Morgan Cemetery
aka Webb Cemetery
aka Crane Creek Cemetery
Mason Co, Illinois


This is a full listing of all stones found in Morgan/Webb/Crane Creek Cemetery. Researchers are welcome to contribute any information regarding other burials or information on illegible stones by emailing Kristin

All photos contributed by Al & Carole Martin, April 2012

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Name Birth Death Other Information
Dolben, Goodman   May 1870 18y, son of Stephen & Mary, same stone as Margaret
Dolben, Margaret   14 Oct? 1861 or 64 25y, dau of Stephen & Mary, stone illegible
Dolben, Mary   16 Aug 1885 74y 7m 28d, wife of Stephen
Dolben, Stephen   16 Sept 1887 75y 4m 9d
McLane, Mary 12 April 1842 9 March 1919  
Morgan, Birtie 10 April 1874 7 Oct 1877 3y 5m 27d, son of E & R.A.
Morgan, Charles G. 3 July 1885 8 Sept 1896 11y 2m 5d, son of E & R.A.
Morgan, Elizabeth   10 Nov 1857 74y, wife of John
Morgan, Elizabeth M.   13 Nov 1844 5y 1m 23d, dau of J.J. & Catharine
Morgan, John   22 Oct 1853 72y
Morgan, Mary Ann   30 Jan 1896 80y 4m 15d, wife of Wm. H., same stone
Morgan, William H.   19 Dec 1889 74y 8m 4d, same stone as Mary Ann
Yardley, Henry G. 1840 1900 Co C 85th Ill Inf
Yardley, James   27 Jan 1883 73y 5m 2d
Yardley, Margaret   2 June 1857 46y, wife of James
Yardley, Rebecca   10 April 1848 wife of James

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