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Logan County, Illinois
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Newspaper Histories

Atlanta, the Press

The first paper in Atlanta has already been noted, viz., the Logan County Forum. It was published only a few years, and the enterprise abandoned by the proprietor. Afterward one or two other papers were started, but none continued successfully save the Atlanta Argus. It was established in May, 1869, by Albion Smith, who at first printed it in Bloomington. In 1870, F. B. Mills, present proprietor of the Lincoln Herald, became a partner, and under this management the paper was conducted until the spring of 1873, when they purchased the Lincoln Herald and removed to Lincoln, leaving the Argus to be managed by A. W. Briggs. In July he purchased the paper, and conducted it until August, 1874, when he sold to the present editor and proprietor, Mr. George L. Shoals, who is making a paper of the Argus equal to any in Logan County. He also publishes the Minier News, established in 1875, at Minier, Tazewell County. He has just established the Logan County Bee, at Lincoln, an excellent eight-page paper, whose especial feature is a correspondence each week from every township in the county.

[History of Logan County, Illinois, 1878; transcribed by cddd]


In addition to these papers enumerated, the Intelligencer was established in June, 1866, by Henry Sturges. In 1869, the paper was discontinued, and the office removed to Winchester, Scott County, where it was published by D. L. Ambrose, for some time a resident of Mt. Pulaski.

[History of Logan County, Illinois, 1878; transcribed by cddd]

Lincoln Herald

The oldest paper in the city is the Lincoln Herald. It has had a continuous existence since its establishment in 1855. It was founded by Moudy & Fuller, who, in 1856, sold to Joseph Reed. He conducted it one year and sold to a joint stock company of twelve persons. These employed O. C. Dake to edit the paper, and under his management it was conducted until 1860, when A. B. McKenzie purchased a controlling interest in the paper. He at once associated with himself Henry Sturges, who remained until Oct., 1861, when he went to the army. Mr. McKenzie continued the paper until 1863, when he sold to J. C. Webster, former circuit clerk, and the first mayor of Lincoln. In January, 1866, he sold to Andrew McGalliard, now owner of the only exclusively job printing house in the county. Mr. McGalliard kept the Herald until January 1, 1873,- seven years, when being elected circuit clerk, he sold to Smith & Mills. This firm continued the publication of the Herald until 1877, when Mr. Smith retired, leaving Mr. Mills sole owner. It represents the interests of the Republican party, and is an ably conducted paper.

This paper absorbed the Logan County Democrat, established almost as early as the Herald, by a stock company, who managed it until about 1864, when it was sold to Samuel Johnson, who changed the name to the Logan County Courier, and as such was purchased by Mr. J. C. Webster when owning the Herald, and by whom it was merged into the latter-paper. In 1867, the Statesman was established by Thomas J. Sharp, who conducted it several years. In May, 1873, the Journal was founded by Wallace Nail, who in December sold to R. B. Forrest. About the same time Samuel Reed purchased the Statesman, and he and Mr. Forrest formed a partnership, uniting the papers, thereby forming the present Lincoln Times. In December, 1875, Wallace Nail and brother purchased the entire interest and have since managed the paper. In addition to the Times they run a German paper, the Logan County Volksblatt. This paper was founded by these gentlemen in June, 1877. About the same time E. F. L. Rautenberg, established the Journal, a German paper, which in October, was purchased by the proprietors of the Times. By them it was merged into the Volksblatt.

[History of Logan County, Illinois, 1878; transcribed by cddd]

Logan County Bee

The Logan County Bee has just been established by Mr. George L. Shoals, editor of the Atlanta Argus. Its special feature is a weekly correspondence from every township in the county.

[History of Logan County, Illinois, 1878; transcribed by cddd]

Mount Pulaski Newspapers

The Sentinel, Mount Pulaski, Illinois

In July, 1870, the first paper in town, the Sentinel, was started by Francis M. Daulton, who was, not long after, succeeded by John Bush. In August, 1871, the paper was changed to the Observer, and as such was conducted by Frank Sloan until July, 1873, when it was changed to the Dollar Star, and published by Joel Dunbar, who soon afterward changed the name to the Mount Pulaski Star, and continued it until October, 1876, when it was sold out.

- - - - - - - - - -

Mount Pulaski Citizen, Mount Pulaski, Illinois

Shortly afterward, the Mount Pulaski Citizen was started by the Conklin brothers, who are yet publishing it. It is an excellent local paper, is well patronized, and is considered one of the permanent institutions of Mt. Pulaski.

[History of Logan County, Illinois, 1878; by cddd]

Sharp's Weekly Statesman

In February, 1874, Sharp's Weekly Statesman was founded by Thomas J. Sharp. He managed it until November, 1875, when he associated with himself Col. W. D. Wyatt. They started the Daily Statesman in connection with it. In April, 1876, Mrs. Anna Wyatt became owner, the name changed to Daily News, and Col. Wyatt remained as editor until August when the office was leased to Samuel Reed, who conducted it till March 17, 1877, when it was purchased by Joseph B. Bates, who changed the name to the Republican, and is yet managing it. The paper is entirely published in the office here.

[History of Logan County, Illinois, 1878; transcribed by cddd]

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