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Logan County, Illinois
Genealogy and History

1878 Directories


COPPENBARGER, WM. F., farmer and stock raiser, Sec. 13; P.O. Kenney.
ISRAEL, JOHN D., dry goods, groceries, boots and shoes, notions, and general country store, and postmaster; Chesnut.
MENCY & WILEY, custom millers, Aetna Township, Sec. 32.
MICHENER, ISIAH J., groceries, dry goods, boots and shoes, and grain dealer and general country store; agent I. C. R.R. and Am. Ex. Co., Chesnut.
SNYDER BROTHERS, manufacturers and dealers in hardwood lumber; bridge furnishing a speciality.

[Transcribed from Logan County Illinois; Its Past, and Present Donnelly, Loyd & Co. 1878]


ARMINGTON, ARTHUR, grain dealer, Atlanta, Logan Co., Illinois.
BEAN, BENJAMIN, Atlanta, dealer in drugs, medicines, paints, oils, wall paper, window curtains, glass lamps, stationery, school books, perfumery, cutlery, etc.
FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF ATLANTA, John A. Hoblit, president; C. C. Aldrich, vice-present; Frank Hoblit, cashier; Directors, J. A. Hobit, Andrew Turner, C. C. Aldrich, Dennis Kenyon, Frank Hobit, Samuel Bevan, L. M. Hobit.
KIRK, WILLIAM T., M.D., physician and surgeon, Atlanta.
LARISON, ABEL, farmer and stock-raiser, Sec. 31; P.O. Atlanta.
LONGNECKER, JOHN N., Atlanta, wines and liquors, cigars and billiard saloon.
ORMSBY, CHARLES H., postmaster.
SHOALS, GEORGE L., editor and proprietor of the Atlanta Argus.
TURNER, TUTTLE & CO., millers, Atlanta.

[History of Logan Co., Illinois, 1878; transcribed by cddd]


EISIMINGER ABRAM, postmaster of Broadwell and retail dealer in dry goods, groceries and provisions, drugs and patent medicines, notions, post-office in the store, and store opposite depot.
RANKIN EDMUND, farmer, miller and stock-raiser. His mill is run by water-power; grinds all kinds of grain; owns a lime stone quarry.
READ GEORGE W. Sec. 35, dealer in grain and stock, also cattle-raiser.

[Transcribed from Logan County Illinois; Its Past, and Present Donnelly, Loyd & Co. 1878]


BOCK, GEORGE A., stock-raiser and breeder of Poland-China hogs, Sec. 35.
SIMMONS, ALBERT, justice of the peace, Sec. 14.
STEVENS, WILLIAM H., blacksmith, Sec. 16; does all sorts of repairing in iron work of wagons or farm implements. Work solicited.
WARREN, GEO., farmer and breeder of short-horned cattle; also, Poland-China and Berkshire hogs; Sec. 6.
WILLOCKS, ROBERT, farmer and stock raiser, Sec. 4.
WILSON, JOHN, farmer and stock raiser.
WILSON, M. C., farmer and stock raiser.

[Transcribed from Logan County Illinois; Its Past, and Present Donnelly, Loyd & Co. 1878]


BREARLEY & SHREVE, general store, Lawndale.
ESTEN, AURELIAN, general store, Lawndale.

[Transcribed From: Logan County Illinois, Its Past, Present, and Future Donnelly, Loyd & Company, 1878]


