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Sandy Branch Cemetery

Burials submitted by Barb Moksnes

The cemetery property was once owned by Jonathan and Elizabeth Webb Arnold.
It was a rest stop area for travelers. One day, someone died there, and
they needed a place to bury him, so they buried him right on the property.
In 1887, Jonathan and Elizabeth's son, Wesley deeded the State five acres to
become the Sandy Branch cemetery.


Elizabeth Webb Arnold
b.10/19/1797 - d.10/6/1867
wife of John

William A Arnold
b.10/11/1818 - d.1/13/1848
[the 1st Arnold to be buried here]

John Wesley Arnold
b. 6/3/1830 - d.7/7/1889

Nancy A(Jones) Arnold
b.7/21/1825 - d.1/28/1905
wife of John W.

Laura Elizabeth Arnold Doolen
b.9/11/1854 - d.1943

Infant daughter Arnold
b.10/7/1864 - d.11/11/1865
(d/o John W.& Nancy)

Margaret Lowe
b. 2/5/1824 - d.7/7/1877;
wife of Samuel Lowe

Samuel Thompson Lowe
b. 2/1822 - d.8/27/1877

Mary E Lowe
b.2/1860 - d.1/13/1877

Joseph Arnold
b.10/10/1827 - d.11/2/1856

Elizabeth Holt Morris
b.12/18/1852 - d. 4/20/1909
wife of William Morris

James Anderson Arnold
b.10/24/1832 - d. 4/7/1885
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Elizabeth Caroline Green Arnold
b. 12/22/1836 - d. 1/16/1902
wife of James A

Sarah Elizabeth Arnold
b. 8/28/1854 - d. 8/30/1855
(d/o James & Elizabeth)

Elizabeth Jones Arnold
wife of Ivy Asbury Arnold

Mary E Arnold
(d/o Ivy & Elizabeth)

Laura E Arnold
b.1870 - d.1870
(d/o Ivy & Elizabeth)

Tecumseh Sherman Arnold
b.1868 - d. 1870
(s/o Ivy & Elizabeth)

Effie May Arnold
b. 12/3/1875 - d. 4/27/1877
(d/o Ivy & Eliza)

William M Arnold
b. 7/29/1841 - d. 11/27/1871
Co F,7th Regiment ILCalavry

Evaline Jones Arnold
b. 2/28/1845 - d.9/7/1875
wife of William M

Lorenzo Arnold
b. 12/17/1866 - d. 9/11/1872

Idia Arnold
b.1871 - d. 1872

James Wesley Arnold
b.2/14/1847 - d. 9/24/1938

Permelia Robb Arnold
b.12/21/1853 - d.3/24/1935
wife of James W

John Ivy Arnold
b.3/23/1852 - d.12/31/1908

Erasmus Green Arnold
b.2/19/1856 - d.11/30/1930

Sarah Swift Arnold
b.1/8/1859 - d.1/18/1888
wife of Erasmus

Minnie Foster Arnold
b.11/27/1866 - d.10/11/1938
wife of Erasmus

John Mass Arnold
b.4/4/1860 - d.1/27/1933

James Monroe Arnold
b.3/17/1863 - d. 1/30/1921

Mary Belle Foster Arnold
wife of James M

Leander Fletcher Arnold
b.10/5/1864 - d. 5/24/1912

Theodore Ivy Arnold
b.11/7/1871 - d. 1/4/1933

Stella Holt Arnold
b.10/28/1878 - d.5/17/1964
wife of Theodore

Jones J Arnold
b.4/2/1859 - d.6/10/1921

Nancy Adeline Arnold Garrett
b.1856 - d.1929
her marker read. Addie,mother of M I Garrett

Mary Illinois Arnold Bassett
b.3/15/1867 - d.11/4/1922
wife of Lafayette Bassett

Lafayette Bassett
b.3/4/1861 d.3/16/1937


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