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Livingston County, Illinois
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Emington History
Livingston County, Illinois


(Transcribed by: Teri Moncelle Colglazier)

In the fertile farming country northeast of Pontiac city stands the incorporated village of Emington, main part of which lies in Broughton Jownship.

That portion of it in Broughton has a population of ninety-eight, while that portion of it in adjoining Union Township has a population of fifty-two.

The village is situated on the Wabash Railroad and has a number of retail stores, service establishments, banking facilities and a postoffice. Emington is located in Broughton Township, which in 1950 had a total population of 595.

First settlers of the [Broughton] township were members of the Broughton family, who arrived in 1854.

When the [Broughton] township was organized in 1858, William Broughton was elected its first supervisor.

First to settle in the [Union] township was John Harbison, who arrived in 1856 from Pennsylvania. Later that same year came Joseph Walton and his family, as well as a Mr. Scott.

The [Union] township was organized in 1864 and James C. Brown was elected its first supervisor.

[This is Livingston County, Illinois by: John Drury, The Loree Co., Chicago, Illinois (1955)]


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