Carter Cemetery
Mason Co, Illinois


This is a full listing of all stones found in Carter Cemetery. Researchers are welcome to contribute any information regarding other burials or information on illegible stones by emailing Kristin

All photos contributed by Al & Carole Martin, April 2012

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Name Birth Death Other Information
unknown     illegible
unknown   25 Dec 1876 65?y 9m 14d, top of stone missing, found next to Dobson stone
Baker, Elizabeth   6 May 1841 34y
Carter, ------------   ? Aug 1868 1y 3m 29d, son of R & L
Carter, Louisa 30 Aug 1832 23 Oct 1908` same stone as Richard
Carter, Richard 30 Aug 1828 28 Feb 1874 same stone as Louisa
Close, Augusta 11 Nov 1875 10 Oct 1878 2y 10m 29d, son of G.G. & S.E.
Close, Christiney   31 Oct 1836 15m, same stone as Francis, Orenia, James & Nancy, child of JT & S
Close, Francis   31 Aug 1839 2y, same stone as Christiney, Orenia, James & Nancy, child of JT & S
Close, James   17 Aug 1845 18m, same stone as Christiney, Francis, Orenia & Nancy, child of JT & S
Close, James T.   2 Aug 1860 47y 5m 29d, 2 stones, one with Susan
Close, John G 4 Dec 1819 25 Oct 1877 57y 10m 21d
Close, Laura J.   5 April 1882 15y 11m 21d
Close, Louisa   18 March 1870 42y 1m 2d, wife of JG
Close, Mary   1 June 1864 44y, wife of John G
Close, Nancy   26 Jan 1848 5d, same stone as Christiney, Francis, Orenia & James, child of JT & S
Close, Orenia   10 April 1842 5 weeks, same stone as Christiney, Francis, James & Nancy, child of JT & S
Close, Susan   11 Sept 1885 69y 4m 27d, wife of James T, same stone
Dobson, Josiah   19 Oct 1864 57y 9m 5d
Harman, Sarah A.   31 March 1869 18d, dau of P & N.E.
Lister, James F.   3 Oct 1853 1m 25d, son of E & N.E.
Marlow, Altamira A.   8 April 1853 19y
Norris, Henry   28 March 1871 5y 2m 27d, son of F.M .& H.
Samms, Martha R.   14 Nov 1860 9m 24d, dau of L.J. & E.E.
Sears, Henry 6 Dec 1805 11 June 1900 same stone as Vashti
Sears, infant   24 Aug 1864 1m 3d, son of J & M.A.
Sears, John 16 Feb 1835 19 May 1915  
Sears, Lora M.   14 July 1875 ? M 14d, dau of L & M.A.
Sears, Mary A. 29 Aug 1839 5 May 1912  
Sears, Perry   25 Sept 1873 3m 1d, son of J & M.A.
Sears, Vashti 14 Feb 1810 9 March 1894 wife of Henry, same stone
Sears, William E.   29 Sept 1871 9m 8d, son of J & M.A.
Willey, William H.   2 Sept 1853 24y 23d, son of J.F. & M, stone broken, age & dates from prior reading

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