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Livingston County, Illinois
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Fairbury History
Livingston County, Illinois


(Transcribed by: Teri Moncelle Colglazier)

Third largest city of Livingston County is Fairbury, which today has a population of 2,300.

It is located in the rich farming area southeast of Pontiac and through it passes the Wabash and Toledo, Peoria & Western railroads, as well as US 24. In addition to numerous retail stores and service establishments, Fairbury has banking facilities and a postoffice.

Of unusual interest is the fact that Fairbury was laid out in 1857 by Octave Chanute, later to become a famous American aviation pioneer (Chanute Field, at Rantoul, Illinois, is named after him). His associate in the platting of the town was Caleb L. Patton, original owner of the site.

Today, Fairbury is the only community in Indian Grove Township, which has a total population of 3,315.

First settler of the township was Joseph Moore, who arrived in the fall of 1831 from Tennessee.

[This is Livingston County, Illinois by: John Drury, The Loree Co., Chicago, Illinois (1955)]


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