St Charles Cemetery
aka St Mary's Cemetery
Mason Co, Illinois

This is a partial listing of St Charles Cemetery. Researchers are welcome to contribute any burial information or photos of stones to be placed on this website by emailing Kristin

All photos contributed by Al & Carole Martin, March 2009

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Name Birth Death Other Information
Barry, Bertha A. 1894 1968  
Barry, Catherine 1856 1940  
Barry, Thomas 1858 1913  
Bartel, Rose [Euteneuer] 1862 1897 same stone as Jacob & Sophia
Burkhart, Ralph S. 14 Jan 1926 27 June 2004 S1 US Navy World War II
Euteneuer, Jacob 1811 1891 same stone as Sophia & Rose Bartel
Euteneuer, Sophia 1832 1921 same stone as Jacob & Rose Bartel
Flanigan, Agnes Oneil 1 May 1867 5 Sept 1896 wife of Robert, same stone
Flanigan, Robert L. 30 Sept 1867 19 May 1931 same stone as Agnes
Moore, Eliza 1845 1922 wife of John, same stone
Moore, John 1853 1941 same stone as Eliza
O'Donald, Elizabeth 22 Feb 1856   same stone as Wm & Marie
O'Donald, Marie B. 23 Dec 1893   same stone as Wm & Elizabeth
O'Donald, Wm. 1853 22 Feb 1901 born in Troy N.Y. same stone as Elizabeth & Marie
Rodgers, Charles D. 1809 1894 same stone as Ellen
Rodgers, Ellen 1838 1906 same stone as Charles
Rodgers, James M. 1868 1893  
Rodgers, Thomas F. 1871 1901  
Smith, Joseph A. 28 April 1888 14 Aug 1964 World War I Medical Reserve
Smith, Louise R. Flanigan 23 June 1892 8 March 1963 wife of Joseph A. Smith
Smith, Robert J. 1 Nov 1928 7 July 1962 PFC US Marine Corps WW II & Korea

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