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Logan County, Illinois
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The Atlanta Library

About the year 1872, various funds arising from concerts and other public exercises were set aside for the purchase of books for a public library. The library so formed was kept in Mr. Bean's store, and augmented from the same source until 1875, when the Library Association was formed under the general State law. The books were removed to the Argus office, and the editor, George L. Shoals, made Librarian. Since that date the fund received is about $100 per annum, out of which the Librarian is paid $25, and the remainder is used to purchase books. There are now 500 volumes in the library. It is open every Wednesday and Saturday, free to all residents.

[History of Logan County, Illinois, 1878; transcribed by cddd]

Early Atlanta Societies

The city has one Masonic and one Odd Fellow Society, each in good condition.

Atlanta Anti-Thief Society.

In addition to these it has the Agricultural Society, already noticed, and the Atlanta Anti-Thief Society. This latter; was organized in 1854, for a purpose aptly set forth in the preamble: "The citizens of Atlanta and vicinity have for a number of years been annoyed and subject to trouble and loss from thieves. Therefore, we, the people thereof have resolved to form an Association for the better protect ion of our property." The Society was a great value to its members and the residents about town in bringing to justice some of the worst thieves in the country. In 1869 the laws of the Society were revised and printed, and more members added, until the number reached one hundred and three. At that date they had reported thirty-nine horses and mules returned to their owners, out of forty-two stolen, while a vast amount of merchandise had also been recovered. At one time nearly three thousand dollars worth of dry goods were stolen from the store of L. Eichburgh & Brothers, which was all recovered after a spirited chase, as well as the wagon and team of the thieves. Sixteen thieves have been captured. Of these, six broke jail,-nine were convicted and sent to prison, and one suicided. The membership of the Society is now about seventy-five. The officers are John E. Hoblit, President; S. H. Field, Vice-President; Frank Hoblit, Treasurer and Secretary; Smith Stroud, Captain; and Abel Larrison, Lieutenant. The very existence of this Society, its decisive mode of action, and determination to find the outlaw, is one of the strongest safeguards the city possesses.

[History of Logan County, Illinois, 1878; transcribed by cddd]

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