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Logan County, Illinois
Gossip and Visiting News

[The Mt. Pulaksi Times,Thursday, January 21, 1932]

  • Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Kretzinger were Sunday visitors in Lincoln.
  • Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Whiteside of Midland visited the latter's parents Mr. and Mrs.Clark Fletcher on Sunday.
  • Stanley and Donald Harless of Decatur visited their aunts Mrs. Clara Laughery andMrs. J. M. O'Brien on Friday.
  • Mrs. Alfred Wilson and Mrs. Roy Barber were shopping in Lincoln Thursday morning.
  • Mr. and Mrs. W. G. Smith and daughters Rosalie and Joan were visitors Sunday withMr. and Mrs. W. W. Sullivan in Beason.
  • Mr. and Mrs. Bertel Carlson and daughter Dorthy Mae of Mt. Pulaski visited Saturdaynight with Mrs. Aden Zeigler in Chestnut.

    [The Mt. Pulaksi Times, Thursday, January 21, 1932]

  • Virgil Merreighn of Lincoln spent a few days last week with Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Rickords.
  • Helen Brooker spent the week end in Mt. Pulaski with friends.
  • Mrs. John Kerschner spent Sunday with Mrs. Wm. Kipp.
  • Mr. and Mrs. Uriah Tendick were guest of Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Rickords on Sunday.
  • Mr. Sam Hinds returned home Saturday from Springfield where he spent several dayson business.
  • Miss Mildred Tendick who teaches at Lynn Grove spent the week end with her parentsMr. and Mrs. John Tendick.
  • Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Wilham were Lincoln callers on Friday.
  • Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Rickords called on Mr. and Mrs. Oswald Brooker Sunday evening.

    Mt. Pulaski Weekly News, January 08, 1932:

