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Staunton, Illinois Stores & Businesses

A&W Root Beer Stand: Mel Hefer built it originally, it's where Caseys' General store is now on Rt 4.

Adler's Hardware Store: Wonderful Jewish family owned this shop and they would teach me about Jewish holidays and how they celebrated them. The shop was where the resale shop is now on Main St.

Ben Franklin Dime Store: Charles Abendroth owned it in the 50's. Their daughter, Nancy, worked there after school. It was next to where Fisher Insurance is, and Krug Jewelry was on the other side of the dime store. Later years, John Morrison owned it, then Ruckers owned it.

Beyer's Skating Rink: (Where Berg Welding has their storage, next to the Vets Office on Rt 4) Walter Beyer had the skating rink in the 50's.

Billings Newspaper Office: To the left of where Fritzs' Drug Store is now, was a door & tiny area that was used to bundle and sort and sell newspapers for home delivery. The kids would pick up the papers there and stuff them with flyers for home delivery. Was always a busy place and many Staunton kids worked there over the years.

Blacksmith Shop: Was next to Abe Wilders' house. It had a feed store on the left of the building and blacksmith shop in the right side. The entire front of the building had a ramped wooden porch with posts and kids loved to roller skate there. (Me included!)

Joe Bohlen would take his horse, Babe, to the blacksmith shop to get her shod. Joe Bohlen was the last one to use a horse and buggy for daily transportation around here. Lorsons Store (Later Lovejoys' Market) kept the old hitching post there for Joe to tie Babe up. Joe lived on Prairetown Rd and Babe knew the way home as well as Joe did. He taught me to drive old Babe, which was a real treat for me. I loved horses and to me anyway, Babe was better than a Kentucky Derby winner :)

Braido's Florsheim Shoe Store: Was across from Fritzs' Drug Store. Mrs. Kramer worked there.

Brown's Cat Paw Shoe repair Shop: Mr. Brown had a shop in his house, on the corner, across from where the Staunton Sports' bar & grill is now. Mr. Brown couldn't hear or speak. You'd leave shoes on the porch in a brown bag with your families' name on it or leave the bag at Lorsons' Grocery Store across from Mr. Browns' house. George & Eleanor Lorson would make sure Mr. Brown got the shoes. The house had a latticework porch on the front left side and Mr. Brown kept a bench there to sit on and rest.

Calcari's Distributorship: It was next to where the Twisted Spoke Bar is now. The back side of the building was where the beer was stored & was next to the Blacksmith Shop. The mail box was a wooden keg painted white.

Chapman's Nursery & Greenhouse: On 6th Street in Staunton. Chappie had the greenhouse for many years, he sells some heirloom plants you can't find anyplace else. The business is still open...

Cignetti's Bar & Grill: (Where Rocks' Tavern just closed) Mrs. Cignetti was a fantastic cook! I still use her spagetti sauce recipe. Nice lady! Always cared about people that came there. In a side room to the left side of the building Mrs. Dugger had a small craft area and alteration shop.

City Bakery: Regenholds' owned it in the 50's. It is the corner building, across from the City Hall parking lot. Later years, Art Allen had a liquor store there. Cathy Horton worked there when she was in high school.

City Hotel: Was where the First National Bank has their drive-through banking.

Colonial Corner Restaurant & Tea Room: (Across from Russell Furniture Store on the corner lot.) Later on the store was Vees' Fabric Store. Fritzs' had an antique shop there for awhile.

Confectionary: Was where Jubelts' Bakery is now. The tables were marble top with high wood booths around each table. It was a popular place in the 1950's for students to have a Coke after school.

Dohnal's Bar & Grill: Where the Squirrel Cage bar is now. Harry and his wife had a restautant there, the food was excellent. I always called him Uncle Harry, think we adopted each other. Neat man! Friend of my Dad.

Duzys' Carry-Out: Was in a home a block down from where R&B's is now, past Green Oil on the righthand side. Fantastic food & I can still smell the chicken frying & see the plates wrapped in white paper and tied with string. :)

Eunice's Beauty Shop: Eunice Lantermo had a beauty shop to the left of where the telephone company is now. Later, she has it where Cavataios' is now, on the right side. The left side was George Moores' Barber Shop.

Fashions' IV Clothing Store: It was in the block where Jubelts is now. Before it was a tavern and had a huge oval cut-out ceiling with tinwork.

