1906 Henry IL High School Class Photo

Contributed by Thomas Mead

Here's a better pic of the 1906 Henry HS class.
Mary Vogelsang (Minnie) is 2nd row 1st left with cross necklace.

I have my Grandmothers class photo that I would like to add to the Marshall Co site.
My Grandmother was Mary W Vogelsang, class of 1906. She was known as Minnie all of her life. She is the young girl in white seated. Would love to have folks identify the rest.
-- Tom

Update: 5/26/16
I have come up with 20 names of the Class of 1906 which seems to be the number in the picture I sent you taken on the wagon in the City Park in Henry. The list is attached, but other than my Grandmother, I cannot match names with faces. - Tom Mead

Members of the Class of 1906 HHS

Beryl Bacon
Ralph Bacon
Mayme Bell
Clara Broaddus
Edna Hiltabrand
Arleene Hunter
Bert Kays
Mary Keller
Nellie McBride
Charles Meier
Martha Meier
Helen Merdian
Hazel Simpson
Marietta Sleater
Berenice Smith
Geary Stibgen
Ethel Swem
James Tupper
Minnie Vogelsang
George Yanochowski

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