  • Mrs. Frank Smith was a visitor in Decatur Saturday.
  • Miss doris Fuitsa was a visitor in Springfield Monday.
  • Otis D. Medford made a business trip to Springfield Saturday.
  • Art Miller employed at the Illinois Cenetral station, was a visitor in Chicago NewYear's Day.
  • Mike Kautz returned home Sunday morning from a land business trip to Cleveland, Mississippi.
  • Jacob Danner, Jr., of Decatur, visited in the city Sunday with his parents, Mr. andMrs. Jacob Danner, Sr.
  • Mrs. Mary E. Lucas was a guest at the home of Rev. and Mrs. Wm. N. King on New Year'seve at a six o'clock dinner.
  • Mrs. Fred J. Roth spent Saturday at the Methodist hospital in Peoria with her sister,Mrs. Ted Duff, of Lincoln vicinity.
  • Mr. and Mrs. Russell Miles, of Chicago, visited in the city during the part of theholidays with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. John Vetter.
  • Mr. and Mrs. Herman Hahn, Jr., of Lawndale, motored to Mt. Pulaski Sunday and visitedhis parents, Mr. and Mrs. Herman Hahn, Sr.
  • Mrs. Art Miller, daughter of Marion and son Richard, visited in Decatur Saturdaywith her husband's parents., Mr and Mrs. William Miller.
  • Mr. and Mrs. Frank Guntern went to Decatur Saturday morning and visited a few dayswith their daughter, Mrs. Elmer Waddell, and family.
  • Miss Marie Doran returned Monday morning to Springfield after a visit since New Year'sday with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Doran.
  • Miss Helen Turley returned to her home in Springfield New Year's day morning aftera holiday visit with her grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Herman Hahn.
  • Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Woodrum on New Year's day motored to Veedersburg, Indiana, takinghome his mother. Mrs. Bert Woodrum, who had been visiting here a couple of days.
  • Miss Reva Volle left Sunday for New Athens, in southern Illinois, to resume her teachingduties in the High School after a holiday visit east of the city with her mother, Mrs. Celia Volle.
  • Louis Weckel returned to Chicago Sunday, where he has a teaching position after aholiday vacation visit several miles southeast of the city with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. George Weckel.
  • Miss Lorena Vetter, who spent the holiday vacation here with her parents, Mr. andMrs. John Vetter, left Sunday night for Wausau, Wisconsin, to resume her teaching duties in the Vocational HighSchool.
  • Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd E. Lamkins, of Champaing, who were New Year's day guest of Mr.and Mrs. C. R. Gilchrist in Lincoln, visited in Mt. Pulaski Saturday and Sunday with her mother, Mrs. Hester A.Evans.
  • Mrs. Samuel C. Dawson went to Lincoln Monday morning to make a short visit with hersister, Mrs. Eugene Sheer, being the first motor bus passenger, as the new bus serice commenced operation thatmorning.
  • In Decatur on New Year's day Mrs. James W. Acton celebrated her 83d birthday anniversary,giving family dinner. Those attending from Mt. Pulaski were Mr. and Mrs. Richard T. Harper. Mrs. Acton and Mr.Harper are sister and brother.
  • Miss Lola Perkins left Saturday for her home in Indianapolis, Indiana, followinga holiday visit with her brother-in-law, Willis W. Snyder, and sons Joe and Walter. Miss Perkins is an instructorin the Indianapolis Manual Training High School.
  • Mr. and Mrs. Herman Han and daugher Miss Lola visited in Springfield New Year's daywith their daughter, Mrs. William Hodson, and husband, who gave a New Year's dinner. Other present were Mrs. JessieTurley and daughter, Miss Helen, who reside in Springfield.
  • Mrs. Samuel Lynn Belder, and daughter Mary Lynn returned Sunday to their home inChicago following a holiday visit with her husband's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Rell C. Beidler, and in Lincoln withher sister, Mrs. Stanley Bowen. Mr. Beidler went back to Chicago the day before New Year's day.
  • Mr and Mrs. Fred W. Meister and daughter, Mary Frances, departed the first of lastweek on an automobile trip to Los Angles, California, to remain until the first part of May. and where Mary Franceswill continue her school studies. They were accompanied on the trip to the Pacific coast by a young man from Decatur.
  • Mrs. Rena Drobisch, daughter Miss Kathleen, and sons Mitchell and Edison, motoredto Mt. Pulaski and visited from New Year's day to Sunday with the former's sister, Mrs. John M. Rothwell, and family,and also Mrs. Flora Mitchell. They left for their Chicago home Sunday.
  • Miss Annetta Rigdon of Lincoln visited in the city from Saturday to Monday with Mr.and Mrs. Richard T. Harper.
  • William Conaway of Waynesville, came to Mt. Pulaski Saturday for a visit of severaldays with his sister, Mrs. Frank Tribbett.
  • Miss Lucille Lamar, of Indianapolis, Indiana, visited southwest of the city duringthe holidays with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Elvis Lamar.
  • Mr. and Mrs. Preson Benbow and little son Jimmie, of Chicago, visited in the cityduring the holidays with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Robert I. Lee.
  • Mr. and Mrs. Dan Ingram left Monday evening for their home in Lockport, Illinois,after a visit since New Year's day with her brother, Jesse H. Stuart, and family.
  • Miss Dwyer, of Springfield, visited during the holidays several miles west of thecity with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. James Dwyer. Miss Dwyer is a graduate nurse.
  • Miss Maurine Humphreys of Milwaukee, Wisconsin visited during the holidays with herparents, Mr. and Mrs. D. C. Humphreys, who live in the French's Chapel neighborhood northwest of the city.
  • Mrs. Adam Walker and daughter Miss Louise, and Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Walker and babydaughter, of Lincoln, motored to Mt. Pulaski Sunday and visited relatives, Mr. and Mrs. Richard T. Harper.
  • Dr. and Mrs. Emmett Baker of Weeksbury, Kentucky, were visitors in the city duringthe holiday time with his uncle, Jesse H. Stuart, and family. They had come to Decatur to visit Dr. Baker's mother,Mrs. E. Baker.
  • Mrs. Margaret Smith and son, Richard, and Leslie Smith of Chicago suburb, motoredto Mt. Pulaski and visited during the last holidays with reatives, Mr. and Mrs. Tomlinson and daughter Mrs. WillSmith.
  • Mrs. Henry Heilman and daughter, Miss Sarah Rotramel, residing several miles eastof Mt. Pulaski, over in Austin Township, Macon county, were dinner guests last Saturday of Mrs. Mary E. Lucas ather home on North Spring Street.
  • All members of the Central Rebekah Lodge No 313 having birthdays in the month ofJanuary are urged to attend the next regular lodge meeting to be held on Friday evening. January 14th, as a goodtime is being planned in their honor.
  • Mrs. Wallace Cowan, living about five miles south of Mt. Pulaski, has returned toher home following a stay of several weeks west of the city with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. John Kerschner.
  • William C. Purviance was host at a goose dinner served Sunday noon, January 3d, atthe R. Bertoni restaurant. His guests were Mr. and Mrs. Webster Purviance, of Decatur, Mr. and Mrs. C. R. Gilchrist,of Lincoln, Mr. and Mrs. Claude W. Upp, Mr. and Mrs. Albert Shellhammer and son Emmitt.
  • Mrs. Elizabeth Bekemeyer was a visitor in Springfield Thursday.
  • Mrs. Paul E. Beidler visited in Springfield last Thursday and New Year's day withher daughter, Mrs. W. E. Fry.
  • Mrs. Edward McBride, of Hopedale, made a holiday visit in the city last week withher son, Howard McBride, and family.
  • Mrs. Fred Franz and Mrs. Shelby Small, of Lincoln, motored to Mt. Pulaski Thursdayafternoon and called on Mrs. Arthur Woodrum
  • The World War Mother's Club will hold a Food Exchange on Saturday afternoon, January16, at the J. C. Swinney grocery store at northwest corner of square.
  • See me for furnace cleaning, for wood chopping, and any time you will want snow scoopingdone. Live at corner of Jefferson and Garden streets---Robert Allen, Mt. Pulaski, Illinois. -- adv.
  • Willard Kratzer motored to Troy, Indiana, and visited during part of the holidayswith relatives. He was accompanied on the trip by Mike Schlachter, who visited kinsfolk at Ferdinand, Indiana.
  • The World War Mother's Club met in regular monthly session Wednesday afternoon, Jan.6th, at the home of Mrs. J. C. Swinney on South Washington Street. The next meeting will be held Wednesday afternoon,February 3d, at the home of Mrs. Henry J Kautz, Sr., on South Garden street.
  • Mr. and Mrs. Dan J. Fuhrer motored to Springfield and visited Mr. and Mrs. FloydWebster on New Year's eve and New Year's day. Mr. Webster and wife were guests Sunday at the Fuhrer home in thiscity. Mr. Webster will be remembered as a former manager of the local A. & P. Store.
  • Sammy Bertoni, who attended the Notre Dame University, South Bend, Indiana, the firsthalf of the school year, and who came home to spend the holidays with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. R. Bertoni, didnot return to Notre Dame, but the first of this week began his studies at Lincoln College. He will be at home hereeach night, as several other young people are doing, making the trip in autos to and from Lincoln on route 121.
  • On Thursday night, December 31st, or New Year's eve, Mr. and Mrs. Louis F. Meyersentertained a group of friends with a 7o'clock dinner, followed by three tables of Contract Bridge. High Honorswent to Mr and Mrs. E. B. Rothwell, a silver crumb tray, other honors went to C. S. (Lucas Chop Suey service),and Harry P. Martin (a half crate of oranges sent from Florida to the host and hostess). A house guest at the Meyershome was Josie Culbertson.

