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 Saratoga News Items

January 23, 1879
Taken From the Henry Republican


Saratoga has now a doctor, a lawyer and a preacher. Our post office is also in running order, mail coming in and going out twice a week, so all mail matter directed to Saratoga, Ill., will bring up at Saratoga, “X cross roads, Petroleum V. Webber, p.m., (which is posttmaster.)”

Several weeks ago Owen Doyle hauled a load of corn to Henry weighing 102 bushels; a few days after Al. Trim who lives up on 16, hauled 105 bushel and 30 pounds. Owen thought that it would never do to get beat that way, so Monday the 20th hauled a load wighing 123 bushels. You chaps up around 16 must try again. Whoop’em up.


-- Transcribed by Nancy Piper

Henry Republican,
January 18, 1883
Neighborhood News

Solomon Darby accompanied his daughter and her husband, Mr. Andrews to their home in Ford county this week.
Mrs. Minnie Darby was a guest of Mrs. Ray last week.
The sleighing is fine and several of our young folks attend the protracted meetings at LaPrairie, which are becoming interesting.
Mrs. Robinson of Alta is the guest of Dr. Fieldhouse and family.
Mr. Bell of Iowa, brother of Mrs. John Monier, has been visiting there recently.
The Kennedy Bros. are manufacturing bob sleighs; repairing also neatly done at their shop.
H. G. Breese will have a sale the 20th and Henry Seelye the 24th.
Orie Campbell has been threatened with diphtheritic croup, but under the care of Dr. Reader she is improving.
Mr. Campbell has been to Kansas visiting and sightseeing but thinks Illinois the chief state.

Saratoga Center News
The Henry Republican, Henry Illinois,
March 29 1883
No services at the M. E. church last Sunday owing to the severe illness of Rev. Seaman, who was unable to return from his western trip. When last heard from, he was improving.
Miss Myra Webber spent a few days at home, but returned to Lacon this week where she has a large class in music.
School in Doyle district commences April 2d. Miss Tillie Barton is retained another term.
Prof. C. Watt's public sale was held last Saturday. He, being ill was unable to oversee it.
Anti Blizzard

Henry Republican, Henry IL, May 17, 1883

Our worthy blacksmith, Kennedy, having more work than he can could possibly do, has secured extra help; being of the infant order he will need be patient, waiting for the assistance his baby girl will give him.
We were informed that Mrs. Trim, who has been partially deranged, is improving. Her brother, who is a spiritualist, is doing all he can to restore her mind.
Dr. Fieldhouse having decided to locate in Dakota, built a house and is expected to come after his family this month.
Mason Seelye and George Scholes are having their houses beautified with paint and varnish. It is one thing to have a nice house, quite another to keep it so.
Saturday Miss Myra Webber, home on a flying visit; glad to see her; wish she could remain with us.
Mrs. Harvey Divilbiss is suffering with inflammatory rheumatism.

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