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Livingston County, Illinois
Genealogy and History

1860 U. S. Federal
Census Mortality Index


Ending 1 June 1860
Livingston County, Illinois

(Transcribed by: Teri Moncelle Colglazier)





Place of Birth

Month of Death


Cause of Death

# Days Ill

Bosley, Lewis W 1 M Illinois Oct     Inflamation Brain 6 weeks
Boyer, Irene M 25 F M Kentucky Sep   Dropsey 18 mths
Carroll, William 44 M M Pennsylvania Aug Farmer Typhoid Fever 2 weeks
England, Captola 1/12 F   Illinois Mar   Whooping Cough 1 week
England, Pewla 1/12 F   Illinois Mar   Whooping Cough 2 weeks
Fitzgerald, Ellen 9/12 F   Illinois Oct   Bowel Complaint 6 weeks
Huctison, James C 44 M M England Nov Farmer Consumption 1 month
Springer, Dennis 17 M   Illinois Mar Farm Labor Lung Fever 4 days
Sutcliff, Dorothy 60 F M England Mar   Dropsey 1 year
Walwrath, Infant 4/365 F   Illinois Jan   Unknown 4 days
Winters, Susan 62 F W New York Nov Farmer Lung Fever 9 days
Bright, Lewis 44 M M Pennsylvania Jul Farmer Thrown From Horse sudden
Bronson, Elizabeth 39 F M Hanover Jul   Dropsey 14 days
Carson, Mattie E 1 F   Illinois Sep   Dysentery 1 mnth
Cottrell, Inft dhtr of John 2/52 F   Illinois Nov   Unknown 3 days
Demoss, Charles O 8/12 M   Illinois Dec   Quinsy 1 week
Miller, Henry 38 M   Wuetenburg Jul Blacksmith Drowned sudden
Wales, Augustus 25 M   Canada Mar Farm Labor Bleeding at (?) unk infection 2 weeks
BELLE PRAIRIE                
Hunter, Eugene 1 M   Illinois Sep   Unknown 1 week
Phillips, Martha M 1 F   Illinois Jan   Croup Sudden
Townsend, John 25 M   New York Jan Farm Labor Lung Fever 3 weeks
Rogers, Inft dhtr of Strubel 1/12 F   Illinois Aug   Cautrer (?) 1 week
Bohan, Sarah 1 F   Wisconsin Sep   Whooping Cough 6 weeks
Chilcutt, Nina 1 F   Illinois Nov   Unknown 7 days
Conant, John 69 M M Massachusetts Feb Farmer Disease of Heart Sudden
Laweley, Laura 4/365 F   Illinois Apr   Unknown Sudden
Morgan, Harry C 2 M   Illinois Jan   Congestion of Lung 6 days
Neimien, John C 50 M M Hanover May Blacksmith Unknown 9 days
Robbins, Cora E 1/12 F   Illinois May   Lung Fever 2 weeks
Springer, Alexander O 62 M M New York Sep Farmer Accidently Shot 7 days
EPPARDS POINT                
Converse, Elizabeth * 5/12 F   Illinois Mar   Croup 2 days
*Daughter of Charles & Juliana Converse who moved to Miami County, Kansas in abt 1865 and lived out their days there. All their children were born in Livingston County. -- Information provided by GG-Granddaughter Kelsey Kay
Garrett, Ruel L 2 M   Illinois Nov   Unknown 2 weeks
Jones, Leonard 25 M   Kentucky Jul Farmer Inflamation of Bowels 17 days
Minnean, Thomas N 8/12 M   Indiana Mar   Fits 7 days
Balslnein, Infant 1/12 M   Illinois Mar   Lung Fever 2 weeks
Hinman, Julia A 39 F M New York Oct   Billious Fever / Paralysis 4 weeks
Morris, Robert 33 M M Ohio Aug Farmer Liver Complaint 8 days
Letzer, Peter 70 M M Pennsylvania Oct   Billious Fever 2 weeks
INDIAN GROVE                
Atkins, Lucy M 34 F M New York Oct   Consumption 3 mths
Chaplin, Ersoine 1 M   Illinois Apr   Measles 4 days
Donoho, Dimmos 1 M   Illinois Apr   Measles 1 week
Donoho, Infant 3/52 M   Illinois May   Unknown 2 days
McKee, Annette 1 F   Illinois Sep   Dysentery 5 days
Palusen, Richard 65 M W Virginia Mar Retired (?__?) Consumption 2 years
Wickery, Robert B 10/12 M   Illinois Aug   Dysentery 5 days
LONG POINT                
Carlton, Alfred 2/12 M   Illinois Jan   Croup 1 day
Reid, Charles H 1 M   Illinois Apr   Inflamation Brain 4 mths
Van Fleet, Elizabeth A 51 F M South Carolina Dec   Nervous Disease 2 weeks
Patterson, John 3 M   Illinois Dec   Palsy Sudden
