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The WILLIAM TOSH Families of Macoupin Co., IL

by Linda R.F. Arnold, ©2004

WILLIAM TOSH is the progenitor of the TOSH Family of Macoupin Co., IL. The “recent” discovery of a small piece of paper has been found in an old Bible that strongly supports the supposition that WILLIAM TOSH was a son of JAMES TOSH & ANNE BROADWATER. The ancestry of WILLIAM TOSH can most likely be traced back to Drumore Township, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania (JONATHAN TOSH early-mid 1700s); then to Augusta and Botetourt Counties, Virginia (TASKER TOSH at least by 1742).

WILLIAM TOSH was born February 1794 on/in Drum Creek, Virginia. This location has undoubtedly changed names over the years. This place, mentioned on that small piece of paper, is not to be confused with the present day Drum Creek, Virginia.

Our WILLIAM TOSH is probably the same man who served in the War of 1812 from Jackson County, Tennessee. The early records of Jackson County have been lost (destroyed during the Civil War). William’s father, JAMES TOSH is said to have died “near Nashville” Tennessee, July 11th 1804. There is early evidence there were BROADWATERs in Jackson County about the same time, therefore it can safely be assumed the William TOSH who served in the War of 1812 was our WILLIAM TOSH until it can be proved otherwise. It is thought the first son, JAMES C.F. TOSH was born in or near Jackson County, Tennessee.

After the War of 1812, WILLIAM TOSH made his way to Wayne County, Indiana where he was listed head of household, 1820 Census (as TASH). William’s brother JAMES TOSH (also confirmed in that small piece of paper) was in Preble County, Ohio at least by 1817 when he married Hannah MORROW there. (He was also listed as TASH in the 1820 Census.) Preble County is located just across the state line from Wayne County, Indiana. His sister Elizabeth TOSH (also confirmed in that small piece of paper) was in Preble County, Ohio when she married James ACTON, 1817. They later made their way to Wapello Co., Iowa.

The second son, WILLIAM RILEY TOSH (my 2nd great-grandfather) was born 1816 in Wayne County, Indiana. Two other children alternately gave their birthplace as Indiana and Ohio in later census records.

WILLIAM TOSH married SARAH ______ whose maiden name has not yet been found. They were probably married shortly after the War of 1812, say about 1814. Perhaps the middle names of some of their children may give a clue to her identity. According to the 1850 Mortality Schedule of Macoupin County, Sarah was born about 1795 in Kentucky. She died December 10, 1849 in Macoupin County and is buried in Cherry Cemetery, North Otter township.

Sarah is mother of eight of the nine surviving children through whom the TOSH Family of Macoupin County descends.

THEIR CHILDREN: (Place of birth for grandchildren is IL unless otherwise noted.)

1. JAMES C.F. TOSH born June 1815 (Jackson Co., TN or possibly OH), died 12 Jan. 1852 “near Waverly”, Morgan Co., IL. He married ca. 1835, Julia Ann _____. They had five children: Joseph V.B. c1837; Cyrus C.E., c1840; Serrepta “Sophia”, 1843; James “William” M., 1846; Minerva Maria Emily, c1847-9; Melissa Ann C.F., 1852.

Note: When James C.F. Tosh bought land from the Federal Government in 1839, the name he gave was James C.F. Tosh although many persons purchasing land from the government gave their full names as did his brother, C.O.B. Tosh. See below.

2. WILLIAM RILEY TOSH born 1816 Wayne Co., IN, died 15 July 1863 Natchez, MS (Civil War). He served as Private, Co. A, 32nd Ills. Infantry. He married 9 June 1836 Sangamon Co., IL, MARY ANN “Polly Ann” MARTIN. They had eight children: Mary Jane, 1836; William Wesley, 1839; Sarah Ann, 1841; Lydia Elizabeth, 1843; Cornelius Newton “Newt”, 1845; Julia Ann, 1847; Laura F., 1848; Irena Catherine, 1849.

3. NANCY TOSH born 1817 (Preble Co.?) OH, died 17 Jan. 1882 North Palmyra twp., Macoupin Co, IL. She married 7 June 1839 Sangamon Co., IL, JESSE DITSON, JR. They had three children: William Allen, 1840; James Lyman, 1841; Sarah M., 1843.

