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The Bradford Republican, Thursday, June 25, 1885
Camp Grove

Miss Anna Monier is visiting at Henry this week.
John Monier shipped a car load of hogs to Chicago last Monday.
Walter Scholes and wife of Greerfield, Iowa were at the festival.
Patrick Collins has purchased the Bender quarter of land for $10,000.
Miss Shields, of Chicago, is visiting her cousin, Mrs. Corcoran here.
Rev. Springer preached a very appropriate sermon here last Sunday night.
Mrs. Greenlea, of Henry, formerly a resident of Saratoga, was among her old neighbors and friends at the festival.
School will close here next Tuesday. Mr. Chambers, the teacher, will probably attend the Institute at Henry during vacation.
The festival at Saratoga was well attended and was probably a financial success, but the weather was too cold for a very big demand for ice cream.
Miss Katie Hickey who has been attending school at Peoria, returned to Wyoming Friday night, but was storm stayed and did not get home until the next day.
Mrs. Walsh and her mother, Mrs. Patrick Hennessy, visited Mrs. Hosfield last Saturday. Mrs. Welsh is improving in health very much since she has been staying at her old home.

The Bradford Independent July 2, 1885
Camp Grove
Cyrus Bocock is putting an addition to his house.
Miss Emma Barnes of Wyoming is visiting friends at this place.
John Monier's car load of hogs averaged 818 pounds, sold for $4.10 per hundred.
Misses Emma and Ella Fouts of Canton are guests of Misses Emma and Ada Bocock.
Misses Kittie Monier and Ella Wahl visited Misses Anna and Rosa Dexter last Sunday.
William Redding is building a fine house. John says it is going to be large enough for two families.
Mrs. Bridget Ditmon, wife of Edward Ditman, died on Friday, June 26, and was buried in the Catholic church cemetery last Sunday.
John McMannus, wife and little daughter, while going home from their farm on Goose lake, had a serious runaway, throwing them all out of the vehicle. John had his collar bone fractured, and his wife received serious injury of the spine. The child escaped without injury.
Miss Pettis who has been teaching the West school, closed last Friday with a picnic for her scholars. The little folks had a genuine good time, reciting speeches, eating candy and other good things prepared for the occasion. Miss Pettis has been favored with such good success, that she has been engaged for a second term.

The Bradford Independent July 16, 1885
Camp Grove
Billy Townsend has ordered a new lot of goods.
Last Sunday was Children's Day at Saratoga church.
Mr. and Mrs. Burnett visited at King's last Sunday.
Oats are ripening very fast. Harvest will soon be here.
Miss Kittie Monier visited Mr. Hannum's school last Monday.
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Monier visited David Hosfield last Sunday.
Richard Gorman purchased a new mower. Hay making is now in full blast.
Harry Marshall, our worthy supervisor, was out riding in his new phaeton last Sunday.
Peter Carey, formerly an old resident of this place is visiting his old neighbors and hauling off his corn.
Mr. Dexter is having his house repainted and grained inside. Mr. Conover of Wyoming is doing the work.
Ed Hannum closed school in La Prairie last Tuesdya. Mr. H. has given the patrons of that school a month of merited labor and will probably be retained for another term.

The Bradford Independent July 23, 1885
Camp Grove
Patrick Hennessy has purchased a new buggy.
Robert McIntee has purchases a new Osborne binder.
Billy Townsend reports a flourishing trade last week.
Leonard Bocock was a guest of Mr. Chambers' last Sunday.
Nellie Driscoll had the honor of wearing the prize ring last Friday night.
John McMannus who received injuries from being thrown out of a wagon, by a runaway team, is no better.
One of John Monier's teams became frightened a few days ago and ran away with the mower, fortunately the horses were not hurt, but the mower was considerably wrecked.
Corcoran's had a pleasant surprise party last Tuesday night. The young folks tripped the light fantastic until the roosters began to crow and the katydid chirped in the morning.

The Bradford Republican, Bradford IL, July 30, 1885
Camp Grove
Leonard Bocock visited John Monier last Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Hosfield spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Cooper.
Leonard Bocock had another runaway last week. Len you had better be more careful or you will need that wooden coat yet.
Miss Agnes Coulter is expected home from Kansas soon, where she has been spending a few months for the benefit of her health.
Dr. McDill, who has spent several years in the West, has returned to be among his old friends and neighbors as their family physician. The doctor has had years of experience in his profession, and will without a doubt have abundant success with us.

Bradford Independent, Bradford IL, August 6, 1885
Camp Grove
Pat Collins shipped a car load of hogs last Monday.
Miss Maud McVicker is taking music lessons of Myra Webber.
Misses Anna and Kittie Monier visited Dexter's girls last Thursday.
John Coulter has been engaged to teach the Webber school this fall and winter.
Thomas Harney's wife and children, of Chicago, have been visiting friends and relatives here and at Lacon for a few weeks. Willie, their eldest boy, a lad about 13 years of age, is quite a performer on roller skates. He can skate in many different positions with great ease.
Bruce Homes has been having a time getting his harvesting done. He bought a low down Buckeye, and it failed to work good. Last Thursday there was a trial between his machine and the Deering, which resulted in favor of the latter. The little Buckeye may be the leading machine in the future, but Bruce has had enough experimenting.

