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 Wilson Abrams Injured by Train

The Henry Republican, Henry Illinois

July 18, 1882

Wilson Abrams of this city, a brakeman on the Bureau Valley freight train, met with a melancholy accident yesterday morning. When pulling out from Sparland, the train being under good headway, he attempted to spring from the depot platform to the rear platform of the caboose. He grasped the railing, but his foot failed to catch and the motion of the car swung him round behind, and being a heavy man, with such momentum, that striking his leg against the platform, the bone of his left leg was broken above the knee.

Minor Spangle Injured by Runaway Horse
Henry Republican, January 18, 1883
Neighborhood News
Saturday afternoon, Jan. 13, Chas. Vernay was riding through town in a cutter and leading a horse, which becoming frightened at some boys, jumped aside upsetting the sleigh and throwing Charley out. The horse attached to the cutter got away and dashed down Fifth street, running into, knocking down and stamping both hind feet on the stomach and chest of Minor, a 13 year old lad, a son of Breese Spangler, who lives near LaRose. The boy was taken to the Piper House. For some time the indications were he was greatly injured internally, but is is now thought he will recover.

John McMannus and Family Injured
The Bradford Independent July 2, 1885
John McMannus, wife and little daughter, while going home from their farm on Goose lake, had a serious runaway, throwing them all out of the vehicle. John had his collar bone fractured, and his wife received serious injury of the spine. The child escaped without injury.

Christopher Koch Accidently Killed
The Bradford Independent July 2, 1885
Christopher Koch, a sixteen year old son of William Koch, of Lacon, was thrown from his horse not long since and instantly killed. The deceased was a promising young man of Lacon and much sympathy is felt for the family.

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