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Livingston County, Illinois
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St. Paul's Cemetery
Nevada Twp, Odell, Ill


SOURCE: "Honor Roll", 1956, pub. by Illinois Veterans' Commission and transcribed for Genealogy Trails by K. Torp









BAKER, Robert Joseph   Oct 2, 1946 Navy WW2 SM 2/c USNR LCI (LC) 999
BARRY, Patrick   Jul 8, 1893 Army Civil War C/B 9 NY Hvy Arty
BRENNAN, Charles M.   Dec 6, 1944 Army WW1 Pvt Bty B 68 Arty CAC
BUTLER, James   Mar 12, 1936 Army Civil War Pvt Co B Cav 1 Rgt
CAMPBELL, Clarence E.   Sep 19, 1951 Army WW1 PFC Co A 3 Inf
CAMPBELL, Harry C.   Apr 1, 1919 Army WW1 PFC MG Co 129 Inf 33 Div
CAMPBELL, Joseph   Jul 17, 1918 Navy World War S 2/c USNRF Gt. Lakes NTS
CAMPBELL, Wilbert J.   Apr 4, 1954 Army WW2 T/5 AAF
CAREY, Frank E.   Oct 4, 1918 Army WW1 PFC Co C 123 MG Bat 33 Div
CAREY, John Edward   Apr 5, 1943 Army WW1 Pvt Co B 78 FA
CAREY, John Francis   Mar 18, 1954 Navy WW2 PHM 1/c USNR
CAREY, Joseph V.   Dec 5, 1929 Army WW1   Hq Co 124 FA 7 Inf
CLEARY, Alice M.   Nov 30, 1930 ANC WW1 Nurse Camp Custer, Battle Crk, MI
DONAHUE, John   1895 Army Spanish-American Pvt Trp K 1 Ill Vol Cav
FINEFIELD, John F.   Jun 10, 1929 Army WW1 Pvt 7 Co 2 Bn 159 DB
FITZPATRICK, Joseph P.   Jul 24, 1941 Army WW1 Pvt 18 Co 116 Inf 29 Div
GRENNAH, Joe B.   1918 Army WW1 Pvt Co E 102 Inf 55 Div
GRUNDLER, John C.   Dec 22, 1954 Army WW1 PFC Co A 311 Engrs
HENEBERY, Mark   May 1, 1892 Army Civil War Sgt Co C 16 Ill Vol Inf
HOOVER, James A.   Nov 18, 1912 Army Civil War Lt Co D 2 West Va Cav
KNEER, Floyd A.   May 31, 1951 Army WW2 Pvt 1849 SVC Comd Unit
KNEER, Harry   Jan 22, 1948 Army WW2 Pvt Co H 181 Inf
KNEER, William   Jun 21, 1937 Army WW1 Pvt Bty F 6 FA 1 Div
LANNON, Patrick H.   May 12, 1941 Navy WW1 S 2/c USNRF
LEACH, Joseph M.   Dec 19, 1925 Army WW1 Pvt Co K 1 Inf
LEGNOR, John     Army Civil War Pvt Co B 129 Ill Vol Inf
LYONS, Bernard M.   Jul 14, 1919 Army WW1 Pvt Hosp Cps Unit 33 AEF
McALLISTER, Frank   Dec 4, 1895 Army Civil War Pvt Co E 134 Ill Vol Inf
McKONE, John   Oct 20, 1877 Army Civil War Pvt Co D 52 Ill Vol Inf
RALPH, Frank A.   1921 Navy WW1 S 2/c Guard Co
RALPH, John S.   Jun 18, 1955 Army WW2 Pvt Gen Pattons 3 Army
REDMOND, Joseph M.   Jan 15, 1941 Army WW1 Pvt Co M 121 Inf
SEIBOLD, Thomas A.   Jan 14, 1952 Army WW2 Pvt Hq Co 10 QM Mt Bn
SHEPHARD, James     Army Civil War Pvt Co B 129 Ill Vol Inf
TURNER, Con. B.   Jul 7, 1939 Army WW1 Pvt Co A 124 FA 33 Div
TURNER, Timothy A.   Jan 15, 1938 Army WW1 Pvt Co B 143 Inf 36 Div
WOLF, Alvin W.   Oct 8, 1918 Army WW1 Pvt Co I 123 Inf
ZOGG, Claude   Jun 16, 1953 Army WW1 Pvt Co K 64 Inf 7 Div


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