ALSBACH, JOHN, physician, Chicago st.
ALTMAN, I., draper and merchant tailor: a full line of clothing, cassimers, and vestings on hand; a good fit guaranteed; prices reasonable.
BADEN & CO., leading fashionable hatters, and dealers in gents' furnishing goods of every description. Keep always on hand a large stock and specialties in fine goods; Kickapoo st.
BARRETT, M. W., grain dealer; business place and elevator, Chicago st. cor. Broadway.
BATES, JOSEPH B., Editor, Logan County Republican, Kickapoo st.
BEACH & HODNETT, attorneys-at-law and solicitors in chancery, Kickapoo cor. Pulaski st.
BEASON & BLINN, lawyers, Kickapoo st.
BERNARD, LOUIS, carriage and wagonmkr. Broadway, cor. McLean st.
BOLLIN, J. & CO., 154 Pulaski.
BOYD, PAISLEY & CO., drygoods, groceries, boots and shoes, Kickapoo st. cor. Broadway.
CANTRELL, IRA J., manufacturer, wholesale and retail dealer in farm and road wagons. Office and factory, 96 and 98 Pulaski st.
COMMERCIAL HOTEL, W. B. Sponsler, prop; A. H. Varney, J. M. Hews, clerks; Chicago st. Every thing new and furnished with all the modern improvements and conveniences.
CRANDAL, ANDREW, contractor and builder; shop next door to Rock's meat market, Pulaski st.
DANA & HAHN, lawyers, Kickapoo st.
DANLEY, J. A., book, stationery and music store; pianos, organs and other musical instruments; school books of every description; 136 Broadway.
DEHNER, JOHN H., wines and liquors, Broadway cor. Sangamon st.
DENGER, ADAM, grocer, 164 Broadway; special inducements for cash, and country produce taken in exchange.
DOWNING, GEO H., justice of the peace, Fifth si. cor. Pine st.
DUFIT & WEBBER, carpenters, builders and contractors, Pekin cor. Chicago st; manufacturers of every thing in the wood line pertaining to their business.
EDGAR & CHOWNING, dealers in agricultural and farming implements, field seeds and fine stock, 127 Pulaski st.
EHRLICH, H. K. Dr., druggist, Sangamon st. THE BEST drugs and medicines always on hand, and prescriptions carefully compounded; manufacturer and proprietor of the German Hog Cholera Specific, the only medicine in the market which cures and prevents hog cholera; price as low as the lowest.
FISK, FRANK, attorney and notary, Kickapoo st.
GILLESPIE, D. & J., dealers in dry goods and groceries; established in 1864; 139 and 141 Pulaski st.
GIVEN, P. F., dentist, Broadway cor. Chicago st. opposite Lincoln House; extracting, filling and plate works receives careful attention.
GUTHRIE, A. S., livery, sale and feed stables, east side court-house on McLean st. In addition, has a fine hearse for funeral occasions.
HARDY, EDWIN, boot and shoe manufacturer, 151 Pulaski st.
HARRY & HOUSER, general dealers in groceries and provisions, new brick block, 174 Broadway.
HAWKINS & PURINTON, house and sign painters; paper hanging and calcimining specialties; all orders promptly attended to; shop cor. Broadway and Kickapoo st. basement.
HOBLIT & FOLEY, attorneys-at-law, Pulaski st.
HOSKINS BAZAAR, dealer in millinery, dry goods, cloaks, suits, notions, hair goods, and all the novelties of the season in great variety, 156 Broadway.
