North Steuben, Marshall Co IL - News From the Past

The Henry Republican
February 18 1915

North Steuben

Mrs. Nettie Jarman, whose room and phone are 411S on Western avenue in Henry, was calling on friends in Sparland. She is a professional nurse and is kept quite busy in the line.

Wm. Johnson has gone to Oklahoma, where he has purchased a vegetable farm and will continue in that kind of work.

Charles Kear of Dakota, dropped in on old friends; was on his way to visit a daughter in Stark county.

Mrs. John Riddell and son Andrew visited her father's family, Wm. Osborne, last week.

Mrs. Newell hied herself away last Saturday from hotel cares and with daughter Fannie went to Henry to call on her sister-in-law, Mrs. Dud Hubbard and found the family, including daughter and husband, all sick.

The coming wedding we mentioned in our last issue, took place at the country home of Mr. And Mrs. Albert Russell of Steuben, known as the Amasa Garrett farm, when the oldest daughter, Lula Mae, Steuben's correspondent, was married Wednesday evening at 8 o'clock to Henry Sargent of Missouri, with Miss Ruth Marland, a very intimate friend, as bridesmaid and Charlie Thomas, a near friend of the groom, as best man. When they entered the parlor under a delicate white parasol and bell with soft side draperies and gracefully dressed in pure white messaline crepe, was a bride of unusual notice, with Miss Bessie Hawks at the piano softly rendered the bridal march with violin accompaniment by Edward Reed of La Prairie, they were pronounced husband and wife by Rev. Hodgson of Peoria, a former pastor who was so loved by the community and only a few years ago pronounced the baptismal rites to the bride of the Steuben Baptist church. A three-course table and lap supper was served, the table including the bride and groom, father and mother and pastor and very near relatives of the parents, including dear old Mr. Williamson, a foster father of Mrs. Russell's who loved her as an only daughter, was not forgotten, and including an uncle and aunt, James and Ella Sargent, who so generously looked after Henry and cared for him and his general welfare while his few years in Illinois, and they receiving a compensation by his integrity, uprightness and social habits. We know his family and friends in his Missouri home will commend him greatly in his choice when they receive her in his family circle. They departed Thursday for his former home in Missouri for a two week's wedding trip and will return to his grandfather's farm, Henry Sargent, Sr., that being an old landmark at the edge of the woods and with familiar homestead lanes.