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Livingston County, Illinois
Genealogy and History

1850 U. S. Federal
Census Mortality Index


Ending 1 June 1850
Livingston County, Illinois

(Transcribed by: Teri Moncelle Colglazier)
Please note this index was very light and very difficult to read, thus (as with all transcriptions) please verify this information with other sources. Thank you





of Birth



of Death


Anderson, Joel B 66 M M Virginia Jul Farmer ?__? C Long
Barrickman, Henry 4 M   Illinois Jun   Scarlet Fever 5 days
Blen, Daniel 29 M M Ohio Sep Farmer Cholera 1 day
Blen, John 35 M W Virginia Aug Farmer Cholera 1 day
Blen, Susan 28 F M Ohio Aug Farmer Cholera 1 day
Blen, Kesiah 3 F   Illinois Aug   Cholera 1 day
Bliss, Garrett 60 M M Virginia Aug Farmer Cholera 2 days
Bliss, Jane __ F W Virginia Sep   Cholera 1 day
Boyer, Catharine 1 F   Illinois Jul   Worms 5 days
Bradley, Henrietta D 8/12 F   Illinois Aug   Cholera Sudden
Brimfield, Catharine 2 F   Illinois Dec   Scarlet Fever 5 days
Cochissine, Ann 35 F M Ireland Sep   Cholera 6 days
Cochissine, Charles 2/12 M   Illinois Sep   Flux 7 days
Cooper, Beulzeth 1 M   Illinois Apr   Scrofula Long
Crimplevor, Thomas 7 M   Indiana Nov   Croup 1 day
Fellows, Jusustis 53 M M Connecticut Aug Landlord Cholera 4 days
Fellows, Hellen A 7 F   Illinois Aug   Cholera 1 day
Fellows, Clarance A 1 M   Illinois Aug   Cholera 1 day
Hast, Maria D M 33 F M Ohio Jan   Fever 15 days
Maxwell, M____ Ann 10 F   Illinois Jul   Consumption Lungs --
McDowell, Ralph B 1/12 M   Illinois Dec   Croup 3 days
Miller, Franklin 8/12 M   Illinois Jan   Influs___? B 8 days
Money, William 32 M M Maryland Sep Farmer Milk Sickness 10 days
Moore, ____ 34 M W Illinois Jun   Cholera --
Moore, Margarett 24 F M Illinois May   Fever Long
Moore, ____ A 1 F   Illinois Sep   -- Long
Mousholellar, Wesley 2 M   Ohio Sep   Flux 20 days
Newt, John 93 M W England Jul ?__? & Paper Maker Unknown Long
Oliver, Ann 50 F   Philadelphia Aug   Cholera 1 day
Porth, Jour 36 M W Pennsylvania Jan Farmer Consumption Long
Popejoy, _____ 1 M   Illinois Jul   Croup 10 days
Rhoads, Annett 4 F   Illinois Oct   Unknown 14 days
Rollings, Rebecca 2 F   Illinois May   Croup Sudden
Seveles, __hamforin 6 M   Ohio Apr   Fever 30 days
Silfeno, Marg 4/12 F   Illinois Mar   (?__? ?__?) --
Smith, Mary 32 F W Pennsylvania Oct   Milk Sickness 8 days
Thompson, John 56 M M New York Jul Farmer Sinking Chills 5 days
Travis, Milvnia 3 F   Illinois Jul   Croup 11 days
Tutlly, James 1/12 M   Illinois Apr   (not noted) Sudden
Watson, Alice J 2 F   Illinois Nov   Spt Fever 2 days


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