    Mr. and Mrs. G. H. Neiman, of Los Angeles, Cal., who have been in Decatur on a visit,were guests part of last week of relatives, Mr. and Mrs. August S. Combs, on Chestnut street. Mrs. Neiman cameto Decatur in October to visit her sister, Mrs. William B. Connolly, formerly Cecile Ducker, of Mt. Pulaski), whopassed away on December 4th at her home in Decatur. Mrs. Neiman was formerly Miss Sally Ducker, of Mt. Pulaski,and in this city he was married to Clarence Newlin. They moved to Los Angeles several years ago. Mr. Newlin passsedaway in ____ years. She is now married to Mr. Neiman. They expected to depart this week from Decatur for theirLos Angeles home.[Mt. Pulaski Weekly News, January 08, 1932]

     Mt. Pulaski Times, Thursday-January 14, 1932
  • Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Allen of Lincoln and Mr. and Mrs. John Wilham, Sr. of near Mt.Pulaski visited Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Wilham and family on Sunday.
  • The Buckles community meeting was held at the school house on Friday evening. Theprogram was arranged by Mrs. Theo. Aderman, Mrs. Welby Moore, and Mr. Chas. Schahl. the next program is in chargeof Mr. Oswald Brooker, Miss Gretchen Stennettt and Mrs. Oscar Rickords.
  • Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Litterly, Jr., and family spent Sunday with Mrs. Litterly's parentsMr. and Mrs. Elmer Ridgeway near Lake Fork.
  • Michael Tierney and Earl Gene Potter wrote on the mid-term examination held at Mt.Pulaski Saturday.
  • Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Rickords spent Sunday with relatives in Springfield.
  • Mr. and Mrs. Robt. Rothwell and son Bobby called on relatives at Illiopolis, Saturday.
  • John Tendick was a business caller in Lincoln Tuesday.
  • Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur Glick spent Sunday with the latter's parents Mr. and Mrs. JohnBaron of Mt. Pulaski

    CHESTNUT - January 21, 1932