Marshall County Illinois News Items From the Past


Lacon Watchman Slain by Robbers
Robbers Seek Cloth Worth Small Fortune

Taken From the Henry News Republican
November 23, 1922

Robbers Tuesday night shot and killed Charles Fay, watchman at the Lacon Wooden Mills, and escaped with a quantity of pool table cloth. Fay’s body was found by Watchman Mace when the latter came on duty to relieve him at midnight. He was lying in  a pool of blood in the cloth room. Death is thought to have been instantaneous from a wound in the heart. He had apparently grappled with the robbers when he found them removing cloth from the storage room. He was shot twice in the back and his thumb was also shot off. His clothing was burned with powder.

Detective Sergeant Hillyer, head of the Peoria police bertillon department, was summoned to Lacon at the request of factory owners and has discovered many finger prints. Some of these prints are clear and easily reproduced. Hillyer and detective Claudin, also of the Peoria department, have been instructed to remain at Lacon as long as their services are required.

Fay was born at Lacon. He is survived by his wife and family He has a brother Phillip living in Peoria.  Billiard table cloth, which is highly valuable, was sought by the robbers, as a large pile of this material had been moved to a window. Knowledge of the location of this cloth in the room shown by the robbers leads officials of the mill to believe that the robbery may in part have been an inside job.

The robbers, it is thought, fled with little or no loot after shooting the watchman. A checking up will determine whether any material was taken. Two strangers who were about the mill Tuesday are being sought for questioning in connection with the shooting.  One of the men in known, according to Fred V. Newhalfen, superintendent of the mill. Louis Thompson, who lived opposite the mill, heard loud talking at the mill when he returned to his home late Tuesday night. Shortly afterward the family heard a loud noise which they thought was the slamming of a door in the mill.

The body has been removed to Gehr’s undertaking parlors at Sparland. A number of clues have been found and it is expected that the next few days will see some developments leading to the arrest of the murderers. A reward of $100 for the capture of the murderer of Charles Fay, is offered.

Santa Fe Abandons Facilities at Holton

March 19, 1931
Taken From the Henry News Republican

Abandonment of its facilities at Holton, Marshall County, an unincorporated community with no inhabitants has been allowed and an order issued recently by the Illinois Commerce Commission, to the Achitson, Toluca and Santa Fe Railroad. The railroad told the commission that due to a change in the elevation at its tracks at Holton, it would be difficult to serve the only industry at Holton, which is an elevator owned by the Turner Hudnut Company. The railroad also stated that it proposes to relocate these facilities at a place called Gibbs Spur, 1/2 mile east of Holton, thus enabling the railroad to serve that community more efficiently and economically.

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