Heferís Lumber and Hardware Store located on South Maple. R. P. Lumber bought it from Mr. Hefer in Jan. 1977. When R.P. moved his Staunton location to the former Bowling Alleys, the lumberyard became a store which I believe now (2012) the Staunton churches fill with items for resale. [Thanks to Glenda Moss for contributing this!)

Henehan's Dime Store: It was across from where Fritzs' Drug Store is now, in that block.

Huntman Furniture Store: Where NAPA is now. One year for a fundraiser, they had a man come in and hypnotise some high school students, they were in the left display window in the store.

ITS Terminal: Now a parking lot. Was headquarters for the Centennial in 1959. (I tried to get Louie Baldoni and several other businessmen to save it from being torn down, but a 10 year old kids' opinion didn't mean much back then) Neat building & one worth preserving, a pity!

Johnny's Bakery: (To the side of where NAPA is now) on the corner. They lived in a house next to the bakery, towards Staunton Cleaners. Peanuts Cordoni worked there years ago.

Krug Jewlery Shop: Next to where the dime store was. Rose Bray worked there on Sat. afternnoons.

Menges Drug Store: Had a soda fountain with about 10 swivel stools attached to it, it was red and cream color with chrome strip across the front of it and the red stools had a chrome band around them. Jennie Nessl worked there. (Across from where the front of Sullivan Drug Store is now. Menges used to be Webster Drug Store)

North End Tavern & Restaurant: Was on the corner where Norms' Auto Body parking lot is now. Another place in Staunton that had excellent food and was always packed on Saturday nights.

Page's Greenhouse: End of Panhorst St. Mr. Page used to have a greenhouse, raise goats and had bee hives there. He sold plants, goat milk, and honey. He was a nice man to me, not usually outgoing with kids, but I liked him, and he liked me. I learned to milk a goat from Mr. Page and though haven't had to... should the need arise, bet I still can!

Popcorn Wagon: next to Menges' drug Store, where the Electric Theatre used to be. I think Rudy Makler owned it.

Regenhold's Dry Goods Store: (Where Mancell Music Store is now.) They sold yard goods on the left side of the building for sewing, and a wooden counter ran across that side all the way to the rear of the store. 3' round paper fans hung from the ceiling, light yellow, pale blue, pale pink, and lavendar colors that caught your eye as soon as you walked in the door. (Well, at least to kids anyway!) The right side of the store had clothing and baby clothing & misc. goods.

Rodi's Tavern & Grill: Next to the RR tracks, across from Mayfields warehouse, the old Squirrrel Cage Tavern is in the next block up from there.

True Value Hardware Store: PO Frank owned the hardware store there for many years. It was where Sullivan Drug Store is now.

Sewing Factory: Brick building that used to be across from the Chevy Garage parking lot, on the back-side. Bertha Atkinson worked there. Neat lady! She always acted like sharing my half warm soda was a real treat for her ;)

Shermans Department Store: Loved everyone that worked there!! It was like visiting family instead of shopping for clothes. The people there were wonderful, they made a big difference in my life just knowing them. Max had several stores in this area called Shermans. (It was where Jodis' Crafts is now) The front left display window was knotty pine and they would display clothing there. The right side was a smaller window, and they had ladies wear in it and misc. goods.

The old red and cream color weigh for a penny fortune card scale was moved outside each morning when it opened, you could see it from a block away and know when they opened for sure.

The left side of the store was mens & boys clothing, the right side the womens & girls dept. Later years Ross beckman owned it and it was a furniture store, with carpet sales in the basement.

Spagnola's Bar & Restaurant: Where DeCamp Tavern is now. Spags had tall wooden booths with an amber carmel glass 1/2 barrel light fixture in each booth. There was a button to push for service so you didn't get "lost" among the tall booths. The mail box was a white wooden keg painted white and mounted on a fence post.

Spernoga's TV Repair: He had a shop close by where the Lions' Den is now. Joe was a super person!

Stardust Dance Studio: The brick building next to the Staunton Cleaners. Mary Lou Newcome from Gillespie taught dance class there in the 60's.

Staunton Beer Garden: Where the car wash is now, across from Buds' Service Center. Lovejoys' owned it later on.

Staunton Cab Co: Hirschl's had a cab company in a house, 2 houses down from where the Twisted Spoke Bar is now, and on the lot the Apartment Building is on.

