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Cope Cemetery
aka Middleton Cemetery


Cope Cemetery Burials
Iuka Township, Marion County, IL
as walked and read by Carol Daun Croftin February 1984

Originally published in the ISGS Quarterly, SVI: 2, Summer 1984

Transcribed for Genealogy Trails by K. Torp

by Carol Daun Croft

Gravestones are sometimes the only information we have concerning our ancestors and/or it children; especially those children who died at an early age. It is therefore of concern when these stones are destroyed before the data on them is recorded and published, Cemeteries on private property are particularly susceptible to disappearance. Recently I have become concerned with gravestones in a particular cemetery in Marion County, Illinois.

I learned of the cemetery several years ago. It is not small but because it does not appear on maps of the county (road, plat, or quad) and is not near a road, it was difficult to locate (I have never lived in Marion County). In June 1981 a gentleman in Iuka told me that he had dug the last grave in what he call the COPE CEMETERY, about forty years previously. He was able to give directions which enabled me to find the gravestones.

[map illustration not included]

Land Entries of the area surrounding the cemetery :

Watson J. Middleton

William Middleton

William Middleton

James M. Huggins

Granville Cheeley

James M. Huggins 1841

James M. Huggins

Eleazer Smith 1852

Section 21 Iuka Township (T2N R4E)
Marion County, Illinois

A listing was made in 1981 of all the stones I could find and a resolution formed to sit the cemetery again sometime in the winter. Many large-growing plants were placed on these graves plus roses, iris, et cetera. The vegetation in June was impassible, plus the foliage from the trees made it very dark.

In February 1984, I had the opportunity to visit cemetery under what was hoped to be more favorable conditions. What I found was appalling. A new fence had been built to keep cattle from the grass and
in the area of the cemetery - [From G.T. transcriber: Ms. Croft used slightly more aggressive language here, but the gist of the paragraph was that the cemetery area was now a feeding place for the cattle, with resulting damage to many of the stones]

Some stones that I had copied in 1981 were no longer visible. Other stones, invisible in 1981, were located. No claim is made that all of the stones were found. I do know that at least one of my ancestors, whose stone I did not locate, is buried in that cemetery. One large stone had fallen into the grave and was too large and too deep to extricate. I dug down far enough to see that the date of death was 1944 (not 1844).

Relationships and dates on the stones indicate that the cemetery was most likely upon the land of William MIDDLETON. I was unable to locate any deed that would show that William MIDDLETON surrendered ownership of the cemetery. Therefore it is probably on private property (this was not a thorough search of land records, but only for CHEELEY or William MIDDLETON as a grantor until about 1880).

Cope/Middleton Cemetery Burials
as walked and read by Carol Daun Croftin
February 1984

ALLISON, Mary R., dau. of R. & A. A.; b. July 30, 1855; d. June 9, 1856

BROWNFIELD, Ambrous D., son of J. A. & E. A.; d. Aug. 24, 1858; ae 1 y, 8 m, 28 d
BROWNFIELD, Elenore E., dau of W. & C.; d. Jan. 15, 1852, ae 17y
BROWNFIELD, Robert, d. Nov. 11, 1875, ae 58y 8m 9d
BROWNFIELD, William, d. Mar 4, 1876, ae 74y, 10m, 5d

CHANCE, Katharine, wife of Reubin, d. Apr 13, 1875, ae 68y 6m 21d
CHANCE, Katherine, wife of ____ ; d. Sept. 13, 18
CHANCE, Mary K., dau. of
R. & K.; d. Sep 19, 1850, ae 7y 4m 9d (same stone with Sarah)
CHANCE, Sarah, dau. of
R. & K.; d. Aug 22, 1852, ae 9y 5m 1d (same stone with Mary)

CHANDLER, Ruben, d.
Aug 12, 1854, ae 28y 8m 4d
CHANDLER, infant son of R. & E., b. Aug 10, 1846

CHEELY, Eliza F., dau of G. L. & T. A.; d. Oct. 25, 1860, ae 4y 1m 8d
CHEELY, Elizabeth I., wife of Granville; d. Nov. 7, 1870, ae 51y 5m
CHEELY, Eliza D. A., dau. of G. L. & T. A., d. Sep 27, 1865, ae 1y 1m 3d
CHEELY, Dora, b. Apr 7, 1873; d. May 14, 1892 (same stone as Ann)
CHEELY, Ann, b. Feb. 5, 1833, d. Sep 14, 1911 (same stone as Dora)
CHEELY, Fountain I., G. & E.; d. Apr. 16, 1852, ae 1y 1m
CHEELY, Infant son of
G. & E.; d. Oct. 21, 1851
CHEELY, Lee Ann, dau. of G. L. & T. A.; d. July 18, 1863, ae 1y 8m 13d
CHEELY, Lydia Ann, dau. of
G. & E., d. Aug. 25, 1842, ae 2y ____
CHEELY, Martha L., dau. of G. L. & T. A.; d. Oct 18, 1860, ae 2y 4m 28d
CHEELY, Mary H., dau. of G. L. & T. A., d. Oct 21, 1860, ae 1y 16d

COFFEY, Dauthuly, d. Jan 14, 1862, ae 53y
COFFEY, Meritte F., d. Dec 28, 1870, ae 28y 5m 24d

