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Livingston County, Illinois
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Cornell Cemetery
Amity Twp, Manville, Ill


SOURCE: "Honor Roll", 1956, pub. by Illinois Veterans' Commission and transcribed for Genealogy Trails by K. Torp









ALVOCARD, C.   Jun 13, 1901   Spanish-American    
BENNINGTON, Robert   Jan 9, 1933 Army Civil War Pvt Co B 11 Ill Vol Inf Co A 8 Ill
BLAKE, D. W.   Jun 12, 1873 Army Civil War Pvt Co G 129 Ill Inf
BRADLEY, Daisy M.   Feb 24, 1947 ANC WW1 Nurse  
BROWN, D. M.   Apr 27, 1900   Civil War    
BURNHAM, Freeman   Apr 10, 1883 Army Civil War Pvt Co C 39 Ill Inf
CORNELL, Henry M.   Jan 13, 1927 Army Civil War 1/Lt Co H 11 Ill Cav
CORNELL, Walter R.   Jun 6, 1918 USMC WW1 Maj 73 Co 2 Div 6 Reg DSC
DeROSSETT, Wilbur J.   Feb 27, 1945 Army WW2 Sgt 132 Inf 1 Div
EUTSEY, Thomas Elmer   Feb 3, 1954 Army WW1 Pvt Co C 52 Engrs
FLEMING, Isaac   Oct 5, 1916 Army Civil War Pvt Co C 44 Ill Inf
GARRETSON, William A.   Apr 27, 1953 Navy Korean War FN USS Bennington
GARRETSON, Wm. H.   Jun 5, 1864 Army Civil War Pvt Co G 12 Virginia Rgt
GOURLEY, Abel   Nov 8, 1877   Civil War    
GREGORY, Edward Donovan   Dec 29, 1953 Army WW1 Pvt Co F 129 Inf 33 Div
GREGORY, George W.   Oct 28, 1918 Army Spanish-American Pvt Co B 1 N.D. Inf
HAYS, Jesse     Army Civil War Pvt Co K 138 Ill Inf
JAMISON, Clarence Elmo   Oct 5, 1918 Army WW1 Sgt Bty 21 FA 161 DB Cenofcrs'g
JOHNSON, Guy B.   May 30, 1921 Army WW1 Cpl Co A 601 Engrs Ill
JOHNSON, Henry   Oct 24, 1941 Army Spanish-American Pvt Co A 3 Regt Ill Vol Inf
JOHNSON, Stephen   Jan 30, 1929 Army Civil War Pvt Co C 129 Ill Inf
McCONAHA, Edward   Jul 17, 1932 Army Civil War Pvt Co I 194 Ohio Inf
MINER, Max Dillard   Sep 15, 1951 Army WW1 Pvt Med Dept Cmp Hosp 33
MORGAN, Francis M.     Army Civil War Pvt Co M 1 Mich L Arty
MOTHERSBAUGH, John C.   Oct 8, 1947 Army WW1 PFC Co M 346 Inf
MURPHY, Donald Fleming   Dec 9, 1942 Army WW1   Co F 129 Inf 33 Div
MYERS, Nicholas   Aug 15, 1935 Army Civil War Pvt Co E 156 Ill Inf
SHACKELTON, Fred J.   Sep 29, 1918 Army WW1 Sgt 1/c Co C 110 Engrs
SHANK, Harold N.     Army WW2 T/Sgt  
SPAULDING, Alford   Jun 13, 1901 Army Civil War Pvt  
SPRINGER, Robert M.   Apr 29, 1947 Army Spanish-American Pvt Co A 3 Ill Inf
TIFFANY, Clyde   Oct 26, 1918 Army Civil War Pvt Co M 123 US Inf
TURNER, Irwin   Jan 18, 1951 Army WW1 Pvt Co F 129 Inf 33 Div
WAYMAN, Frank R.   Dec 26, 1947 Army WW2 PFC MP Co Hq Det
WAYMAN, Winfield W.   May 1, 1955 Army WW1 Pvt 18 Rct Co GS Inf
WEBB, David   May 14, 1887   War of 1812    


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