Staunton Eleavator & Feed Store: Kenny Oettel owned it for awhile. Now privately owned on Old 66, across from Joe Johnsons' Garage.

Staunton Hotel: On Main St. above stores, the door led upstairs where the hotel was located.

Staunton Fuel & Gravel: The Robeza family had it years ago. Over by the Squirrel Cage, a block over & down a ways.

Staunton Monument Co: Was in the building across from City Hall and next to where the old City Bakery was. It had an 8" tall black ironwork fence on the sidewalk, in front of the window, with a flower planter.

Staunton Soda Co: The Ferris family owned the soda company, it was the green building close to the RR tracks and behind Illini Lumber Co.

Sometimes the bottle capper wouldn't set the cap right or the filler wouldn't be accurate. They kept a fridge by the front door and gave neighborhood kids free sodas. We drank any mistakes gladly! They took time to show kids how the machines worked, myself... I was raised around machinery and loved seeing the process.

Staunton Taxi: Was next to where the Dollar General Store is now, where the Dollar General parking lot is, across from the bank, was where the cab stand was. On the back part of that parking lot was a bar on the corner.

Western Auto: Was where the dollar General Store is now. Before that I believe it was Bahns' grocery Store.

Wolf's Dairy Den: They sold an item people around here came to love called a Tango. (Ice Cream, Shaved Ice, and flavoring) People would drive to Staunton just to get a Tango from Wolfs'. The sign on front of the building was a gray wolf that was smiling.

Zinn's Bakery: (On the far end of Main St. about where the carpet store is now, close to the old TK Garage, now the Staunton Glass Co.)

Gas Stations:

City Service Station: Where Buds Service Center is now. Used to be the place the Shifters' Classic Car Club worked on cars. Later, it was Citgo, then Gulf owned by Sonny Lovejoy, and later Gulf Gas Station owned by Mr. Pieper.

Conoco Station & Garage: Across from where Cavataios Restaurant is now.

Ford Dealer On Rt 4: By Prairetown Rd, Louie Baldoni had an American Motors car dealership there in the 60's. Later, Kenny Oettel had K&C Sales there, they sold appliances.

Kempe Vesper's Imperial Gas Station: (Was used several years back as a thrift shop for the area churches) On Route 4; by where the Madison Cable Co was.

Mel's Marathon Gas Station: Where Green Oil is now. The building was wood, painted red and white.

Picco's Chevy Garage & Car Sales: Mary & Dom Picco had a Chevy dealership in the building behind the libraries' back door. Later, Mary had the snack bar at The Alley's (Bowling Alley where R&P Lumber is now)

T-K Dodge: Tom Kolkovich had the garage & car sales there for many years. It's where Staunton Glass Co is now. Before that, it was a flour mill.

My Dad, Pete Jensen, took the 2nd floor out of the old flour mill and dropped the top floor down one level, where the green tile bricks are is where the 2nd floor used to be! Joe Kulash remembers that one and we laugh about it now. No one thought it could be done so many came to watch.

Warren's Shell Station: (Was where Mayfields have their storage, across from Duda Hardware)
Later Mr. Windisch owned it.

Carl Zuber's Standard Station: Where Mayfields Store is now. Later Carl had the station Carl's 66 on Rt 4. Nice man! He'd take time to help anyone along the way.

Other Businesses On Edge Of Town:
Green's Cabins: Out by Staunton Lake. They rented cabins to fishermen, some of the cabins are still there.

Kings Lake: Kings had a swimming pool, concrete but fed from Staunton Lake. You could pay to swim there.

PAG Warehouse: Tubular Steel used it for storage. Before it was a grocery warehouse.

Moonlight Skating Rink: Old 66, left hand side as you are going towards Litchfield. White block building, still there, on private property.

Old 66
66 Terminal Restaurant & Hotel
Hi Cafe Restaurant & Hotel
The Riveara & Gulf Gas Station
The Mill Restaurant & Rooms

Dr. Raft had an office next to Fritzs' drug Store
Dr. Ubben had an office next to where Sullivan drug is now.
Dr. Goff had an office at his home.
Think Dr. Gremme was in with Dr. Ubben, but not sure. His daughter Kathy was a friend of mine when we were kids... she died when she was a girl.

Contributed by Crystal Jensen July, 2001


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