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Livingston County, Illinois
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Livingston County, Illinois


(Transcribed by: Teri Moncelle Colglazier)

Another village partly located in Broughton Township is Campus, which has a present population of 183.

That part of it in Broughton has a population of forty-six, while that part of it in adjoining Round Grove Township has a population of 137.

The village is situated on the Wabash Railroad and near it flows Broughton Creek. The township in which the village is mainly located, Round Grove, today has a total population of 639.

First to settle in the township was John Currier, who came about 1850 or 1851 from New York state.

In 1860 this township was the scene of a hunting expedition headed by the then visiting Prince of Wales, afterwards to become King Edward Vll of England.

[This is Livingston County, Illinois by: John Drury, The Loree Co., Chicago, Illinois (1955)]


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