Speckman Cemetery
Mason Co, Illinois


Speckman Cemetery is located 2 miles south of Havana, on State Route 78

All photos and information contributed by Judy Hofreiter, October 2006

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Other Inscription/Notes
Osing ,   Catherina Adelheid 12 Oct 1813 27 Mar 1890 76y 5m 15d; wife of J. G. Osing (in German)
Speckman ,   ??ara   20 Apr 1875 1y 1m ?d, dau of E. Speckman, broken stone
Speckman ,   A. M.   22 Aug 1875 67y 3m 8d, Maiden name A. M. Netelar
Speckman ,   Anna C. M. 4 Apr 1849 24 Jul 1918 69y 3m 20d, wife of JW Speckman
Speckman ,   Anna M. 2 Oct 1867 23 Apr 1889 21y 6m 21d, dau of Peter & Eliza J. Speckman
Speckman ,   Fred   27 Nov 1854 44y 10m 21d
Speckman ,   infant   7 May 1878 son of F & A Speckman
Speckman ,   J W     No other inscriptions
Speckman ,   Johan Welhelm 23 Mar 1841 5 Aug 1896 55 y 4m 12d
Speckman ,   John Franklin   7 Mar 1891 1y 6m 5d, son of H F & AM Speckman
Speckmann ,   infant 31 Dec 1892 31 Dec 1892 son of F & A Speckmann, buried here according to Speckman
descendants but stone is missing
foot stone, J.W.S.      

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