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Livingston County, Illinois
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A Grange of this Order was organized on the evening of the 3rd of July in the town of Pleasant Ridge, Livingston Co., Ill., by W.W. Tilton, State Department. The following officers were elected:

Master--Charles Hinze.
Overseer--James Fellows.
Lecturer--Louis Holloway.
Chaplain--Wm. Wilkinson.
Treasurer--Jacob Horine.
Secretary--Robert Gibson.
Steward--Hector Myers.
Ass't Steward--James Galbreth.
The farmers of this township have for some time been organized as a club, with an eye to something better in the future; and seeing that the objects of the Grange are good, and that they must result in securing prosperity to them, as well as our country, they have been prompted to connect themselves therewith.  --R. GIBSON, Sec'y.  C. HINZE, Master. [Prairie Farmer, 20 July 1872]

Clionian Society, Opperman, Wagner, Witmore, Croft, Viemont, Jones, Westall, Wallace

Members of the Clionian Society met at the home of Mrs. V. L. Opperman, 720 S. Locust St., Monday for their June picnic. Twenty - two members were seated at tables in the garden for the buffet supper. Mrs. Charles Wagner presided at the business meeting. Mrs. Burton Witmore gave the secretary’s report. Officers elected for next club year are: president, Mrs. Fred Croft, Jr.; first vice president, Mrs. Thomas Viemont; second vice president, Mrs. Don Jones; and treasurer, Mrs. Ray Westall. Entertainment and group games were arranged and presented by Mrs. Murray Wallace and Mrs. Croft. The program committee assisted Mrs. Opperman for the meeting. The September meeting will be with Mrs. Harold Whitmer and Mrs. Don Jones.
(1971 June 16 - Wednesday - Pontiac Daily Leader - Sub by Teri Colglazier)

Esmen Willing Workers 4-H, Moore, Mackinson, Runyon, Carlson, Staley, Dixon, Francis, Tompson, Saltsman, Knudson, Burnside

A meeting of the Esmen Willing Workers 4-H club was held Tuesday, June 8 at Esmen School. Carol Moore, vice president, conducted the meeting. Kristine Mackinson will be a delegate to State 4-H Week and the club will pay part of the expense. members also discussed a tour to be taken in Bloomington in July. The members showed their projects at the meeting. Talks were given by Georgia Runyon on “Good Manners”, Gindy Carlson on “How to Serve Food You Fix”, and Teresa Staley on “Safety in the Kitchen”. Cindy Dixon and Andrew Francis demonstrated “How to Make a Pompon” and Jill Tompson and Kathy Saltsman demonstrated “How to Make French Toast”. Recreation was led by July Knudson, Julie Francis and Kathy Burnside. A swimming party was planned for June 15 at the Odell pool. The next meeting will be June 22 at Esmen School. Refreshments were served by Julie; Andrea and Audrey Francis.
(1971 June 16 - Wednesday - Pontiac Daily Leader - Sub by Teri Colglazier)

Flanagan Homemakers Extension, Flanagan 4-H

FLANAGAN - The Flanagan Homemakers Extension Unit will hold their June meeting on Friday, in the Community Building. A salad luncheon will be held at noon with the 4-H girls mothers as guests. 4-H girls will present the lesson “First Aid”.
(1971 June 16 - Wednesday - Pontiac Daily Leader - Mrs. Inez Haase Correspondent - Sub by Teri Colglazier)

Graymont Hustlers 4-H, Timberline, Leach, Rients, Hoerner, Hayward, Wickkiser)

GRAYMONT - The Graymont Hustlers 4-H Teams played Timberline on Monday night at the 4-H Park. Timberline won the Junior Game 8 to 3. Bobby Leach pitched for Graymont and Paul Rients for Timberline. Graymont won the Senior Game 7 to 0. Eddie Hoerner pitched for Graymont and Chuck Hayward and Brian Wickkiser pitched for Timberline. Graymont plays their next game on Tuesday, June 22nd, against Fayette-Pike at the 4-H Park. (1971 June 16 - Wednesday - Pontiac Daily Leader - Mrs. Claire Ryerson Correspondent - Sub by Teri Colglazier)

Pontiac Odd Fellow Lodge & Pontiac Rebekah Lodge, Pettit, Davis, Anderson, Crabtree, Durham, Weber, Rediger, Hamand, Beller, Folsom, Gable, Stahl

Pontiac Odd Fellow Lodge and Pontiac Rebekah Lodge will hold the annual memorial service in the main dining room in the Odd Fellows Building Thursday, June 18, at 8 p.m. The service of tribute will be presented by members of the Rebekah Lodge and the Rev. Lyle Pettit will give the memorial address. Tribute will be paid to the memory of Mrs. Minnie Davis, president of the Rebekah State Assembly, and Mrs. Perl Anderson, Mrs. Myrtle Crabtree, Mrs. Olive Durham and Mrs. Anna Weber. There have been no deaths in the Odd Fellow Lodge. Families of deceased members, all Odd Fellows and Rebekahs and friends may attend. Those in charge of arrangements from the Odd Fellow Lodge are Alvin Rediger, James Hamand and Victor Beller and from the Rebekah Lodge, Miss Edith Folsom, Mrs. Lucile Gable and Mrs. Mabel Stahl.

(1971 June 16 - Wednesday - Pontiac Daily Leader - Sub by Teri Colglazier)

YMCA Camp, Kay, Young, Hoffrichter, Kirschner, Parkhill
Robert Kay, Philip Young, Jack Hoffrichter, Irving Kirschner and Carol Parkhill are spending a week at the YMCA camp at Streator.
(1971 June 16 - Wednesday - Pontiac Daily Leader - "Remember? June 16, 1931" by: Mary Jean - Sub by Teri Colglazier)



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