HOUSER, WM. W., M.D., eclectic physician and surgeon, No. 158 Pulaski st.
HUBER, JAMES, meat market, Chicago st.
HUNTING, NEWTON, dentist, Broadway, next door to the P. O.
HURLBURT HENRY, stock dealer, Fourth st.
JARCHOW, LOUIS, manufacturer of and wholesale and retail dealer in cigars, pipes, smoking and chewing tobaccos, 119 Sangamon st.
KENYON, R. A., tannery and glove manufactory, cor. Second and German sts., has continued the business for six years, and is still prepared to furnish all demands for gloves and mittens.
KLATT, FRANK, livery, feed and sale stables, Broadway cor. Logan st. Farmers, travelers, and others will find here every thing in the livery line desired, and at very reasonable prices.
KOEHNLE & SCULLY, real estate, Broadway.
LINCOLN HOUSE, J. W. Hutchinson, prop. cor. Broadway and Chicago st; complete in all of its appointments and comforts.
LADUE & THORN, contractors; plans, specifications and estimates furnished at short notice; office, Latham's block, Kickapoo St.
LINCOLN HERALD, F. B. Mills, editor and proprietor, Broadway.
LINCOLN TIMES, Wallace Nall & Bro. publishers, Kickapoo st.
LOGAN COUNTY REPUBLICAN, Joseph B. Bates, editor and proprietor, Kickapoo st.
LOGAN COUNTY VOLKSBLATT, Wallace Nall & Bro. publishers, Kickapoo st.
LECHLEITER, GEORGE, dealer in groceries and provisions, queensware and glassware, 117 Sangamon st.
LEEDS, L. L., Dr., physician, Pulaski st.
LIVINGSTON & GRIESHEIM, cash clothing house, cor. Kickapoo and Pulaski sts; keep constantly on hand a large and fine stock of clothing, hats, caps and gents' furnishing goods, trunks, valises, etc. Doing a strictly cash business, we are prepared to sell you goods 15 per cent, cheaper than any other house in town. Be sure and call.
LOWE, CLINTON, composition grave tablets, Chicago st. near Elliott Mills.
LOWREY & JOHNSON, machinists and founders, McLean st. Will attend promptly to building and repairing mill, engine and agricultural machinery on shortest notice. Castings of every description furnished to order, including fencing-posts, hitching-posts, lawn chairs, sofas, store fronts, columns, etc. Give us a call.
LYNCH, EDMUND, lawyer, Kickapoo st.
McGALLIARD & MOURER, job printers, 115 Kickapoo st. The only exclusively job printing house in the county. Best of work at reasonable prices.
MILLER & BRO., dyeing and cleaning, establishment, Broadway cor. Sangamon st. under Spitly House. Dyeing, cleaning, repairing, etc. done with neatness and dispatch.
MILLER, SARGENT & ROSS, physicians and surgeons; office over banking house of Wm. M. Dustin.
MILLS, F. B., The Lincoln Herald, commercial job printing, 154 Broadway.
MOHN, HENRY, blacksmith and machinist, Sangamon st. All kinds of tools made to order. Machine repairing a specialty.
MOOS, JOHN, machinist, Fourth st. near Fourth ward school-house. Repairing farming machinery a specialty. Work done promptly and well on all machines.
NALL, WALLACE & BRO., publishers and proprietors of The Lincoln Times and The Logan County Volksblalt; commercial job printing; Kickapoo st.
