Quiver Cemetery
aka Liburger or Pleasant Row or Tight Row Cemetery
Mason Co, Illinois

Overview of cemetery

Some stones are hard to get to

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Location: From the north edge of Havana, Ill, travel north (toward Manito) approx. 8 miles on E. Manito Road. The cemetery will be on the left side of the highway. Other than needing the grass & brush cut, the cemetery is in pretty good condition.

This is not a complete reading of Quiver Cemetery. The burial information below was taken from the 1929 & 1956 Veterans Honor Rolls and contributions from researchers. Researchers are welcome to contribute any burial information or photos of stones to be placed on this website. Please email Kristin if interested

Photos & directions contributed by Allen & Carole Martin, September 2006

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Name Birth Death Other Inscription Notes
Allgood, Glenn R. 1920 1980 Cpl US Army, WW II  
Alwood, Andrew J.   1 Oct 1856 Aged 40 yrs  
Barker, Byron B. 11 May 1932 30 Aug 1998 Cpl US Army, Korea  
Bell, Theodore     Co L 11 Ill Cav Civil War, 1956 Honor Roll
Bishop, Isaac   12 Aug 1908   Co C 39 MO Inf, Civil War, 1956 Honor Roll
Blizard, William   8 Feb 1873   Co A 85 Ill Inf, Civil War, 1956 Honor Roll
Cadwalader, Elizabeth 10 Dec 1835 11 Jan 1918 Wife of N. Cadwalader  
Dial, Ray W. 1925 1991 GM3 US Navy, WW II  
Hartzell, Isaac     Co G 37 Ill Inf Civil War, 1956 Honor Roll
Hayes, Palmer Paul 23 July 1923 9 July 2004 Pvt US Marine Corps, WW II  
Hoffman, Lawrence J. 1924 1977 PFC US Army, WW II  
Kimball, John M.   11 Mar 1880   Co G 38 Ill Inf, Civil War, 1956 Honor Roll
Littell, Nathaniel   8 Apr 1915   Co I 139 Reg Vol, Civil War, 1956 Honor Roll
Marshall, William H.   27 Oct 1860    
McHarry, Esther Dyer 1912 1997    
Miller, Edward J. 1920 1978 Pvt US Army, WW II  
Morris, Harry H. 1912 1988 MM3 US Navy, WW II  
Mundy, Walter M.   19 Jul 1932   Pvt, Co F 362 Inf, WW I, 1956 Honor Roll
Osborn, Nancy D. 8 May 1817 6 Nov 1897 Age 80 yrs 5 ms 28 ds  
Pannier, Elizabeth R. 14 Sep 1911 9 Nov 1982    
Patterson, William       85 Ill Reg, Civil War, 1956 Honor Roll
Powell, William Glenn 1924 1992 TEC 4 US Army, WW II  
Rakestraw, Ira A. 1885 1949   Same stone as Myrtle
Rakestraw, Myrtle 1902 1982   Same stone as Ira
Reed, Glen L. 29 Jan 1906 8 Jan 1979 PFC US Army, WW II  
Rosebrough, James   6 Nov 1861   Co G 38 Ill Inf, Civil War, 1956 Honor Roll
Sarnes, Adam   9 Feb 1900   Civil War, 1956 Honor Roll
Shelabarger, J.C.   25 Feb 1921   Co A 47 IL Inf, Civil War, 1929 & 1956 Honor Rolls
Toubeaux, Louis L. 20 Aug 1927 6 Apr 1976 HN3 US Navy WW II  
Westrope, Clinton 2 May 1924 25 Dec 1972 T Sgt US Air Force, Vietnam  
Yates, Sam R.   8 Feb 1873   Civil War, 1956 Honor Roll

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