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Livingston County, Illinois
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Post Office News


The Ottawa Free Trader, Ottawa, Illinois, November 19, 1847
New Post Offices. – The following new post offices have been established in Livingston county, on the route from La Salle to Pontiac, and packages for them should be sent via La Salle: Rook’s Creek, Amos Edwards, P.M.; Moon’s Point, Jac. Moon, P.M.; Long Point, Wm. Eaton, P.M.


Post-Offices Discontinued.

The post offices at Mill Creek, Rock Island Co.; Ontario, Knox Co.; and Indian Grove, Livingston Co., in this State, have been discontinued.[Sangamo Journal / Illinois State Journal, 9 November 1859 Edition 02; Sub. by Pam Haag Geyer]


Postal Affairs - Illinois - Offices Established - McClary, Livingston County, George W. Nelson, Postmaster.
[Date: 14 Jan 1875; Paper: Inter Ocean - Sub. by Teri Colglazier]


Illinois Postal Matters - The following are the Postoffice changes in Illinois occurring during the week ending Dec. 23, 1876, furnished for the Inter Ocean by William Van Vleck, of the Postoffice Department: Offices Established. Dart, McLean County, D. B. Spencer, Postmaster. Garda, McLean County, Charles W. Kingston, Postmaster. Rooks Creek, Livingston County, Giles D. Saxton, Postmaster. [Date: 04 Jan 1877; Paper: Inter Ocean - Sub. by Teri Colglazier]


Odell is rejoicing over a new post office building, with entire new fixtures, furnished by the new postmaster, Axt.  It is evident that the change of administration has benefited the business interests of Odell to a very marked extent. [The Ottawa Free Trader, Volume 47, Number 36, 20 March 1886]


New Postmasters. Special to the Republic. Washington, D. C., Nov. 6. -- Among the fourth-class postmasters appointed today were the following: Illinois -- Cornell, Livingston County, John M. Syphers, vice J. N. Young removed. [Date: 07 Nov 1889; Paper: St. Louis Republic - Sub. by Teri Colglazier]


Postmen Deliver Letters, Long Overdue
PONTIAC, June 14. Postmen delivered water soaked letters long overdue today, following the recovery of a pouch of first class mail from the Vermilion river late yesterday by William Howell, local fisherman. The pouch was thrown off the Alton fast mail train early in the morning of May 30, and rolled into the river instead of hitting the station platform.  At a high level, the river carried the pouch a mile and a half west of  the city.  It contained 2,000 pieces of first class mail from Chicago to Pontiac and Livingston county points.  All  were delivered but two. [Daily Illini, 15 June 1933; Sub. by Pam Haag Geyer]



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