Excerpts From The Lacon Home Journal, Lacon Illinois

1901 & 1902 La Rose News
Courtesy Barb Darling

June 27, 1901: LaRose News; Richland.

Mr. and Mrs. F.N. Rood and Prof. and Mrs. E. Frank Perry attended a farewell party at the residence of C.J. Held in Hopewell Weds. Evening, given in honor of Prof. and Mrs. M.M. Mallary.

August 15, 1901: Richland News

In our locals a short time ago we said that Mrs. Raridon of Peoria was visiting her sister Mrs. E. Frank Perry. While these ladies are close friends, they are not sisters. Mrs. Raridon is a daughter of W.A. Bell of LaRose and Mrs. Perry a daughter of J.R. Illiff.

September 5, 1901: Washburn

Mr. and Mrs. Younger, of Washburn, spent the day with their daughter, Mrs. John DeVault.

September 12, 1901: LaRose

Mrs. Dave Perry and Mrs. Ed Perry, of near Pattonsburg, passed through town on Mon. on their way to Lacon.

September 19, 1901: Richland Map Finished

The Map of Marshall County School Districts, which County Superintendent Perry has had to have made is now finished. It is a big thing, measuring 5 ft. long and 3 ft. wide. Major Wightman drew the outlines of the map, Prof. Perry marked off the district lines and Miss Blanche Hancock was employed a part of last week painting adjoining districts in different tints.

October 17, 1901: Richland

Superintendent Perry spent Tuesday visiting Ramsey School and his wife and baby visited his parents, they spent Tuesday night at the J.R. Illiffs.

December 5, 1901: LaRose

Robert Morrow of Iowa is here visiting his brother, Wm. It has been sometime since he was here.

December 19, 1901: LaRose

Robt. Morrow, of Marion, Iowa, and Mrs. Nellie Clark, of Monmouth, who have been a guest of their brother, Wm. Morrow and wife returned home Saturday.

Our town was a scene of excitement Thursday morning. Fred Morrow left his team standing untied at the depot while he loaded up some freight at the depot and all at once they started on the run and never stopped, until they smashed the plate glass window of the bank. One of the horses, a bronco got partly through the window and would have gone clear through, but was hit over the head with a chair and backed out, while the other horse, which was blind, landed up against the brick building and stood there until they were backed away. The wagon was across the sidewalk. No damage was done to the wagon or horses either, but the plate glass window and sill was smashed in. Rather an expensive runaway. Within an hour of the accident the window was boarded up and Fred, in the company with Ira Buckingham, slept in the bank until the plate glass arrived.

January 2, 1902: Richland

Mrs. Edna Perry and little Madge, spent last week with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J.R. Illiff, while her husband was in Springfield.

January 30, 1902: LaRose

Wm. V. Morrow had a force of men putting up ice last week.

February 13, 1902: LaRose

Grandma Younger of Washburn came up Tuesday and spent a few days with her daughter Mrs. John DeVault.

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