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Logan County, Illinois
Genealogy and History


Name Latitude Longitude
Abe Lincoln School 400925N 0892053W
Adams Elementary School 400945N 0892133W
Altic School (historical) 401203N 0892312W
American Hill School (historical) 395859N 0893044W
Atlanta Elementary School 401551N 0891407W
Bethel School (historical) 401738N 0892330W
Birks School (historical) 395516N 0891623W
Bloomingdale School (historical) 401412N 0892106W
Briggs School (historical) 400602N 0892738W
Buchanan School (historical) 400201N 0891842W
Buckeye School (historical) 401228N 0892026W
Buckles School (historical) 400016N 0892046W
Central Elementary School 400900N 0892216W
Chester-East Lincoln Elementary School 400814N 0892047W
Corwin School (historical) 400558N 0892631W
Cream Ridge School (historical) 401731N 0893425W
Doolittle School (historical) 400621N 0891926W
Duff School (historical) 400900N 0891915W
Elder Grove School (historical) 401545N 0893039W
Elkhart Elementary School 400104N 0892855W
Emden Elementary School 401747N 0892908W
Fair School (historical) 400744N 0891945W
Fairfield School (historical) 401406N 0892812W
Fairview School (historical) 401737N 0892557W
French's Chapel School (historical) 400243N 0892057W
Glenwild School (historical) 401213N 0892750W
Glenwood School (historical) 400836N 0892830W
Hartsburg-Emden Junior-Senior High School 401457N 0892637W
Hatton School (historical) 400902N 0891655W
Heartland Community College 400847N 0892142W
Honeyhook School (historical) 400415N 0892342W
Hopedale School (historical) 400137N 0893009W
Hunting School (historical) 401112N 0891839W
Immanuel Lutheran School (historical) 400858N 0892153W
Industry School (historical) 400530N 0892129W
Jefferson Elementary School 400851N 0892242W
Lakeside School (historical) 400006N 0892526W
Laughery School (historical) 400200N 0891654W
Layman School (historical) 400528N 0891658W
Lincoln Christian College 400855N 0892038W
Lincoln College 400925N 0892138W
Lincoln Community High School 400813N 0892124W
Lincoln Junior High School 400859N 0892158W
Lone Tree School (historical) 401408N 0892336W
Lynn Grove School (historical) 400355N 0893226W
Mill Grove School (historical) 400723N 0893106W
Mount Pleasant School (historical) 401032N 0892312W
Mount Pulaski Elementary School 400037N 0891650W
Mount Pulaski High School 400028N 0891718W
Mount Zion School (historical) 401215N 0891034W
Musick School (historical) 401043N 0892054W
Musick School (historical) 401339N 0892554W
Neibuhr School (historical) 401731N 0893105W
New Holland High School 401106N 0893437W
New Holland-Middletown Middle School 400557N 0893508W
North Side School (historical) 395613N 0892636W
Northwest Elementary School 400916N 0892233W
Pegram School (historical) 400719N 0891659W
Plainview School (historical) 400139N 0892346W
Pleasant Grove School (historical) 400352N 0891712W
Pleasant Hill School (historical) 401629N 0892202W
Primm School (historical) 400714N 0892131W
Rankin School (historical) 400659N 0892403W
Read School (historical) 400320N 0892342W
Rose Hill School (historical) 401439N 0891725W
Rothchild School (historical) 400956N 0892604W
Saint Patricks Parochial School 400846N 0892206W
Sigg School (historical) 400847N 0892435W
Spring Bank School (historical) 400437N 0893009W
Straight Row School (historical) 401112N 0891625W
Sugar Grove School (historical) 400345N 0891938W
Sunnyside School (historical) 400256N 0892648W
Superior School (historical) 395925N 0893336W
Victory School (historical) 401542N 0893408W
Washington-Monroe Elementary School 400844N 0892127W
West Lincoln-Broadwell Elementary School 400926N 0892417W
West Point School (historical) 401205N 0892512W
Zoar School (historical) 401917N 0893020W
Zollars School (historical) 400901N 0891513W

Source: GNIS

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