Sharp, Elizabeth A 3 F   Illinois Sep   Typhoid Fever 3 days
Reeder, Delilah 37 F   Indiana Mar   Typhoid Fever 17 days
Calder, Maria M 8 F   Ohio Oct   Milk Sickness 21 days
Calder, Rebecca J 6 F   Illinois Oct   Milk Sickness 10 days
Foley, Dennis 65 M M Ireland Jan Farmer Cancer 2 years
Savage, Charlotte 10/12 F   Illinois Aug   Dysentery 9 days
Whalen, Maria 1 F   Illinois Aug   Diarrhea (?Teething?) 2 weeks
Whaley, Caroline 89 F M New York Jun   Unknown 3 years
Iodwell, Clara 37 F M England Feb   Child Birth 7 days
Lyons, Michael 4/12 M   Illinois Aug   Unknown 2 weeks
Wilson, Inft dhtr of William 1/52 F   Illinois Feb   Croup 4 days
Russell, Lemuel 19 M   Ohio Dec Farm Laborer Consumption 1 month
PLEASANT RIDGE                
Boro, Joshua D 50 M M Connecticut Jul Farmer Consumption 4 mths
Walricks, Anna 30 F M Hanover Jan   Unknown 17 days
Babeack, William 1/12 M   Illinois Jun   Bowel Complaint 1 week
Bay, Delia B 2 F   Illinois Jun   Whooping Cough 3 weeks
Bay, George J 1 M   Illinois Jan   Erysipelas 1 week
Bennett, Alma C 33 F M Louisianna Aug   Unknown 1 year
Bennett, Mary J 9/12 F   Illinois Sep   Cholera Infantina 6 days
Chappel, Carrie 11/12 F   Illinois Mar   Consumption 2 weeks
Chappal, Virginia 2 F   Illinois Apr   Inflamation of Lungs 4 weeks
Collins, Alice 3/12 F   Illinois Sep   Dysentery 3 weeks
Crosswell, Charles S 1 M   Illinois Sep   Billious Fever 1 week
Gaff, Mariatta 1 F   Illinois May   Congestion of Lungs 1 day
Herbert, Francis 8/12 M   Illinois Feb   Scarlet Fever 1 week
Herbert, Thomas 3 M   Ohio Feb   Scarlet Fever 1 week
Isgrig, Infant 3/365 F   Illinois Mar   Unknown Sudden
Jones, Almeda 3/12 M   Illinois Nov   Unknown 4 days
Kilgore, John 65 M M Virginia Jun Hotel Keeper Unknown 3 mths
Kilgore, Margaret 52 F W Virginia Jul   Disease of Heart 8 mths
Norton, Metta A 1 F   Illinois Aug   Unknown 5 days
Rishporth, Ruth J 1/12 F   Illinois Mar   Croup 4 days
Robinson, Benjamin L 43 M M New York Sep Farmer Congestive Fever 2 weeks
Robinson, Charlotte 2 F   Illinois Oct   Bowel Complaint 9 days
Sample, Polly 31 F M Indiana Apr   Billious Fever 41 days
Sauyth, Jane 73 F W Scotland Jul   Rheumatism 9 mths
Sheets, John 33 M M Ohio Mar Farmer Consumption 2 years
Sheets, Rhoda M 1 F   Illinois Jun   Consumption 3 mths
Slee, Iranetta 11/12 F   Illinois Jul   Unknown 2 days
Wood, Henri F 2 M   Illinois Jan   Burned Sudden
Wood, Mary E 7/12 F   Illinois May   Inflamation of Lungs 3 weeks
ROOK'S CREEK                
Edgington, Miriata, D 49 M M Ohio Sep Farmer Congestive Fever 14 days
McKinsey, John T 2/12 M   Illinois Feb   Croup 3 days
Riggle, Charles O 3 M   Illinois Jul   Billious Overflow of Gall 4 weeks
Riggle, Rosella 2 F   Illinois Oct   Croup 5 days
Robinson, Malvina 7 F   Illinois Sep   Congestive Fever 1 week
Stollard, Susanna A 3/12 F   Illinois Nov   Ague & Milk Sickness 3 mths
ROUND GROVE                
Johnson, Nancy 60 F M New York Apr   Consumption 7 mths
Cook, Mary A 28 F M New York Feb   Consumption 1 year
Conkey, John M 74 M M Scotland July Retired carpenter Chronic Inflamation Kidneys 8 mths
Harshbuger 25 F M Virginia Jan   Cancer in Stomach 18 mths
Longmier, William 2 M   Illinois Oct   Congestion of Stomach 3 days
Royal, Theodore 3 M   Illinois Dec   Acute Bronchitis 11 days
Smith, Eliza A 2/12 F   Illinois Dec   Unknown 7 weeks
Spafford, Hannah 6/12 F   Illinois Sep   Dysentery 1 week
Brown, Eugene 2/365 M   Illinois Mar   Unknown Sudden
Lauitte, Love 77 F W Vermont Dec   Old Age (not noted)
Longnecker, Jacob 62 M M Maryland Apr Farmer Disease of Heart 3 weeks
Longnecker, John A 8/12 M   Illinois Mar   Lung Fever 3 weeks


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