EBLIN/EBLEN, George R., consort of Margaret; d. Oct 25, 1858
EBLIN/EBLEN, Martha J., dau. of J.
C. & M. R.; d. Oct. 29, 1856, ae 3y 9d
EBLIN/EBLEN, William S., son of J.
C & M. R.; d. Sep 15, 1852, ae 2y 11m 6d

EDDINGS, Francese, dau of J. & P. J.; d. Oct 28, 1846, ae 5wks
EDDINGS, Margaret J., dau of Jesse & Polly; d. Aug. 27, 1854, ae 9m 7d
EDDINGS, Ruth C., dau. of J. & M. J.; d. Sep 12, 1860, ae 9m 22d

HOLEMAN, George W., son of W. & M. J., 16 March 1855, ae 3y 11m 2d
HOLEMAN, Martha C., dau of Wm. & Mary; d. Sep 7, 1856, ae 8m 18d
HOLEMAN, Uriah A., son of W. & M. J.; d. Nov. 11, 1854, ae 11m 27d

JAMES, Elizabeth J., wife of Wm. W.; d. Aug. 15, 1854, ae 26y 18d
JAMES, John T., son of W. W. & E. J. JAMES; d. Aug. 27, 1854, ae 1y 3m 6d
JAMES, Lydia Jane, dau. of W. W. & E. J., d. Aug. 1854, ae 3y 6m 23d

JARVIS, A.D.; d. Jan 31, 1864, ae 35y 3m 7d
JARVIS, Mary A., dau of A. D. & N. A.; d. Feb 27, 1863 (Stone broken thru age)
JARVIS, Nancy A., consort of Ambros D.; d. Mar 8, 1858, ae 24y 9m 8d

LINDER, infant, b. & d. Feb. 3, 1902 - [same stone S. E. & S. L.]
LINDER, infant, b. & d. Mar 15, 1904 - [same stone S. E. & S. L.]

McGUIRE, Baby Lee ___ J. E. & C. R.; d. Aug 23, 1864, ae 1y 4m
McGUIRE, Milton, Oct 25, 1859; Feb. 13, 1864
McGUIRE, Frank Lee, son of J.
F. & C. H.; d. Aug. 22, 1864, ae 1y 4m

MIDDLETON, Augustus C., son of Alfred & Mary; d. June 16, 1856, ae 17m 15d
MIDDLETON, Edgar Franklin, son of B. F. & M. A.; Nov. 14, 1868, ae 9m 2d
MIDDLETON, Elizabeth M., wife of Joel H; d. Sep 18, 1849, ae 45y 2m 26d
MIDDLETON, Disey E., d. 1844, ae 27Y
MIDDLETON, Sarah J., wife of W.; d. Dec 11, 1843, ae 64y (Disey, Sarah and William on same stone)
MIDDLETON, William, d. Sep 23, 1852, ae 77y -- N. J., Co. I, 48 Ill. Inf. (Military Marker)
MIDDLETON, Prissilla, wife of J. B.; d. May 21, 1850, ae 41y 2m
MIDDLETON, Watson J., d. Oct. 10, 1850, ae 32y 8m 10d

MORGAN, A. G., b. Warren Co, Tenn Mar 27, 1832; d. Jan 19, 1903
MORGAN, Mary C., dau. of L. L. & S. J.; d. Jan 19, 1855, ae 3m
MORGAN, Mary E., dau. of A. G. & N. A.; d. Jan. 30, 1856, ae 9m 21d
MORGAN, Mary E., dau. of William & Mary J. d. May 1, 185
2, ae 2y 8m 28d
MORGAN, Susan J., dau. of A. G. & N. A., d Sep 11, 1870, ae 1y 2m 14d
MORGAN, William, son of W. C. & Mary J., d Nov 15, 1852 (Stone broken thru age)
MORGAN, William C., consort of Mary J., b. Mar 24, 1826; d. Aug. 18, 1855, ae 28y 4m 28d

OGLE, or EGLE, Rev. Benjamin, a native of VA; d. April 16, 1847 in the 78 yr of his age (the first letter of the surname has chipped off)

SMITH, Lucy A., dau. of M. M. & M. E.; d. Nov 13, 1854, ae 1y 4m 13d
SMITH, Lydia Ann, dau. of M. M. & M. E.; d. Sep 10, 1852, ae 1y 3m 12d

TURNER, Martha R., Oct. 27, 1832; Dec. 29, 1911

WALKER, Cyntha A., dau. of A. R. & M. E.; d. Sep 24, 1857, ae 3y 3m 24d
WALKER, Malissia E., wife of A. R.; d. Nov 18, 1861, ae 25y 2m 15d
WALKER, Viola Jane, dau. of A. R. & M. E.; b. June 6, 1861; d. Aug. 12, 1861

WHOLMAN, Charles A., son of Wm. & M. J.; d. Feb. 27, 1860, ae 9m 22d
WHOLMAN, Juliaette, dau. of Wm. & M. J.; d. Aug. 30, 1861, ae 7m 7d

YOUNG, A. T., b. May 28, 1833; d. Feb. 25, 1863
YOUNG, Edward, Oct. 8, 1803; June 9, 1876
YOUNG, Sarah C., his wife, July 22, 1808; Nov. 9, 1886 (Edward and Sarch on same stone)

Part of a stone with d. Nov. 7, 1870 (could not locate rest of stone)

[Items underlined are indecipherable.]


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