4. MARTHA M. “PATSY” TOSH born 4 July 1820 (Wayne Co.) IN, died 18 Aug 1851, Palmyra, Macoupin Co., IL. She married 1 Jan. 1840 Macoupin Co., IL, PLEASANT FERRIS CHERRY. They had seven or eight children: William, 1841; Jesse M., 1842; Alzina, 1844; Louisa, 1846; Nancy V., 1847; Martha J., 1849; Armilda, c1851-2 and/or Angeline C., 1851.

5. MARY “POLLY” TOSH born ca. 1823/26 (Preble Co.?) OH, died, perhaps by 1867. She married 18 March 1843 Macoupin Co., IL, ISSAC D. CRAWFORD. They had known seven children:Nancy Jane Margaret, 1844; Sarah A.M., 1846, John W., 1848; Isaac, 1849; Lucinda Ellen, 1855; David Olander Chester, 1857; James M., 1959.

6. CORNELIUS OLIVER BEARDSLEY “C.O.B.” TOSH born ca. 1827-29 (Preble or perhaps Hamilton Co.) OH, died 6 June 1869 Macoupin Co., IL. He married 16 March 1847 Macoupin Co., IL, Sarah Jane DANLEY. They had eleven children: David “William Rice”, b. c1848-9; Martha Louisa Elizabeth, 1850; John Alexander D., 1851; James C.O., 1853; Levi “Franklin”, 1854; Henry J., 1857; Joseph “Lewis”, 1858; Sarah Ann, 1864; Celeste “Elvira”, 1867 and two unnamed infants who died young.

Note: The only record found thus far where his full name is given is on the Federal Entry Records when he purchased land from the Federal Government, 1849.

7. ELI W. TOSH born 1830-31 in Illinois (perhaps in Sangamon Co.) died ? He served as Private, 2nd & 11th Regiment, Missouri State Militia Cavalry. He married 6 May 1849 Macoupin Co., IL, SARAH C. ASHLOCK. They had five children: James Marion, 1852; Elisabeth “Sinai”, 1854-56; Martha M.J. “Mattie”, 1855-58; Sarah “Jane”, 1858-59; William J. “Willie”, 1861.

Note: One record found strongly indicates he died 17 June 1862. His descendants say he was killed in the Civil War. However, there is a marriage record of an Eli Tosh who was married after the war, 20 August 1865 Randolph Co., IL, Mrs. Emily (STEELE) KOEN. It is thought this is our Eli W. Tosh. Because of a close tie between her family and his father, WILLIAM TOSH dating back to the War of 1812 it seems that he survived the war and married again.

8. DAVID M. TOSH born 1837 Macoupin Co., IL, died 16 March 1863 Jackson, TN. He served as Private, Co. H, 114th Ills. Volunteers. He married 22 April 1858 Sangamon Co., IL, Sarah Ann MUNDY. They had two children: George E., 1858; William H., 1860.

Shortly after Sarah had died, WILLIAM TOSH married 2nd 21 September 1850 Macoupin Co., IL, MARY PETERSON CHERRY (daughter of Benjamin CHERRY and Rebecca CRAWFORD). She was born October 9, 1810 probably in Overton County, Tennessee. She the widow of William CLEVENGER who died between 1847-1849 leaving her with eight children.

WILLIAM TOSH died April 10, 1867 Palmyra, Macoupin County, and is buried in Cherry Cemetery near both his first wife, Sarah and his second wife, Mary who died July 9, 1873.

THEIR CHILD: 1. LOUISA (ALICIERY/LIENARY) TOSH born 1852 Macoupin Co., IL, died 15 February 1933 Greene Co., IL. She m.1st, 17 May 1866, Macoupin Co., IL, JOHN W. RICHARDS. She m.2nd, 7 October 1867 Macoupin Co., IL, Edmund Hendley RICHARDS. By her second husband, she had nine children: Albert, 1870; Aaron W., 1871; Alvin E., 1873; Mae E. c1880; Daisy O., 1885; Fred, c1888, and three others who had died before 1900.

This narrative is the result of 35+ years of research of the many Macoupin County families I have researched throughout these years.

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