NOLTE HOUSE, Henry Nolte, prop; Chicago st. Boarding-house and hotel newly furnished complete, and accommodations best in the city.
NORRED, CHARLES H., physician and surgeon; office and residence cor. Logan and Pekin sts. one block north of M. E. Ch. Office hours from 9 to 11 A.M. and 1 to 4 P.M. All professional business entrusted to my care, in city or country, day or night, will receive my prompt and careful attention.
OLIVER, DAVID H., dry goods, Broadway cor. Kickapoo st.
PARKER, G. W., real estate, insurance and loan agent, Broadway cor. Chicago st. opposite Lincoln House. First-class companies represented fire, life and accident.
PAULLIN, ARTHUR, merchant tailor, in Post & Huntington's store, Broadway.
PEASE, F. O., photographic parlors, 136 Broadway, over Danley's Temple of Music. Copying and enlarging pictures a specialty. Satisfaction guaranteed in all cases.
POST & HUNTINGTON, Broadway, the Broadway cash store, dealers in staple and fancy dry goods, carpets, and merchant tailoring. Our goods are of the best quality, and we sell strictly for cash, which enables us to give our customers great advantage over those who buy on time.
RANDOLPH & LENTZ, attorneys and counsellors-at-law, 125 Kickapoo st.
RICHTER, LOUIS C., grist and flour mill, on Mill st. between Fifth and Sixth sts. Dealer in all kinds of grain. Flour constantly on hand of every brand. Wholesale and retail.
ROSS, CHARLES E., grocer, Kickapoo st. keeps first-class goods and solicits first-class trade. Fine teas, sugars, syrups and every thing in the grocery line. The only party in Lincoln who sells the celebrated Carrolton flour. Has a large stock of fine-cut and plug chewing tobaccos of the finest grades.
RUDOLPH, J. T., justice of the peace, Pulaski st.
SCHREIBER, GEORGE C. watch-mkr. and jeweler, dealer in watches, clocks, jewelry, silverware, spectacles, cutlery, pistols, notions, toys, albums, accordeons, violins, pianos, organs, etc. 143 Pulaski st.
SHERMAN, HIRAM, boot and shoe dealer, 131 Kickapoo st
SIMONTON, H., carriage and wagon making and blacksmithing, Pulaski st. south side court-house square, making a specialty of the Simonton Bee-hive, a new invention of his own, and a wonderful success.
SIMS & BRO., confectionery and restaurant (established in 1867), 127 Kickapoo St.
SMALL, A. E., physician and surgeon; office in National Bank building, Broadway. Office hours: 9 to 11 A.M. 2 to 4 P.M.
SMALL, D. W., merchant tailor, 138 Broadway, three doors east of post-office. Cloths, cassimeres, vestings and men's furnishing goods.
SPITLY HOUSE, P. V. Buer, prop. Broadway cor. Sangamon st. Good sample rooms for traveling men. Bath-rooms attached. Reduced rates to guests remaining more than one day.
SPLAIN & SIMONTON, general blacksmithing. Repairing and work of every description done to order and warranted, at their shop on Pulaski st. south side of court-house square.
STRODE & BRANDT, house and sign painters, Broadway. All kinds of graining a specialty.
SWITZER, J., contractor, builder and carpenter, Broadway, north side of courthouse square. Estimates furnished in city or country.

