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Robinson Cemetery

Burials Submitted by Deanna Heneghan
[partial listing]

I'm assuming this was a family cemetery although I didn't SEE any headstone with the name of Robinson. This was a very small, quiet, lonely cemetery right of the US 50 a little passed Iuka. This cemetery was falling apart and some of the headstones were unreadable, broken or just weather beaten
I'm sure there are plenty more buried there. I saw quite a few headstones half in the ground or almost completely buried. This was the first cemetery I got to read and I was intrigued and saddened by it. My first thought was what if my family was buried there? How would I know it?
So, with the best of my knowledge and for as much as I could see..........

Roland, James
b. Dec 9, 1822 - d. Feb 4,1892

Morgan, William C
b. Sep 18,1853 - d. Jan 6,1936

Morgan, Martha A
b. Aug 31, 1854 - d. Dec 6, 1938

Morgan, Walter Lee
d. June 18,1878
S/of Wm. & Martha Morgan

Morgan, Bowen
d. Apr 1, 1897 age 72

Burge, James J
d. Feb 12,1864 - age 2, 8mo, 2 da
S/of H. & H Burge

Smith, John M
d. May
[not legible]

Allen, Henryeit
d. Jan 19, 1863 age 11mo, 24 da
D/of L. & S. Allen

Burge, Harriet M.
d. Sept 16,1866 - age 9
D/of D. Burge

Allen, Lewis
d. Jan 21, 1863 age 14, 6mo,4da
S/of L & S Allen

Allen, Lewis
d. July 28,1875 age58, 3da

Allen, William F
b. Mar 27, 1857 - d. Mar 27, 1950

Allen, Susan G
b. Jan 29, 1826 - d. July 28, 1903
W/of Lewis Allen

Allen, James C
b. Nov 7,1853 - d. Mar 28,1935

Hunter, J.K.
d. Feb 27, 1877
Co. D 87 IL Infantry Civil War

Tinkler, Elizabeth H
d. Jun 3, 1839 - Age 52
W/of Jesse Tinkler

Aldrid, Elizabeth
d. Dec 7,1865 - Age 32
W/of Peter Aldrid

McCendre, Martha M
b. Feb 12, 1865 - d. Oct 3, 1929 [Part of the last name was cracked off ]

Brinson, Irvin

Chapman, Margaret
d. Apr 18,1870 [remaining info. was cracked off]
W/of John Chapman

Tinkler, Jesse
b.Dec 25, [remaining info. was cracked off]

Aumiller, Leonard

Aug 8, 1901 - Oct 21, 1901

Howe, Katy & Belle Tinkler
[on the same headstone. No Date]

[Not clear if this is a 1st name or last]
b. Jan 27, 1813 - d. Aug 30, 1900

Wooldridge, Albert

Wooldridge, Franzie


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