Swings Grove Cemetery
Mason Co, Illinois


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Name Birth Death Other Information
unknown   Sept? ?y 5m 12?d
unknown     2 children's stones, same row as Douglas family
unknown   21 Sept broken, in back of cemetery near Swing & Douglas graves
unknown     next to Sander Wright, child's stone
------------, Sylvester?     believe this may be Sylvester Douglas, died after 1860, twin of Stephen
------------, Margaret   26? Feb 185? 32y 4m 26d, next to Sylvester ?Douglas?
------------, Miriam     next to Wright's
------------, Rosa     dates buried
Arnold, William A.   1 Sept 1871 13?y 7m 2d, son of B & M.A.
Bemee?, Nancy   3 May 1874 66y 4m 16d, wife of Wm.
Beymer, Edwin   22 Aug 1866 9m 12d, son of O.J. & M.
Bowen, Martha   9 July 1861 37y 8m 8d, wife of P.B. 6 See notes
Bowen, Ruth     dau of P.W. & M, age 10 in 1860 census
Carter, -----------   12 Aug 1864 7y 7m 10d, son of J & M.E.
Carter, John H   28 Sept 185? son of J & M.E.
Charles, Susanah   7 Jan 1863 27?y 3m 26d, wife of J.A.
Douglas, infant   1 May 1856 child of E.M. & S.M.
Douglas, John G. 1797 1868  
Douglas, Lenora   1880 dau of E.M. & E, 1See notes
Douglas, Luchus   11? Oct 1880 4?y ?m 2?d, child of E.M. & E, 3 See notes
Douglas, Mary E.   1863 dau of E.M. & S.M. 4 See notes
Douglas, Sarah M   19 Aug 1862 33y 5m 12d, wife of E.M.
Douglas, Stephen W.   28 Sept 1860 7m 12d, son of E.M. & S.M., 5 See notes
Douglas, William   2? Oct 1880 6y? ?m 18?d, child of E.M. & E., 2See notes
Dowell, Mary   27 May 1861 30y 6d, wife of Geo.
Ellmore, Nancy   22 June 1869 44y 28d, wife of Joseph V.
Elmore, Nancy E.   21, Oct 1870 dau of J.V. & N, age buried, likely infant
Elmore, Nancy J.   14 Mar? 1864 dau of J & P, age buried, likely infant
Faulkner, S.C.G. (Samuel)   27 Jan 1863 19y 5m 8d, (Co H 68th Ill Inf, Civil War)
Faulkner, Sarah   4 Oct 1851 wife of T.R.
Faulkner, T.R.   1 April 1865 63y 7m 3d
Ham, Hattie J.   13? Oct 187? dau of J.W. & M.J.
Hardin, James F.   4 Oct 1883 22y 24d
Hardin, John D.   10 April 1872 9y 1d, son of W.S & R.I.
Hardin, Mariah 1856 1910 wife of Wm, same stone
Hardin, Nancy W.   3 June 1852 88y 3m 17d
Hardin, Wm. S. 1833 1914 same stone as Mariah
Laughery, Wm J.   22 Dec 1852 32y 6m 12d
Lofton, Anna 2 Jan 1807 27 Feb 1890 same stone as Eli & Jordan
Lofton, Eli 3 Jan 1810 31 May 1860 same stone as Anna & Jordan
Lofton, Jordan J. 20 Aug 1843 16 Dec 1864 son of E & A, same stone as Anna & Eli, Co F 51st Ill Inf, killed in action near Nashville, TN
Lofton, Robert Allen   6 Oct 1868 Co C 85th Ill Inf
Martin, Anna   15 Feb 1889 21y
McCannon, Hattie   10 Feb 18?? ?y 5m ?d, dau of ?A? & L.A.
McMillin, Jane O     dau of A.F. & M.
Mitchell, Clara Ettie   9 Sept 1869 1m 12d, dau of W.H. & H.E., same stone as James & William
Mitchell, James Preston   18 Aug 1863 1y 6m 20d, son of W.H. & H.E., same stone as Clara & William
Mitchell, William Judson   18 Dec 1866 6y 3m 24d, son of W.H. & H.E., same stone as Clara & James
Newbury, Samuel   8 June? 1876 73y 7m 22d
Newell, Joseph F.   1860? son of W.S. & B of Virginia
Patterson, James C.   1 Feb 1871 45y, same stone as James Jr & Joseph
Patterson, James Jr.     child of J.C. & C.A., same stone as James C & Joseph
Patterson, Joseph R.     child of J.C. & C.A., same stone as James C & James Jr
Pearcey, Effa M.   17? May 186? dau of J.H. & M.E.
Pearcy, Emma F.   23 Aug 1861 13y 5d, dau of J.H. & M.E.
Pearcy, William C.     son of J.H. & M.E.
Powers, William H.   4 Dec 1871 48y 10m ?d, son of J & H
Robinson, Hannah 1 Oct 1804 21 Dec 1861  
Rodgers, John E.   18 Sept 1870 1y 9m 18d, son of J.M. & B.E.
Rosebrough, Hannah 20 Dec 1804 27 June 1883 wife of Wm
Rosebrough, William 11 Nov 1799 28 Mar 1876 76y 4m 17d, born Fleming Co KY, died Mason Co Ill
Sanford, Roy S. 29 Dec 1873 17 Aug 1875  
Swing, Aramirta   9 May 1860 dau of S.D. & M.A, age 1 on mortality schedule
Swing, Arrista A.   20 Jan 1848 12d, dau of S.D. & M.A.
Swing, Edith M.   18 Oct 1864 3y 1m 21d, dau of S.D. & M.A.
Swing, Edward G.K.   22 May? 1862 6y 7m 13d
Swing, Mary A. 13 Dec 1823 30 June 1905 same stone as Shadrich
Swing, Shadrich D. 3 June 1821 13 Sept 1904 same stone as Mary
Swing, Signoria     dau of S.D? & M.A.
Vanloon, Christianna   11 June 1871 31y 3m 18d
Wright, ---------?   28 Dec 1857 dau of S?A. & R.A?
Wright, Sander M.      

Transcriber's Notes:
1 likely died after June 1, 1880 as she is listed on the census but not the mortality schedule, age 13
2 listed on 1880 census as age 5, probably not a twin
3 listed on 1880 census as Lucillus, male, age 4, probably not a twin
4 Mary is not listed in 1860 census, so would have been born after, died age 3 or less. There is also a child of Ebenezer & Evaline named Mary in the 1870 census aged 3 months, not found in the 1880 census.
5 1860 census shows Stephen had a twin brother Sylvester
6 Martha is listed in 1860 census as age 36, wife of Peter B., mother of Ruth, who is buried next to her
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