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Macoupin County, Illinois
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Butler Claimants to a Fortune
The Brighton, Ills; News tells of a suit that has been brought by the heirs of one Seth Hodges for valuable property in the heart of Carlinville, the county seat of Macoupin county, Ill., a city of about 8,000 population.  It seems that when the town was laid out old Seth Hodges donated 30 acres of land to the county on which to erect a court house and other public buildings.  A proviso of the deed was that when it failed to be used for county purposes it was to revert to the Hodges heirs.  The court house stood in the center of the square until the legislature passed an act building a big court house, when the old one was vacated and the Hodges heirs claim the county thereby relinquished its rights.  The News says, “30 acres would take the entire business part of the city and much of the residence portion and its value is almost inestimable.”  Three of the heirs, viz: T. S., I. A. and T. E. Hodges live in Butler, the two former are carpenters and the latter a plasterer, and another brother, Amos, lives on a farm in Cass county.  Graves & Clark have been engaged by the Hodges heirs to look after their interests.  The above named paper expresses the opinion that the heirs have a strong claim.  [The Butler Weekly Times (Butler, MO) – Thursday, November 4, 1897]

Special correspondence to the Globe-Democrat from Carlinville, Ills., county seat of Macoupin county, tells that the town is destined to become a defendant in a suit the magnitude of which has seldom been equaled in that state.  The heirs of the late Seth Hodges and Ezekiel Good, two of the first settlers of that county, are the plaintiffs to recover thirty acres, lying in the heart of town, which was deeded for a court house square, the provisions of the deed being that the title was to revert to the heirs whenever it ceased to be used for that purpose.  It was abandoned in 1869 when the $2,500,000 court house was built, now famous owing to the 20 years litigation.  This is of interest to us because a number of the Hodge heirs live in this county.  Tom Hodges, of Butler, is a grandson of old Seth Hodges.  Tom has a brother and some nephews living in East Boone township.  [The Butler Weekly Times (Butler, MO) – Thursday, March 27, 1902]



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