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Macoupin County Courthouse

The Macoupin County Courthouse is located in Carlinville, Illinois. The construction began in 1867 and was completed in 1870 at a cost well over one million dollars. It is a Victorian Classic Revival style building. Every door and window frame in the building is made of iron. Magnesian limestone covers the outside of the building. It is divided into three floors. The upper floor which is used as the courtroom is 32 feet high and is reached by two wide iron stairways at the right and left at the entrance which are decorated with wolf and dog heads of iron. At the south of the building is a stairway that leads to the fourth floor and the dome. The stairway is decorated with iron pelicans which hold up part of the metalwork. On the front of the iron doors to the courtroom is a lion's head.

The courtroom has a raised judge's chair mounted on a track behind the massive marble bench. One each side of the bench are a pair of Corinthian columns. The hand-carved walnut duge's chair is seven feet high with lions carved in each of the arm rests. It was built in 1869 and cost approximately $1500.


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