C 33 Mo Vol Inf  
KANZ, John   May 26, 1955 Army WW1 PFC PWE Co #35 ASC  
KEARFOTT, Louis F.   Jun 19, 1953 Army Spanish-American Pvt Co F 39 Ill Inf  
KUTZNER, Gene 1932 2001         Husband of Carol Kutzner
KUTZNER, Fred 1900 1993         Married 17 Dec 1960
KUTZNER, Albert F 1870 1966         Husband of Katie H Kutzner
KUTZNER, Katie H 1878 1963         Wife of Albert F Kutzner
KUTZNER, Libby E 1905 1999         Husband of Lucy Kutzner
KUTZNER, Lucy 1905 1992         Wife of Libby E Kutzner
KUTZNER, John F 1904 1986         Husband of Pearl I Kutzner
KUTZNER, Pearl I 1916 1996         Wife of John F Kutzner
MAYO, George G.   Jan 20, 1952 Army WW1 Pvt Co C 364 Inf  
MONK, Theodore   Sep 1, 1915 Army Civil War Pvt Co F 5 Mo Vol Cav  
OBERT, Alvin 2 Jun 1912 6 Jan 2005         Husband of Leona Obert
OBERT, Elizabeth K 1897 1984         Wife of Carl H Obert
OBERT, Carl H 1896 1977         Husband of Elizabeth K Obert
OBERT, Herman   1958         Husband of Freida Obert
OBERT, Freida 1890 1959         Wife of Herman Obert
RICH, Michael   Jan 3, 1923 Army Civil War Pvt Co F 57 Ill Inf  
RUSTMAN, John P.   Dec 17, 1944 Army WW1 Pvt Co M 28 Ill Inf  
SMITH, John M.   1913 Army Civil War Pvt Co H 77 Ill Inf  
SPANIOL, Clarence William 26 Jun 1893 6 Dec 1968         Husband of Fannie Kalkwarf
Son of Jacob & Ida May Smith Spaniol
Children: Arlene, Lyle & Norma
SPANIOL, Fannie Kalkwarf 12 JUl 1899 12 Mar 1977         Wife of Clarence William Spaniol
Daughter of William & Stephanie Kalkwarf
Married 1 Sep 1921
Children: Arlene, Lyle & Norma
STUCKEY, Edmund J.   Nov 29, 1943 Army WW2 T/Sgt 1 Bmb Sq 14 AF  
TESCH Henry 1896 1986         Husband of Minnie T Tesch
TESCH, Minnie T 1894 1975         Wife of Henry Tesch
VANDOVEN, F. M.   Mar 15, 1919 Army Civil War Pvt Co A 129 Ill Inf  
WELLS, Clyde J.   May 8, 1939 Navy Spanish-American MAA2/c USS Kearsarge  
WIECHMANN, Ben A.   Jul 13, 1944 Army WW2 T/Sgt 374 AAF Bmb Sq  
WILOX, Samuel Carlton   Mar 11, 1936 Army Civil War Pvt    
WUEBBENS, Everett Peter   Jan 28, 1949 Navy WW2 Comd'r USN Ill  


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