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Livingston County, Illinois
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Sunny Slope Cemetery

Saunemin Twp, Saunemin, Ill

SOURCE: "Honor Roll", 1956, pub. by Illinois Veterans' Commission and transcribed for Genealogy Trails by K. Torp










BYRNE, John H.   Jun 12, 1916 Army Civil War Pvt Co C 11 Ill Inf  
CASHIER, Albert D. J.
aka Jennie Hodgers
 1843 Oct 10, 1915 Army   Pvt Co G 95 Ill Vol Inf View biography and headstones
CHAPMAN, Barney H.   Feb 15, 1944 Army WW1 Pvt Co L 328 Inf  
CLEARY, Arthur Jr.   Dec 22, 1953 Army Korean War Pvt Co B 34 Med Tnk Bn  
CLEARY, Arthur R.   Apr 4, 1944 Army WW1 Pvt Co A 3 Inf  
CLEARY, Clarinda 1847 1936         VIEW STONE
CLEARY, Patrick 1841 Jul 27, 1922 Army Civil War Pvt Co K 3 Ill Cav VIEW STONE
CROW, Mason M.   Oct 20, 1918 Army WW1 Pvt Co E 121 Inf 31 Div  
DeVOE, Wm. F.   Mar 16, 1955 Army Spanish-Am Pvt Co F 3 Regt Ill Vol Inf  
FITZWATER, Robert C.   Jul 12, 1953 Army WW2 Pvt Unassg'd  
GATES, Brooks   Oct 16, 1890 Army Civil War Pvt Co H 88 Ill Vol Inf  
GREENOUGH, Louis E.   Jan 25, 1940 Army WW1 Cpl 68 Rgt CAC  
GRISWOLD, Henry   Feb 13, 1899 Army Civil War Sgt Co F 57 Ill Vol Inf  
HEADLEY, Cephas   Apr 12, 1945 Army Spanish-Am Pvt Co M 12 Reg Minn Inf  
HEMPHILL, Charles C., M.D. Dec 11 1845 4 Oct 1883         VIEW STONE
HOWLAND, Lawrence V.   Jun 9, 1954 Navy WW1 QM 2/c USNRF  
ISENBERG, Emmons Ewing   Apr 13, 1951 Army WW1 Pvt Co F 129 Inf 33 Div  
KELLEY, Seymour S.   Jul 11, 1934 Army Civil War Pvt Co F 171 Ohio Inf VIEW STONE
KNIGHT, John   Dec 5, 1905 Army Civil War Pvt Co I 44 Ill Cav  
KNIGHTS, George   Dec 8, 1905 Army Civil War Pvt Co I 44 Ill Vol Inf  
LANGFORD, Ebenezer   Jun 29, 1932 Army Civil War Pvt Ind Vols  
RIGHTER, John Ward   Jan 18, 1907 Army Civil War Cpl Co D 4 Ill Vol Cav  
SCHAUB, Balthzar   Nov 1, 1929 Army Civil War Pvt Co D 104 Ill Inf VIEW STONE
SCOTT, Edward G.   Jan 10, 1934 Army WW1 PFC Co F 1 Gas Rgt  
SHAPLAND, Earl Page   Sep 26, 1953 Army WW1 1/Lt Hq Co 129 Inf  
SHIELDS, Robert   Jun 29, 1918 Army Civil War Pvt Co B 3 Cav 105 Ill Vol Inf VIEW STONE
SHOEMAKER, Kenneth E.   Nov 13, 1951 Army Korean War PFC 36 Mt Veh Sq  
SIMS, H. B.   Mar 13, 1911 Army Civil War Pvt Co C 4 Ill Vol Inf  
SWAN, H. P.   Jan 1, 1917 Army Civil War Cpl Co B 7 Kans Vol Cav  
WILLIAMS, R. M.   Mar 12, 1915 Army Civil War Pvt Co D 48 Inf  
WRIGHT, Rex Kyle   Oct 25, 1952 Army WW2 Sgt Co G 136 Inf  


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