[Transcribed from; Logan County Illinois: Its Past, Present and Future Donnelly, Loyd & Co., 1878]


BELDLER, S. LINN, dealer in drugs and medicines, paints, oils, varnishes, dye stuffs, all popular patent medicines, perfumeries and toilet articles, school books, miscellaneous books, blank books, notions, stationery, etc. Prescriptions compounded with care; pure wines, and liquors for medical purposes. Post-office store.
BIGGS, JOSEPH, saloon.
CAPPS, B. D., teas, coffees, sugars, syrups, canned goods, choice family flour, confectioneries, tobaccos, cigars, notions, etc. at prices that will be found as low as you can buy in Central Illinois. West side public square.
CAPPS, EBENEZER S., proprietor, Capps' Park and City ice-house, established 1860.
CAPPS, JABEZ & SON, Mt. Pulaski nursery.
CASS, FRANK D., physician and surgeon, and dealer in pure drugs and medicines, perfumeries, toilet articles, etc.
CONKLIN, PEARL J., editor and proprietor, Mt. Pulaski Citizen; J. E. Conklin, assistant editor.
CONRAD & SEYFER, dealers in dry goods, clothing, notions, hats and caps, groceries, provisions, earthenware, etc. Mt Pulaski, Ill.
DANNER, A. E., constable and deputy sheriff.
DANNER. E. A., dealer in ready-made clothing, cloths, cassimeres, jeans, hats, caps and gents' furnishing goods generally; makes a specialty of merchant tailoring; suits made in the latest styles, and lit guaranteed.
DEMENT, JOHN H., constable.
DERBY, WILLIAM H., school commissioner for Logan County.
DOTY, DANIEL M., practicing dentistry ten years, four years in Clinton, Dewitt Co. six years in Mt. Pulaski; studied under I. E. Cain, of Dewitt Co. had three students; two of them at present practicing, T. J. Uphaw, Kansas, and S. W. Lakin, Eureka, Ill. and W. S. Lord, at present student.
DUBOCE, M. A., photographic artist; all new styles of pictures taken in the best manner, from card to life size; special instrument for groups and children; stereoscopic views and large views taken to order; Mount Pulaski, Illinois.
GILBERT, JOHN M., livery, sale and feed stables; double and single rigs always on hand; charges reasonable.
GORDON, J. B., livery, sale and feed stables; keeps constantly on hand double and single rigs at reasonable rates; horses bought and sold on commission, and boarded and properly cared for at lowest rates.
HOECKER, JOSEPH, boots and shoes, west side public square, Mt. Pulaski.
JONES, A. G., attorney-at-law, notary public and collecting agent, Washington st.
KRIEG & CO., merchant tailors, dealers in dry goods, clothing, furnishing goods, etc. agents for the Singer sewing machines.
LAYCOCK, S. A., saloon and billiard hall; good billiard and pool tables; choice wines, liquors, beer, ale, tobaccos and cigars; west side of public square; in charge of George Connolley.
LIPP, JOHN, bakery, saloon and restaurant; fresh bread, cakes, etc. constantly on hand; choice cakes made for parties to order; also fancy groceries, choice tobaccos and cigars, wines, liquors, beer, ale, etc. Washington street.
MEISTER & LANG, Mt. Pulaski saloon and billiard hall, cor. Cook and Washington sus; the choicest wines, liquors and cigars always on hand.
MT. PULASKI NURSERY, Jabez Capps & Son. This nursery has been established 40 years, and has a first-class reputation for furnishing the best of stock true to name; the assortment of varieties is as good as that of any nursery in the state. Catalogues free on application.
NICHOLSON, F. V., city marshal.
PHINNEY, M. P., M.D., resident physician and surgeon, office northwest corner of public square.
PUMPELLY, J. N., M.D. physician and surgeon.
PUMPELLY & GEORGE, dealers in pure drugs and medicines, paints, oils, varnishes, patent medicines, perfumeries, toilet articles, notions, etc; prescriptions carefully compounded; pure wines and liquors for medical and sacramental purposes; east side public square.
ROTH, JOHN, meat market; the best fresh meats constantly on hand, sold at the lowest living prices; I pay the highest cash price for hides, pelts, tallow, and first-class stock; west side of public square.
SAMSON, L., dealer in clothing, hats and caps, furnishing goods,trunks,valises,etc.etc.
SAWYER, GEO. S. & CO., dealers in dry goods, groceries, boots and shoes, hats and caps, etc. Mt. Pulaski, Ills.
SCHAFER, W. A., blacksmith, and proprietor of the Union Plow Works, manufacturer of all kinds of agricultural implements, also special attention paid to repairing; Mt. Pulaski, Illinois.
SCROGGIN & SAWYER, (Leonard K. Scroggin, Walter P. Sawyer), bankers; a general banking business; collections receive prompt attention; Mt. Pulaski, Ill.
SHRIVER, HENRY, (better known as Dad Shriver), auctioneer; always on hand, and satisfaction given; give me a call.
THE CHALLENGE MILLS, Thos. Billington &Bro., proprietors; custom grinding a specialty; dealers in flour, meal and feed; near Gillman depot.
VANHISE & EWING, wholesale and retail dealers in lumber, lath, shingles and all kinds of building materials.
WEMPLE, M., police magistrate; collections receive prompt attention; legal papers, such as deeds, bonds, mortgages, etc. drawn or acknowledged according to law.
YAGER, JACOB, justice of the peace; legal documents of all kinds carefully and promptly drawn and executed; collections made, etc. etc.

