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Logan County, Illinois
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1911-12 Heirship Records

Estate of Deceased Court Term Death Date Survivors
Aeckerle, Charles Oct. 1911 Sep. 18, 1911 Mary C. Aeckerle, his widow; and Carl Aeckerle, a brother of Stuttgart, Germany; Christina Eckert, a sister of Stuttgart, Germany; Paulina Wieland, a sister of Stuttgart, Germany; Gottlieb Aeckerle, his father, Korb, Germany; Frederika Harman, a sister, of White City, Kansas; and Anna Aeckerle, a sister, of Korb, Germany.
Burrows, Charles H. Nov. 1911 Mar. 28, 1875 Mary C. Burrows, his widow; and the following named children as his only heirs at law, to wit: Oscar G. Burrows, Albert C. Burrows, Ida Chism, nee Burrows, Genevra J. Miller, nee Burrows, Carrie A. Turner, nee Burrows, May J. Barrass, nee Burrows, and Maud Thompson, nee Burrows.
Childs, Sarah Feb. 1911 Nov. 10, 1910 No husband; no children, nor child, nor decendant or decendants of a child or children. But left the following names persons as her only heirs at law and next of kin, with their present post office address as far as known. Mahala Hendrickson, sister, Fancy Prairie, Illinois. Mary Jane Aery, sister, Lincoln, Illinois. Marion Loman, half brother, ____ Missouri. Jennie Sturgeon, niece, Lincoln, Illinois. Hulda King, niece, unknown. Surviving childrenof Julia King, a deceased sister of Sarah Childs, deceased: James A. Elder, nephew, Rome, Idaho, FRD. Sarah Ann Goosic, niece, Hardy, Nebraska, FRD. Jeanette Elder, niece, Tyler, Texas. Rossetta Cunningham, niece, Beaver City, Neb., RFD. Mallie Simmons, niece, Mora, Minn. RD. Maude Foss, niece, Beaver City, Neb. RD. Charles W. Elder, nephew, Burlington, Colo. May Hoppes, niece, Indianola, Neb. Frank Elder, nephew, Rome, Idado RFD. David B. Elder, nephew, Beaver City, Neb. Guy G. Elder, nephew, Stanford, Neb. RFD. Elizabeth Cox, niece, Stanford, Neb. FRD. Rhoda Cook, niece, Stanford, Neb. Surviving children and only heirs at law of George W. Elder, deceased, a deceased brother of the late Sarah Childs, deceased.
Dalzell, Andrew C. Mar. Probate 1912 Dec. 26, 1904 Mary E. Dalzell, his widow; and Morgan W. Dalzell, his only child and heir at law; and no descendant of any deceased child or children.
Davidson, Thomas J. Dec. 1911 Dec. 08, 1911 No widow, nor child or children or decendant or decendants of a deceased child or children, the said Thomas J. Davidson never having married, but left the following named persons as his only heirs at law:
1. George W. Davidson, brother, adult, Valley Center, Kansas. 2. John A. Davidson, brother, adult, Valley Center, Kansas. 3. Edward D. Davidson, brother, adult, Eminence Twp., Logan County, Ill. 4. Anna B. Ashley, sister, adult, _____, Michigan. 5. Henry C. Davidson, nephew, adult, Lincoln, Illinois. Anna Pasler, niece, adult, Decatur, Illinois. Robert R. Davidson, nephew, adult, Valley Center, Kansas. William H. Davidson, nephew, minor, Valley Centery, Kansas. George W. Davidson, nephew, minor, Valley Center, Kansas. All of the above named nephews and niece being the only surviving children of the late Robert B. Davidson, a deceased brother of said Thomas J. Davidson, who departed this life prior to the date of the decease of the said Thomas J. Davidson, deceased.
Estes, Charles H. Dec. 1911 Oct. 21, 1911 Jennie M. Estes, his widow; and Floe I. Estes, a daughter, and Lyle D. Estes, a son, his children and only heirs at law.
Ford, Richard Mar. 1912 Feb. 04, 1912 Mary Ford of Logan County, Ills.; Robert Ford, a brother, whose place of residence is unknown. Bartholomew Hallinan, a nephew, of Springfield, Illinois. Nicholas Ford, a brother, whose place of residence is unknown. That affiant does not know of any other persons who are his heirs at law, that deceased came from Ireland and affiant does not know, any other of his relatives and is unable to find the names of any other or where they live. That Richard Ford, died leaving no child, children or descendants of any child or children. The only child ever born to deceased died infancy, and alsoleft Mary Myott, a devisee in his will who is in relation to deceased.
Long, Maxwell Feb. 1911 Feb. 01, 1911 Ruth Long, his widow; Harry Long and Kenneth Long, his sons and only heirs and next of kin, Harry Long, being eleven years and Kenneth Long being seven years on the 13th day of March, A.D. 1911.
Moore, Peter Sep. 1911 Jul. 29, 1911 Sarah J. Moore, his widow; and Etta Utech, Edward moore and Elmer Moore, his only children, and only heirs at law.
Petitt, Henry Jun. Probate 1911 Aug. 06, 1911 Mary J. Petitt, his widow; and Charles T. Petitt, son, aged 30 years his only child and heiir at law.
Richmond, James T. Oct. 1911 Sep. 19, 1911 Hallie Richmond, his widow; Paul V. Richmond, his only child and only heir at law.

[Heirship Record, County Court, Logan County, Illinois; by cddd]

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