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Church News

The new German church in east Owego was dedicated Sunday.  It is free of all incumbrance. [November 28, 1888 - Forrest Rambler; Sub by Pam Haag Geyer]

A Catholic church is to be built at Emington next spring. [November 28, 1888 - Forrest Rambler; Sub by Pam Haag Geyer]

Rev. Mr. Edwards went to Pontiac last evening to attend the consecration of Grace Episcopal church by Bishop McLaren, today. The ceremonies will be imposing and eight or ten priests will be present. [The Ottawa Free Trader, Saturday. Nov. 16, 1889; Sub. by Pam Haag Geyer]

Hoobler Chapel at Manville, seems to be in the hands of the opposition, so to speak. The church is a branch of the United Brethren in Christ, a sect which is no longer united, and both factions are fighting for the possession of the chapel with honors easy. [The Ottawa Free Trader, 14 September 1889; Sub by Pam Haag Geyer]

The Tuesbury Mission chapel of the Pontiac First M. E. church, built last summer near the coal shaft, was recently dedicated. [The Weekly Pantagraph, Apr. 7, 1899; sub. by PHG]

Children's day will be observed at the M. E. church next Sunday morning, the Sunday school having charge of the programme. [Daily Pantagraph 4 June 1901; Sub. by Pam Haag Geyer]

At the Christian church yesterday Rev. H. Holmes presented his resignation to the church, they accepting it. He is now busily engaged in packing his household goods and will leave next Monday for his new home at Fairbury, Neb. [Daily Pantagraph 4 June 1901; Sub. by Pam Haag Geyer]

The burned Congregational church at Forrest will be replaced by a finer structure costing between $5,000 and $6,000. [The Weekly Pantagraph, Aug. 30, 1901; sub. by PHG]

Rev. Bowman, who has been occupying the pulpit of the colored Baptist church for some time, has resigned and gone to Springfield where he has accepted a larger charge. [Daily Pantagraph 4 June 1901; Sub. by Pam Haag Geyer]

The Methodist church in Dwight have decided to erect a modern $20,000 church in the near future. Mr. David McWilliams has agreed to pay half of whatever the church may cost. [The Weekly Pantagraph, Feb. 1, 1901; sub. by PHG]

Bishop O'Reilly and Rev. Martin Griffy, of Peoria; Rev. Mr. Grobusch, of Loretto, and Rev. Mr. Lyons, of Pontiac, assisted at the dedication of the new marble altar in St. Paul's church Sunday. [The Weekly Pantagraph, Nov. 28, 1902; sub. by PHG]

October 3 and 4, the Baptist church of Fairbury will celebrate its fiftieth anniversary. [The Weekly Pantagraph, Sept. 25, 1908; sub. by PHG]

GRAYMONT - The Summer Bible School at Graymont ended on Friday, June 11th. Nursery teachers were Sandra Zehr and Debra Freed; Kindergarten, LuAnn Rich and Debbie DeBartoli; 1st and 2nd, Mrs. John Simpson, Mrs. Betty Frobish, Mrs. Lola Holmes, Mrs. Lil Carroll, Jeff Carroll, Miss Tammy Campbell and Mrs. Carol Jo Carroll; 3rd and 4th grades, Mrs. James Dixon, Debra Bennett, and Keri Leach; 5h grade, Mrs. Ray Carstens; 6th grade; Mrs. Lloyd Pampel and Brenda Ahrends; 7th and 8th grades, Mrs. Robert Carroll and Mrs. Alta Vitzthum. Pianist were Mrs. Robert Carroll and Debra Freed. The morning exercises were opened each morning by Mrs. James Dixon or Mrs. Marvin Russell. Mrs. Delbert Alltop served the cookies and drink each day. Berle Smith was the chaperone outside. There was an average attendance of 60 children each day. The collection taken each day was given to the Huddleston Home at Centralia. (1971 June 16 - Wednesday - Pontiac Daily Leader - Mrs. Claire Ryerson Correspondent - Sub. by Teri Colglazier)



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