[Transcribed From: Logan County Illinois, Its Past, Present, and Future Donnelly, Loyd & Company, 1878]


CURRY, JAMES C., breeder of thoroughbred Berkshire hogs, Sec. 21; P.O. Beason.
DONSON, JOHN H., Sec, 5, Oran; manufacturer of drain tile from 2 ½ to 8 inch; receivers, elbows, and all connections; has been in the drain-tile business for seventeen years; he will enlarge his establishment as business increases; will always be prepared to supply the demand.
EATON, HENRY S., farmer, fruit-grower, stock-raiser, and steam saw-mill, Sec. 4, Oran; P.O. Atlanta.
ESTES, WILLIAM H., stock-raiser and breeder, Sec. 14, Oran; P.O. Beason.
GAMBREL, JAMES H., breeder and raiser of fine Poland-China and Berkshire swine and Norman horses; Sec. 16, Oran; P.O. Atlanta.
GAMBREL, THOMPSON, stock raiser and breeder; takes special care in Poland-China swine, Sec. 16, Oran; P.O. Atlanta.
GELSTHORP, JOHN T., grain dealer, Beason.
ORAN MILLS, B. H. Pendleton, proproprietor, Beason; general custom work promptly attended to; flour and corn-meal always on hand.

[Transcribed from Logan County Illinois; Its Past, and Present Donnelly, Loyd & Co. 1878]


ALBERTS, P. J. & CO., (P. J. Alberts and John Wm. Bredendick) general dealers in dry goods, groceries, hardware, boots and shoes, farm implements, and also dealers in grain, Emden.
AUKES, EHME E., physician and surgeon, Emden, Ill.
LONG, JAMES M., deals in grain, coal and agricultural implements, Hartsburg, Ill.
OHMART, GEORGE W., general buggy and wagon maker, Emden, Ill.
WIEBURG, HENRY, dealer in grain, agricultural implements, coal, etc., Emden, Ill.

[Transcribed from Logan County Illinois; Its Past, and Present Donnelly, Loyd & Co. 1878]


CHESNUT & THOMAS, bankers, San Jose, Illinois. Do a General Banking and Exchange Business. Collections promptly attended to, and returns made on day of payment.
STEVENS & BARKER, Commission Merchants. Proprietors of Mill Feed Elevator; 89 Maxwell Street. Branch Grain Elevator, San Jose, Mason Co. Illinois.
JOHN PARMINTER, Corn Seller. Orders for work solicited in all parts of the county, and satisfaction guaranteed.

[Transcribed from Logan County Illinois; Its Past, and Present Donnelly, Loyd & Co. 1878]


BURTON & YAEGER, general dealers in dry goods, notions, groceries, boots, shoes, crockery, glassware, &c., &c., New Holland.
FRAKES T. A. wagon-maker, New Holland, patentee and owner of Frakes' patent tire tightener. Orders solicited for county and state rights.
LOGAN HOUSE, Samuel Sadler, proprietor, New Holland. Good sample rooms for commercial travelers.
O'SHEA, WILLIAM, dealer in hardware and tin ware. Farm implements a specialty. Your orders are solicited. New Holland.
RANDOLPH & CO., dealers in dry goods, groceries, queensware, glassware, boots, shoes, hats, caps, &c, &c. Highest price paid for country produce.
SCHROEDER. LEWIS J., dealer in dry goods and groceries, hardware, and drugs, Burton View, Logan Co. Illinois.
TOWBERMAN, WILLIAM, grain and sells agricultural implements, New Holland, Illinois.
WINDLE, GEORGE, Sec. 30; P.O. New Holland; thorough-bred Berkshire hogs and short-horn Durham cattle.
WINDLE, THOMAS, Sec. 34; P.O. Lincoln; thorough-bred short-horn cattle and fine-bred Cotswold sheep.

[Transcribed from Logan County Illinois; Its Past, and Present Donnelly, Loyd & Co. 1878]


ADAMS & HODGDEN, farmers, stock-raisers and milk-dealers, Sec. 24; they are the only milk establishment in this township, supplying Lincoln City with milk; rent 560 acres of land and are also extensive cattle-raisers; Sec. 24; West Lincoln Township.

[Transcribed From: Logan County Illinois, Its Past, Present, and Future Donnelly, Loyd & Company, 1878]

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