Bradford Independent, Bradford IL August 13, 1885
Camp Grove
Miss Ella Wahl went to Bradford last Sunday, to spend a week visiting friends.
One of John Monier's teams ran away last week with a load of sheaf oats, and upset the wagon and scattered things around generally.
Last Thursday night some rascal attempted to break into Slick's peddling wagon, but only succeeded in breaking about thirty dozen of eggs.
Henry Malone traded his fine team of gray colts to Charley Eagleston for a span of bay horses. He hope both of the boys made a good bargain.
There will be another social hop at the Opera Hall, August 21st. We were informed that Dr. McDill was to occupy the hall for his office, but there must be some mistake about it.
We met "Heathen," of the Republican in Henry last week, and after giving his hand a hearty shake, marched him off to the nearest restaurant and partook of a delicious dish of ice cream with him.
Frank Saunders, formerly a teacher at this place, visited friends here last Thursday. Frank has been attending the drill at Wyoming, and reports a general good time and thorough work at the institute.

Bradford Independent, Bradford IL August 20, 1885
Camp Grove
Charley Holmes, Mr. Forbes and daughter and Harney sisters of Henry, visited Monier's young folks last week.
Miss Lizzie King has been saying with her brother in LaPrairie for a few days, assisting his wife in cooking for the threshers.
Robert Doran of LaPrairie, was called to Kansas a few days ago to the bedside of his aged mother, who is not expected to be very long upon earth.
Quite a merry group of young folks gathered at the residence of Edmund Harney's last Saturday night, and tripped the light fantastic until a late hour.
One of David Hosfield's horses was severely cut on the leg by barb wire a few days ago. People should be careful and keep their wire finces from getting out of repair.
Mr. Chambers will commence school here the 31st of August. The little folks will soon have to gather their books together and prepare for the labors of the school room.
Billy Coulter had the tines of a fork run through his arm a few days ago. He was stacking straw and in getting down from the stack with the fork, managed to stop at the bottom with the prongs through his arm.
One of David Jones' teams ran away last week with his little boy on the wagon. The boy was thrown off and received injuries of the face and one hand was badly bruised, but fortunately escaped without any broken bones.

The Bradford Independent, Bradford IL, September 3, 1885
Camp Grove
John Moner lost a valuable colt last week.
Mr. and Mrs. Hosfield took in the reunion at Henry last week.
Remember the dance at the Town Hall, Saratoga, Friday night.
Mrs. Cutright and daughter, of Peoria, are visiting at Monier's and Patrick Collins' this week.
Emil Bach, a young man from Peoria, has been visiting the family of J. D. McVicker the past week.
John Cover, of Knoxville, visited his old friend and former partner in business, Worth McVicker, several days last week.
George Scholes Sr., has returned to his father's farm. George prefers his old trade rather than to be tied down in the city.
The friends of Miss Agnes Coulter are still patiently waiting at her bedside, anxiously hoping to see a change for the better in her almost hopeless condition.
Mr. Hannum commenced his labors in district No. 3, LaPrairie last Tuesday. His successful work last summer, has gained for him the promise of any easy task this fall and winter.
Clarence Watt, formerly of this place, met with a serious accident a few days ago. He was engaged in repairing a corn crib, and in moving around on its top stepped off and almost fractured his thigh.
Mrs. Bodkins, who has been suffering from a protracted illness, is now under the car of her sisters at Chillicothe. In a convulsion which she had a few weeks ago, her shoulder was dislocated, which renders her sufferings more severe.

Henry Republican, Henry IL March 25, 1915

Camp Grove

Mr. A. B. Hoff, manager of the eastern division for the Stark County Telephone Co., was in Camp Grove Tuesday inspecting the lines. The company will install a new Kellogg switchboard here some time next month.

John Malone purchased a new Oakland car from E. N. Bogner and is now wishing for fine weather and good roads.

C. C. Ruiz, auto mechanician, formerlay of France, has taken charge of the auto and gas engine repair shop for E. N. Bogner at Camp Grove.

Wm. Gill had an attack of la grippe but is again able to be out.

Miss Sara Murphy was a Peoria visitor Monday.

Mrs. Wm King, Mrs. Thomas Riley and Miss Celestine Ryan were among the passengers going to Peoria Wednesday.

Misses Nellie Hickey and Viola Lackman drove to Wyoming Tuesday.

C. J. O'Brien returned Thursday morning from Sac City, Ia., where he went on business the early part of the week. He stopped off at Webster city and Storm Lake, where he visited with friends and relatives. He encountered a great deal of snow and mud and Camp Grove looked good to him even if it isn't the liveliest spot on earth.

Louis Koenigsacker has returned to Camp Grove from Browns, Ia. We were glad to see his smiling countenance again and trust he will make his visit a long one.

Mr. Flanders, trainmaster of the C.&N. W. Railway Co., and Mr. Clapp, roadmaster, have been very active in our vicinity lately, handling petitions in regard to stopping legislation against the railroad. These petitions have met with good success which only goes to show a closer feeling of good will from the people toward the railroads.

Eleven cars of live stock were shipped from this vicinity during the past month. This would have been inceased only for the epidemic of the foot and mouth disease which is causing the stock business to be deficient all over the state.

M. W. O'Brien and son Leonard are victims of the mumps.

Work has again begun on the Thatcher Hotel. It is now receiving its first coat of paint. The large pillars which support the porch have been placed and gives the entrance quite an imposing appearance. When the building is completed, it will favorably compare with the excellent service one receives while stopping there.


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