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Logan County, Illinois
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Mt. Pulaski Early Churches

The Baptists are taking steps to form an organization, which will increase the number by one.

Methodist Episcopal

The oldest church in town is the Methodist Episcopal. It was organized in Dr. John Clark's house, about the year 1841 or '42, with but few members. This was the first religious service in town. The first preacher of this denomination here was probably Rev. Moses Clampet. He was shortly after followed by Rev. Hardin Wallace, who conducted one of the largest revivals ever known to this region in pioneer days. People came from all directions to attend the meetings, and over-fifty were converted and joined the Methodist Church. A class had been formed at Henry Dement's, where meetings were held. The class at Mr. Dement's became the nucleus around which the present Hurricane Point Church was gathered. Among the earliest ministers in this denomination was the noted and eccentric Peter Cartwright, so well-known to the early residents of Central Illinois. He was then living on his farm near Springfield, and was presiding elder of this conference.

The church in town continued to meet at Dr. Clark's house until 1844, when, the school-house being completed, they occupied that until 1850, when they finished their present house of worship. The congregation now numbers about forty members, and has a Sunday-school of over sixty scholars. The present pastor is Rev. C. E. McClintock.

First German Evangelical Lutheran Church

The First German Evangelical Lutheran Church is the second oldest congregation in town. It was organized about 1850 or '51, and in 1852 erected a small brick church, the work being generally performed by the members themselves. By the year 1856, when their present record begins, there were thirty-six members. Their first minister was probably Rev. P. S. Steiger, or Rev. C. E. Bogy. In 1865 they sold their church edifice to the Catholics, it having become too small for their growing congregation, and began the erection of their present house of worship. The corner stone was laid September 29th of that year, and the following February 11th, the bell was dedicated-the building being so far completed that it could be occupied. On May 13th the house was dedicated. The congregation now numbers over fifty members, and sustains a Sunday-school of nearly seventy scholars.

Second German Evangelical Lutheran Church

The Second German Evangelical Lutheran Church was organized in the fall of 1868, with sixteen members. The pastor was Rev. Wm. A. Deineinger, who remained about two and a half years. The organization was effected in the Universalist Church, where they continued to meet until 1873, when their present house of worship was completed. It cost about $3,300. Their second pastor was Rev. G. Pracht, who remained nearly two years, and was succeeded by Rev. O. F. Ebert, who filled the pulpit two years, when the present pastor, Rev. R. C. Starck, was called. The membership is now thirty-five, with a Sunday-school of more than double that number. The church of the German Evangelical Association was organized in the spring of 1857, in the Universalist Church, by Rev. H. Schelp. The constituent membership numbered about thirty, which number has since nearly doubled. They occupied the Universalist Church, until 1861, when they finished their own house of worship, which they now use. Their first pastor was the Rev. A. Strohmeier. The present one is Rev. G. Fuchs.

Catholic Church

The Catholic Church was organized about eleven years ago in a private house. In 1865, they purchased the First German Church, which they yet occupy. The membership is yet small, and the church is attended by the priest from Lincoln.

Christian Church

The Christian Church was organized in the spring of 1868, with thirty members. They had just completed a frame church, which they yet use. Rev. D. D. Miller, of Bloomington, presided at the organization services, and occasionally preached for the congregation. Rev. A. M. Hutchinson was the first pastor, remaining nearly two years. Under Dr. Allen a very successful revival was held, during Mr. Hutchinson's pastorate. An addition of some thirty members was made then. The second pastor was Rev. L. M. Robinson. He was succeeded by Elders J. E. Cain and E. L. Craig. The present pastor is Rev. E. C. Weakley. The membership is about forty, and the attendance at Sunday-school over fifty.

Universalist Church

The Universalist Church was organized by the present minister several years ago. The congregation very liberally gave the use of its house of worship to other denominations when constituted, until they could erect churches of their own. The present membership is not large, and services are held monthly Jay the pastor, Rev. D. P. Dunn.

[History of Logan County, Illinois, 1878; by cddd]

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